How to Play Amazon Music on Kids Fire Tablet

As one of the portable e-book reading devices nowadays, Fire Tablet is widely popular among parents and kids as soon as it is launched. Since kids can read any content from the digital library on it, or even browse and buy a wide variety of e-books, which makes it a great reading companion for children.

In addition, Kids Fire Tablet is not just a simple e-reader, it can also be used to listen to music, such as Amazon Music, which is sought after by music lovers nowadays. In this way you can listen to your favorite Amazon Music while reading e-books.

However, there are still many people who don’t know how to play Amazon Music on Kids Fire Tablet. If you are also struggling to enjoy Amazon Music on your Fire Tablet, just come here. This article will show you two effective methods to play Amazon Music on Kids Fire Tablet. Without further ado, let’s read on to see more details.

play amazon music on kids fire tablet

Part 1. What You Should Know About Kids Fire Tablet and Amazon Music

Fire Tablet, previously named Kindle Fire, is a series of tablet computers designed and developed by The latest release of the Fire Tablet offers users a complete tablet experience where you can not only watch movies and TV shows, but also read e-books, listen to music and enjoy more entertainment.

Besides, Amazon Fire Tablet is the perfect choice for kids because it was originally designed to enable families to consume different types of content including videos, books, music and more. And it is especially easy to control and manage the Kids Fire Tablet.

At the same time, Amazon Music as a music streaming platform has also created a craze among music lovers, and you can enjoy all kinds of music to suit your taste on Amazon Music application. Of course, you can also listen to music through the Amazon Music app on the Fire Tablet, but you can only enjoy the ability to listen to Amazon Music offline on the Fire Tablet if you have an Amazon Music subscription.

Part 2. How to Download Amazon Music on Kids Fire Tablet Officially

As you know, Amazon Music is a music streaming platform and online music store operated by Amazon. If you have Amazon Music Prime or Amazon Music Unlimited membership, you can get tens of thousands of songs and playlists for free. And only if you are subscribed to Amazon Music, you can get access to Amazon Music Library service and thus download Amazon Music to Kids Fire Tablet for offline listening. So please make sure you are subscribed to Amazon Unlimited or Amazon Prime first.

download amazon music to kids fire tablet

Step 1. Launch the Amazon Music app on Kids Fire Tablet, then sign in to your Amazon Music Unlimited or Prime Music account.

Step 2. Search for any Amazon Music you want to download in the search box of the Amazon Music software, or you can just select your favorite Amazon song, album or playlist.

Step 3. Click the More Options menu to the right of the song, and in turn click the Download button. Once the download is complete, you can easily play Amazon Music on your Fire Tablet.

Part 3. How to Play Amazon Music on Kids Fire Tablet Without Limitation

Please note that you can download Amazon Prime Music or Unlimited tracks for offline listening on Kids Fire Tablet. But what you download are some cached files that can only be accessed in the Amazon Music app. Once your subscription expires, you won’t be able to access these previously downloaded Amazon Music.

If you want to put Amazon Music on Fire Tablet without restrictions, AudFree Amazon Music Converter will be your best helper. As a professional and powerful Amazon Music conversion tool, AudFree Amable is dedicated to convert Amazon Music to several widely used formats, such as MP3, AAC, FLAC, etc. After that, you can download the convert Amazon Music to your computer and transfer them to your Fire Tablet without any limitation.

AudFree Amazon Music Converter

audfree amazon music converter
  • Export Amazon Music to MP3, M4A, AAC, FLAC, WAV, etc
  • Download Amazon Music for free without Amazon Prime
  • Keep original music quality and ID3 tags of Amazon Music
  • Customize output parameters and quality with flexibility

How to Convert Amazon Music for Kids Fire Tablet

Step 1Run and Register AudFree Amable
download and register audfree amable
Make sure you have AudFree Amable and the Amazon Music application installed on your computer. After that, launch AudFree Amable, first click on the three lines icon in the top right corner, then select the Register button and fill in the relevant information in the registration window.
Step 2Adjust Amazon Music Output Format for Kids Fire Tablet
adjust amazon music output format for kids fire tablet
Click the Three Lines icon on the top right again, select the Preferences button, and then click the Advanced section. You can start to set the output format in this window, such as you can convert Amazon Music to MP3, FLAC, etc. In the meanwhile, you can customize other audio parameters for improving the quality of Amazon Music.
Step 3Add Amazon Music to AudFree Amable
add amazon music to convert
Please search for the Amazon Music you want to download and convert in Amazon Music software first. After that, you can directly drag and drop that Amazon Music to the main interface of AudFree Amable for loading. Or you can copy and paste the Amazon Music link into the search box of AudFree Amable and click the Add button to import Amazon Music automatically.
Step 4Download and Convert Amazon Music
download and convert amazon music for kids fire tablet
Just press the Convert button to enter the Convert List window, which will show the real conversion speed and process of Amazon Music. Meanwhile, this professional AudFree Amable will start downloading and converting Amazon Music to your local computer. When the conversion is finished, you can directly find the converted folder on your computer to view Amazon Music.

How to Add Amazon Music to Kids Fire Tablet

Tips: Once you have successfully converted Amazon Music with the assistance of AudFree Amazon Music Converter, you can upload your converted Amazon Music directly to Kids Fire Tablet. Just follow the steps below to add Amazon Music.

add amazon music to kids fire tablet

Step 1. Connect your computer and Kids Fire Tablet with a USB cable. Once the connection is successful, the Fire Tablet will show up as a media device on your computer, and you can find the Fire Tablet folder on computer.

Step 2. Open the Fire Tablet folder on your computer, then you can find a folder named Music. Find the Amazon Music files you downloaded on your computer, then drag and drop them directly into this folder. These Amazon Music files will then be transferred to your Fire Tablet.

Step 3. After the Amazon Music transfer is finished, disconnect your Fire Tablet from your computer. Then open the music player on your Fire Tablet, click the device button, and you can select any Amazon Music. In turn, you can easily play Amazon Music offline on your Fire Tablet.

Part 4. In Conclusion

This post mainly describes two methods to play Amazon Music on Kids Fire Tablet. Although the first official method of downloading Amazon Music has some limitations, with AudFree Amazon Music Converter, you can play Amazon Music on Fire Tablet offline without any restrictions. In this way, you’d better trust and make the most of it this intelligent tool so that you can play and enjoy any Amazon Music on Kids Fire Tablet.

Apr 21, 2022 4:50 PM

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