How to Download Amazon Music to Mac with Premium/For Free

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Launched in 2007, Amazon Music, one of the most current on-demand music streaming platforms, is the first music store to allow users to shop music without digital rights management. In addition, it provides users with three subscription tiers, including Amazon Music Unlimited, Amazon Music Prime, and Amazon Music Free to explore on-demand music and popular podcasts.

With its Prime, Unlimited plan, or purchases, users can even get an option to download Amazon Music on Mac or any other compatible device for offline listening. Then, how to perform Amazon Music download on Mac? This article will walk you through the complete steps and it covers a way to download Amazon Music to Mac for free users.

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amazon music download mac

Part 1. How to Download Amazon Music App for Mac

Amazon Music allows users to discover, stream, and enjoy music on a Macbook through a web browser and a dedicated Amazon Music for Mac app. But no matter which subscription tier you are using, including Amazon Music Free, Amazon Music Prime, and Amazon Music Unlimited, it is required to use the Amazon Music app for macOS to download Amazon Music on your computer. Amazon Music Mac download via the web browser is exclusive to Amazon Music purchases. Therefore, here we will walk you through the process of downloading the Amazon Music app on your MacBook.

How to Download Amazon Music Mac App

Step 1. Open your preferred web browser and head to the Download Center of the official Amazon Music website.

Step 2. In the download section, please choose the "Download Desktop app" button. This step will initiate the downloading process of the Amazon Music app installer to your Mac.

download amazon music app for mac

Step 3. Once the download is complete, locate the downloaded installer file (usually in your "Downloads" folder) and double-click to launch the installation process. Follow the on-screen instructions to install the Amazon Music app on your Mac seamlessly.

install amazon music mac app

Step 4. Now, you can sign in your existing Amazon credentials or create a new account, requiring basic information to set up your Amazon account to access Amazon Music library via Amazon Music app for macOS.

Part 2. Free Amazon Music Download on Mac [Local Files]

It's well-known that Amazon Music Free does not provide the option for music lovers to download music, playlists, and albums for offline listening. Premium users can only download Amazon Music to Mac as cache files with copyright protection. So, here, we will first introduce a more effective solution to get Amazon Music downloads for Mac at no cost and save them as local files.

An easy-to-use AudFree Amazon Music Downloader can further your goal. It is expressly designed to download music from Amazon as local files on your computers for offline listening without limits. It's perfectly compatible with the Amazon desktop app for Mac and PC.

It works perfectly with 3 types of Amazon Music subscription plans, including Amazon Music Free, Amazon Music Prime, and Amazon Music Unlimited. So, even if you don't have a premium account, you are able to use it to get free music downloads on Mac without trouble.

AudFree Amazon Music Downloader

audfree amazon music downloader
  • Download music from Amazon to Mac without premium
  • Save Amazon Music to MP3, AAC, FLAC, etc. locally on Mac
  • Preserve lossless sound quality and original ID3 tags
  • Custom bit rate, sample rate, and more output settings

Moreover, a certain amount of flexibility is built into its output system. This is firstly reflected in the multiple output formats, like MP3, M4A, M4B, FLAC, WAV, and AAC. According to your needs, you are allowed to select any output format. Besides, its output flexibility is clear to see in the customization of format parameters like channel, bit rate, etc. You have the right to completely personalize the Amazon Music output quality as you wish.

How to Download Free Amazon Music for Mac as Local Files

Before doing as following to download music from Amazon to Mac without spending a cent, please download and install AudFree Amazon Music Downloader for Mac on your MacBook. It offers a free trial to test its performance before purchasing it to unlock the conversion length. Now, let's how to use AudFree Amazon Music Downloader to download Amazon Prime Music, Unlimited Music, and Free Music on Mac.

Step 1Run AudFree Amable to log into Amazon
run amazon music downloader mac
After downloading and installing, simply double-tap the desktop shortcut to open the AudFree Amazon Music Converter on your Mac. At the same time, you will see the Amazon Music for Mac app pops up. Please choose the "Sign In" option to log into your Amazon account.
Step 2Set output preferences of Amazon Music to download on Mac
set amazon music output format on mac
In this step, what you should do is set output profiles. On the upper left corner of your Mac computer, locate the menu bar and then choose "AudFree Amazon Music Converter" from the drop-down list to get into the format setting window. Here, you can freely select any format like MP3, M4A, M4B, WAV, etc. as output format. If any need, adjust the channel, sample rate, bit rate, etc. to customize output quality as you like.
Step 3Load Amazon Music songs to download
add amazon music to audfree amable mac

Now, it's time to import Amazon Music files to AudFree Amazon Music Converter for downloading to Mac. You can directly drag and drop a single Amazon Music track into the main interface of AudFree. Or you can search for a playlist or album from the Amazon Music library, copy the Amazon Music link, paste it to the address text, and click the "+" icon to load multiple songs.

Step 4Download Amazon Music to Mac from free account
download amazon music to mac

After that, you just tap on the "Convert" button to start downloading Amazon Music to your Mac computer. Wait until you've done downloading. Navigate to the "Converted" window and use a search icon to quickly locate the Amazon Music downloads from your Mac local folder.

🔔Notes: You can transfer all Amazon Music downloads to any devices from Mac and play them through other apps. And it's possible to burn Amazon Music to CDs and move them to other external storage.

Part 3. How to Download Amazon Music on Mac with Unlimited Subscription

Users with Amazon Music Unlimited for $10.99 a month have an allowance to enjoy 100 million songs and the top podcasts without ads. They can explore music at HD and Spatial Audio quality. One of the standout things is that an offline download feature is available with Amazon Music Unlimited. If you subscribe to Amazon Music Unlimited tier, you can refer to the general steps to download Amazon Music on iMac.

How to Download Amazon Music Unlimited on Mac

Step 1. Firstly, fire up the Amazon Music Mac app on your macOS computer. Type your email or mobile phone number and password to sign in to your Amazon Music Unlimited account.

Step 2. On the main window, type the name of a song that you want to download for Mac in the search bar, and choose the right one from the list of search results.

Step 3. In the interface of this Amazon Music song, find a three-dot icon of "More Options" and touch "Download" option to download songs from Amazon to Mac.

download music from amazon to mac

Step 4. Once downloaded, there will appear a blue download icon next to the song, which indicates this Amazon Music track can be available for offline playback.

play amazon music offline on mac

🔔Notes: These downloaded Amazon Music is solely for offline playback with the Amazon Music app on your Mac.

Part 4. How to Download Amazon Music to Mac with Prime Membership

Amazon has expanded our catalog for Prime members from 2 million to over 100 million songs. Now, users with Prime membership paying a monthly fee of $7.99 can get access to 100 million songs on Mac at no additional cost.

However, the download function is only available for All-Access Playlists. That's to say, you can download and store your favorite All-Access Playlist tracks on MacBook. Anyway, this capability becomes particularly valuable in situations where a reliable internet connection is not available, such as during travel or in areas with limited connectivity. This step-by-step guide will be displayed below:

How to Download Amazon Prime Music to Mac

Step 1. Launch the Amazon Music app for Mac on your desktop and then tap the top-right Search box.

Step 2. Find the "Listen Your Way" tab and you will see "All-Access Playlists' option, in which you can access all songs that you can down with Amazon Music Prime membership.

amazon music all access playlists

Step 3. You can pick and play any song that you want and add it to your Amazon Music library. After that, go back to your library, find it and click the "Download" button to download Amazon Music All-Access Playlists songs on Mac.

🔔Notes: It's not able to export Amazon Prime Music from your Mac to other devices and use them on other apps.

Part 5. How to Download Purchased Amazon Music on Mac

As we said before, Amazon Music also serves as an online music store, which enables users to buy specific songs for a certain amount. All Amazon Music purchases can be downloaded as MP3 files without encryption protection and you can find the download location on your Mac computer, which is totally different from streaming music. Now, you can follow the below guide to download them on your Mac.

How to Download Amazon Music Purchases to Mac

Step 1. Go to Amazon Music Library on your Mac app and log into your Amazon account. Find the Purchased section that specifically stores your purchased music.

Step 2. Browse through your collection and select the specific tracks or albums you want to download. Click the "Download" button to start the downloading process of your purchased music to your MacBook.

download purchased amazon music mac

🔔Notes: You can also perform the Amazon Music Mac download via the web browser. Go to the "Accounts & Lists" option on Amazon's official website, and click on "Your Orders" > "Digital Orders" to find and download purchased Amazon Music to Mac.

Part 6. Bottom Line

Amazon Music app for Mac stands as a gateway to an extensive library of tunes and beats on your Mac computer. It provides a more seamless and feature-rich experience for accessing Amazon Music on your Mac. One of them is downloading Amazon Music on Mac for offline listening.

This article covers the top 4 best ways to get Amazon Music downloads on Mac for users subscribing to Amazon Music Prime, Unlimited, or Free plan or purchasing songs. This is beyond question that the best choice to use AudFree Amazon Music Converter. It works for all users in one place and downloads Amazon Music locally for offline use on any device. It allows Mac users to dive into a world of musical exploration.

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