Best Ways to Transfer Audible Audiobooks to SanDisk Sansa

By Ivan Scott Updated on 2021-07-14 / Update for Audiobook Tips

Is it possible to play Audible audiobooks on SanDisk Sansa? Speaking of transferring Audible audio books to MP3 player, it will come with some disappointed answers for some MP3 player owners because of file compatibility issue. Fortunately, Audible files are fully compatible with SanDisk Sansa, both SanDisk Clip Sport series and SanDisk Clip MP3 players.

If you have attempted to sync audiobooks from Audible to SanDisk Clip or Sansa Fuze, but It pops up an error message, which means you didn't successfully transfer audio books to SanDisk for playback. You can read on this article to find two detailed workarounds to make Audible books available on SanDisk Sansa.

transfer audiobooks to sandisk sansa

Part 1. Activate and Transfer Audible Audiobooks to SanDisk Using Audible Manager

Although you will be able to listen to Audible files on SanDisk Sansa, there is not Audible app on SanDisk MP3 players, which is different from Audible on mobile devices, like Android, iOS, and Windows phone. As consequence, you need to use Audible Manager to active SanDisk Clip devices and transfer Audible books to them as Audible AA and AAX files are encrypted by DRM technology aiming to protect the intellectual property rights of our content providers and authors.

Step 1. Please download, install and launch Audible Manager app on your Windows computer. Note: This app is only available for Windows operating system. So, you can't refer to this way if you are Mac owner.

Step 2. lug in your SanDisk Sansa MP3 player into your computer via USB port. And then please click the 'Device' at the top menu bar and choose 'Add New Device' selection.

Step 3. It will pop up a new window, in which you will see all compatible devices with Audible books. Find your SanDisk Sansa device, hit on it and click the 'OK' to confirm it.

Step 4. Re-open your Audible Manager app, there is SanDisk MP3 player under the 'Mobile Devices' option and right-click to select 'Activate...' to active this device.

Step 5. Please click the Device -> Add New Device at the main interface of Audible Manage. It will show up a list of all compatible devices. You need to select the target MP3 player from them and click 'OK' to confirm it.

Step 6. Now, it's your time to choose favorite audiobooks. And then please click the target audiobooks and choose 'Add to Device' button, all files will be syncing to SanDisk.


* You don't need to charge for any cost.
* The operation process is very simple and easy.


* This way is only available for Windows users.
* Only compatible with some MP3 players for audiobooks.

Part 2. Convert Audible Books to SanDisk Sansa by Converting Files to MP3

The first way is easy but only available for Windows OS. What if you don't run a Windows computer? To get rid of this hassle, we'd like to introduce another way to convert Audible .aa and .aax files to SanDisk MP3 player so that you can make it possible no matter which computer you have. The solution is to convert Audible books to MP3 files.

Yes, Audible books are licensed protected content. According to Audible US Help Center, Audible audio books couldn't be converted into MP3 or any other file format because of this lock. In this case, you need to get a professional third-party Audible converter, like AudFree Audiobook Converter for Windows/Mac to remove drm from audible aa/aax audiobooks and convert them to MP3 at the same time. Plus, you can use this program to splitting audiobooks by chapter with ease.

Just click the above Download button to download this Audible converter on your Mac or Windows computer and then follow the steps to get Audible audiobooks on SanDisk MP3 player.

Step 1Import Audible audio books to AudFree
add audible books
Launch AudFree Audible Audiobook Converter on your Mac or Windows computer and then you can start to add Audible books to this smart software by clicking the first 'Add Files' button. Alternatively, you can directly drag and drop downloaded audiobooks to the main conversion window.
Note: Before adding Audible AA/AAX books, please make sure you have authorized your Audible account in iTunes store and downloaded audio books to iTunes library in advance.
Step 2Customize output format as MP3 for SanDisk Sansa
set output format as mp3 for sandisk
MP3 format is supported well by all SanDisk Clip Sport series, Clip MP3 players and other popular MP3 players. You're recommended to touch the 'audio' icon to define output format as MP3 directly. In this step, you also allow to customize other output audio parameters, like bit rate, sample rate.
Step 3Convert Audible files to MP3 for SanDisk
convert audible to mp3 for sandisk
After all settings are ready, you can click the 'Convert' button at the right corner of the main interface and then you will see AudFree Audible audiobook converter will convert added .aa And .aax audio files to MP3 in batch. The conversion time depends on how many files you have imported to.
Step 4Transfer converted Audible files to SanDisk Sansa
Just plug in your SanDisk MP3 player into your computer via USB port. And then you can locate to the file folder covered MP3 audiobooks and drag and drop the target folder into SanDisk's folder to sync Audible files to SanDisk MP3 player. After that, you can freely play Audible books on any SanDisk device offline.


* Play Audible audiobooks on all kinds of MP3 player.
* Transfer Audible audiobooks to SanDisk from both Mac and Windows OS.


* It costs $39.95 to get the full version of Audible converter.

(But with this powerful software, you can transfer not only Audible audiobooks, but also iTunes audiobooks, Apple Music and other audio files to SanDisk Sansa for playback without problem.)

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