How to Cancel Spotify Premium Subcription

"I know that I can still stream quality music on Spotify free version and so wish to cancel Spotify subscription. More so, it's high time I get a feel of what other streaming services are. How do I go about this?"

Spotify is still the poster-child, a host for over 138 million Premium subscribers. However, competition is also on the rise among many other music streaming services. Hence the feel for some users to dip their feet into other services like Apple Music, Tidal, among others. And how to cancel Spotify Premium is now the bone of contention for such users. That's the only leeway to avoid being charged for its services once you stop using it. Follow us on ways to cancel your Spotify Premium subscription on all devices.

how to cancel spotify premium

Part 1. How to Cancel Spotify Premium on Computer

The following section guides you to cancel Spotify membership on Windows and Mac computers;

Cancel Spotify Premium on Windows

Step 1. Open your browser then type the "Spotify's website" on the address bar.

Step 2. You'll be redirected to Spotify's website. Here, find and click on the "Account Overview" section. You could also be asked to sign in in case you are not already signed in. Just enter your username and password then login. when everything is entered correctly, Spotify will direct you to the "Account Overview" page.

Step 3. Then find the "Subscription" option on the left side of the screen.

Step 4. Likewise, check out the box that contains your membership information. These include the data that your plan should be renewed. Remember that after you cancel the subscription, you'll continue to use the premium feature until when it was meant to expire.

Step 5. Then click on the 'Cancel' button.

Step 6. Next, go to the bottom of the page and look for the "Spotify Free" label option. From there, click the "Cancel Premium" button.

Step 7. Finally, click on the "Yes, Cancel" tab to confirm that you want to cancel the Spotify premium on your Windows.

ancel spotify premium on windows

Cancel Spotify Premium on Mac

Step 1. To cancel the subscription on your Mac device, go to the 'Spotify homepage'.

Step 2. Then click the 'Login' option.

Step 3. Next, enter your Spotify account information that will be required at this point.

Step 4. Click on 'Log in' to log into your Spotify account.

Step 5. Your account will be visible from the drop-down menu. Click on it.

Step 6. Then check the left side of the menu and choose the 'Subscription' option.

Step 7. Next, click on the 'Cancel your subscription' option.

Step 8. You also have to specify why you are canceling your subscription. Just click the reason and then hit the 'Continue' button.

Step 9. Then click on the 'Cancel My Subscription' option.

Step 10. Enter your 'Password' and then click that option again to cancel it.

ancel spotify premium on mac

Part 2. How to Cancel Spotify Premium on Android

If you are working from your phone and want to know how to cancel Spotify Premium on Android app, then solution 2 is your take. There is no need for using the Spotify app but just a browser on your smartphone.

Step 1. You can use any browser such as Chrome, Firefox, Mozilla, among others. Start by opening the browser.

Step 2. Then go to the address bar and type "https:/".

Step 3. Next, log in to your Spotify account by entering your email address and password. After that, tap the 'Login' selection. You can also log in through Facebook by choosing the "Log In with Facebook" option.

Step 4. If you have logged in through Facebook, you need to tap the "Account Settings" button that's below your profile picture.

Step 5. Then once you are directed to the "Spotify Webpage", tap the "Subscription" located at the left sidebar of the page. You should see your payment and subscription information here.

Step 6. Just tap the "Cancel" button > "Cancel Premium".

Step 7. Wait for a confirmation from Spotify, and tap the "Yes, Cancel" option to cancel your subscription on Android.

ancel spotify premium on android

Part 3. How to Cancel Spotify Premium on iPhone

For the steps on how to cancel Spotify premium on iPhone, you first need to remember your Apple ID settings and password.

Step 1. Go to the "Settings" app on your iPhone's home screen and open it.

Step 2. Then tap the "iTunes & Apple Store' option > "Apple ID Section" for a prompt box. This is where you should enter your Apple ID password.

Step 3. Go to the "Account Screen" and scroll down to the "Subscriptions" section. Check out your "Spotify Premium" subscription from the provided list.

Step 4. Lastly, tap the "Spotify Premium" subscription and turn off the "Automatic Renewal" option. Your subscription will be canceled.

cancel spotify premium on iphone

Part 4. How to Cancel Spotify Premium Trial

If you signed up for a trial from the Spotify app then you can opt-out at any time. Here is how to cancel the Spotify premium free trial.

Step 1. Go to the "Spotify Website" and click the "Log in" option.

Step 2. Then sign in to "Spotify".

Step 3. Next, click "View Details".

Step 4. Click the "Cancel" option > "Cancel Premium".

Step 5. Then click the "Yes, Cancel" option to confirm your action.

Step 6. You will also be asked for a reason why you are canceling your subscription. Provide your reason and click the "Submit" button.

cancel spotify free trial

Part 5. Keep Spotify Music Forever After Cancel Spotify Premium

Most users cancel their Spotify Premium account when they wish to close their Spotify accounts. This also equates to the removal of any playlists that you downloaded to listen to offline. But wait! You can still keep Spotify Music forever even after canceling your Spotify Premium.

The secret lies with the best Spotify Music Converter – AudFree. Use this tool to download and listen to Spotify music offline even after you cancel Spotify Premium. Follow these steps.

Step 1. Add Spotify playlist to AudFree app

Open the AudFree app on your computer and it opens the Spotify app immediately. Go to the "Spotify account" library to get your favorite songs. Add them to the AudFree interface. You can drag and drop them to the interface window or copy the song links and paste them to the search bar.

Step 2. Customize Spotify playlist

Get your preferences in order. Click the "Menu" bar > "Preferences" > "Convert". Here, you can change the output format to MP3, the audio bit rate, sample rate, and many others.

Step 3. Download and Convert Spotify

Ensure your preferences are correct then hit the "Convert" button. Your Spotify songs will be downloaded and converted to MP3 format. They'll then be saved to the "Converted" folder where you can retrieve them and listen to them offline even after canceling your Spotify Premium subscription.

keep spotify after premium expired

Part 6. In Conclusion

You now have the tricks at your finger-tips when it comes to canceling a Spotify membership. And all is not lost. Remember you can still enjoy your favorite Spotify songs on your computer offline, even after ending your subscription. AudFree Spotify Music Converter offers you a way out to keep the fire burning via getting Spotify Premium for free. It is easy to use and will retain the metadata, ensuring optimum quality of or your converted Spotify playlists.

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