How to Get Spotify Premium for Free [A Ultimate Guide]

Question: Any idea on how to get Spotify Premium free? I'd like to enjoy Spotify Music offline sometimes, but Spotify only allows free Spotify users to listen to Spotify songs with an Internet connection, and the offline feature is only available for Spotify Premium.

For people who can't pay for continuing monthly Spotify subscription fees, you've come to the right place. Here are the most effective ways to get Spotify Premium free legally on iPhone, Android phones, and computers, including a way to get free Spotify Premium forever. Choose ant way from them, you can enjoy Spotify Premium features, like Offline Mode, unlimited skips, ad-free listening, etc. Needless to say, let's dive into more details.

get spotify premium for free

Part 1. Hot FAQs about Getting Spotify Premium Free

What Is Spotify?

Launched in 2008, Spotify is now one of the giants in the music streaming industry. Spotify gives subscribers access to over 80 million songs and more than 4.7 million podcast titles for free. With an upgrade to Spotify Premium, users can enjoy exclusive features such as improved sound quality and an on-demand, offline and ad-free listening experience.

Is Spotify Free?

Yes. Generally speaking, Spotify offers two subscription plans, Spotify Free and Premium. Spotify allows free users to enjoy all music in the catalog, but with advertisements between every 3 to 5 songs. Free users on mobile devices can only shuffle play Spotify Music with only 6 skips in an hour.

Is Spotify Free Forever?

It needs to be discussed on a case-by-case basis. If you are using a free Spotify account, the answer is positive. You can use the Spotify free plan forever. But if you are using the Spotify Premium free trial subscription, things could be different. As long as the trial expiration date is over, you should pay for Spotify Premium subscription to enjoy the same features.

How to Get Spotify Premium Free Trial?

Spotify offers a 3-month free trial of Spotify Premium for members who have never used it. You can go to its official website and click the 'Start Free Trial' button to start it. Besides, Spotify has also partnered with several brands to offer free Spotify Premium for a few months, such as Walmart+, PayPal, OnePlus, Samsung Galaxy, Xbox Game Pass, Starbucks, and more.

Part 2. How to Get Spotify Premium for Free Forever

Spotify provides a lot of ways to get free Spotify Premium account via its official website or its partners. But they are all limited to 3 months or 6 months. So here, we will prioritize the powerful way to get Spotify Premium for free forever. To make it a reality, you need to download and install a professional solution, called AudFree Spotify Music Converter.

2.1 Better than Free Spotify Premium - AudFree SpoDable

With a Spotify Premium account, you can download Spotify music for offline listening without ads, play any loved song without any limit on all devices, and skip unliked songs by just clicking the Next button. Here, AudFree Spotify Music Converter can help you enjoy these Spotify Premium features even you are using a free Spotify account.

Spotify encrypts its downloaded music files in a special OGG Vorbis format. Even if you download your favorite Spotify songs with a Premium membership, you won't be able to listen to them on unauthorized devices. But now, with AudFree Spotify Music Converter, it is possible to remove all restrictions from Spotify Music freely.

Whether you are using a Spotify free or Spotify Premium account, you can download Spotify to MP3, FLAC, WAV, etc. locally for offline playback. It is worth mentioning that it's intelligent enough to keep all ID3 tags of Spotify songs such as artist, title, genre, album cover, etc. So, you can still play no-ad lossless Spotify songs on any device whenever and wherever you like after your Spotify Premium subscription expires.

In short, AudFree Spotify Music Converter allows you to enjoy all "privileges" of Spotify Premium and unlock all limits of Spotify playback, which is undoubtedly the optimal solution to get Spotify Premium free permanently.

AudFree Spotify Music Converter

audfree spotify music converter
  • Losslessly remove limitation from Spotify OGG Vorbis music
  • Convert all contents on Spotify to MP3, FLAC, WAV, AAC, etc.
  • Get Spotify lifetime Premium free for offline listening
  • Work at 5X fast speed, support to edit audio parameters

2.2 How to Get Spotify Premium Lifetime Free Permanently

Here is the complete tutorial on how to get Spotify Premium free forever via AudFree Spotify Music Converter. Before getting started, please make sure you have downloaded AudFree SpoDable for Windows or Mac, along with the Spotify desktop app. This way can even help you get and use Spotify Premium for free in India and other countries.

Step 1Import Spotify Music to AudFree SpoDable
import spotify music
Launch AudFree Spotify Music Converter, and you will see that Spotify app will open automatically. You can discover your favorite music within the Spotify app, and directly drag and drop them to the converting window of AudFree SpoDable. Or copy and paste the link of Spotify songs to the search box and click the '+' button.
Step 2Customize Spotify Output Format and Other Parameters
set spotify output format or other parameters
Click the menu bar on the top right corner and select Preferences > Convert Options. Here, you can define Spotify Music output format as MP3, FLAC, WAV and customize other audio parameters of Spotify songs including bit rate, sample rate and audio channel according to your needs. Besides, it also offers the option to archive the output Spotify tracks by artist or album.
Step 3Get Free Spotify Premium Forever
get  spotify premium for free forever
You can activate the conversion process by clicking the "Convert" button at the bottom right corner of the main interface. And this powerful software will start to convert protected Spotify songs to plain audio files. When the conversion process is finished, you can locate the downloaded Spotify tracks from the target folder. After that, you can have full control of your favorite Spotify Music the same way as Spotify Premium subscribers.
Video TutorialHow to Get Spotify Premium Lifetime Free

* Please note that all downloaded Spotify Music is for personal use only. AudFree Spotify Music Converter free trial allows users to download the first minute of each Spotify track, or you can purchase the full version to unlock all features.

Part 3. How to Get Free Spotify Premium on iPhone/Android

3.1 How to Download Spotify Premium Free on iPhone

The best solution to get Spotify Premium free on iPhone forever for is to take advantage of Spotify++, a specially developed version of Spotify that facilitates users with free access to Premium features. There are many apps that can help you download Spotify++, such as TweakBox, AppValley, Cydia Impactor, etc. to download Spotify Premium free with no jailbrack. Follow the steps below to install Spotify++ via TweakBox.

Step 1. Open the Safari browser and download TweakBox app from its official website. Go to Settings when the installation completes, and trust TweakBox app or enable unknown sources option.

authorize iphone to install tweakbox

Step 2. Search for "Spotify++" in the TweakBox app search box and get it installed. Once the installation of the app is complete, go to Settings and trust the Spotify++ app again.

get free spotify premium on iphone

Step 3. Logging into Spotify again, you now get Spotify Premium free for life on iPhone.

3.2 How to Have Spotify Premium Free on Android

Unlike the method above with iPhone, here's a more straightforward way for Android users to hack to get Spotify Premium free forever. You can directly download the Spotify Premium APK file to get Spotify Premium free lifetime on Android devices. Here, we will walk you through the tutorial on Android devices. To do this, please make sure you have uninstalled the official Spotify mobile app in advance.

Step 1. Search for Spotify Free Premium APK Mod on the Internet and download it on your Android device.

Step 2. Since the downloaded APK file is in compressed zip format, please use a file explorer to unzip it and then install.

get free spotify premium on android

Step 3. If it pops up a confirmation to allow installation from unknown sources, please authorize that.

Step 4. Open the new app on your Android phone. Log in to Spotify account with your email address and password. Now, you can get free Spotify Premium on Android.

Notes: Spotify also offers a Spotify Premium free trial account on mobile devices, including iPhone and Android phones. If you are the newbie to Spotify, you can get a 3-month Spotify Premium free trial on your official Spotify app.

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Part 4. How to Get Free Spotify Premium Accounts via Official Ways

From what we mentioned above, it's well-known that Spotify provides free trial accounts of Spotify Premium to attract new users. To be more effective, we collect three common official methods to have free Spotify Premium accounts for your reference, please read on for more information.

4.1 How to Get Spotify Premium Free Trial Account

For most of the year, newly registered Spotify users can be surprised with a Spotify free trial, which is usually available for 30 days, 60 days, 3 months, or even 6 months. Keep an eye on Spotify's official website or related news to get the best value free trial. Here is the example of 3-month of free Spotify Premium, follow the steps below and you will get Spotify Premium free trial through the official way.

Step 1. Open a new tab in your web browser and visit Spotify's home page. And then click the green 'Start Free Trial' button. It will require you to log into your Spotify account.

spotify premium free trial

Step 2. Click Log in from the upper-right corner and sign in with your Spotify free account. If you don't have a Spotify account, you can sign up for a new one with the free trial.

log in free spotify account

Step 3. You will be directed to choose your subscription plan and fill in payment method. Once verified, you can start your Spotify Premium free trial right away.

get free spotify premium account

Note: Remember to cancel your Spotify Premium before the free trial ends. If you don’t, Spotify will automatically charge you $9.99 + applicable tax each month until you cancel.

4.2 How to Make Spotify Premium Family Account for Free

As you can see from the picture below, with $9.99/month for Premium's individual plan, subscribers can unlock the full feature. Spotify later developed other combinations of subscription plans to meet different groups' needs, including the Spotify Duo, Family, and Student plan. What's more, the Spotify Family Plan includes six premium accounts for an average of about $2 each, which is really cheap.

If you happen to have a friend who is already using the Spotify Family Plan, you can ask him/her to invite you to become one of the six family accounts and thus get Spotify Premium for free. Besides, you can also find five friends who are interested in Spotify Premium, choose the Spotify Family Plan and connect all the accounts together. In turn, all of you can enjoy Spotify Premium at a really reasonable price.

make spotify premium family account for free

4.3 How to Have Free Spotify Premium Account via Gift Card

The most prominent feature of Spotify gift card is the redemption to several months of free Spotify Premium, which is definitely a boon for Spotify users. In other words, if you receive a Spotify gift card from a friend, you'll have the freedom to get free Spotify Premium after redeeming it.

Step 1. Sign in to your account on the official Spotify website. Select the "Account" button, scroll down and tap "Redeem" on the left panel.

click redeem on spotify account profile

Step 2. Tap the "Enter Code" button and enter the code on the back of the Spotify gift card.

redeem spotify gift card

Step 3. Press the "Redeem" button and your Spotify gift card will be activated, then you’re able to enjoy free Premium Spotify account without any restrictions.

have free spotify premium account via gift card

Part 5. How to Get Spotify Premium for Free via Partners

Spotify has partnered with giants in different fields to achieve a win-win situation, such as PayPal, Walmart+, AT&T, and so on. The typical way of working together is to gift a free Spotify subscription for a period. Today, we will introduce some Spotify partners to let you have Spotify Premium free.

5.1 How to Get Spotify Premium for Free with AT&T

Many cell phone providers have bundled streaming services with unlimited plans, and Spotify is of course not left behind. AT&T has teamed up with Spotify to provide customers with new ways of listening to streaming music. Therefore, AT&T unlimited customers can get Spotify Premium at no additional cost. Let's see how to get Spotify Premium for free with AT&T.

spotify premium for free with at&t unlimited

Step 1. Create an AT&T WatchTV account. Select Spotify Premium among the list of AT&T’s premium entertainment options.

Step 2. Click Confirm choice > Visit Spotify, and log in to your Spotify account.

Step 3. You’ll receive a prompt to link your AT&T to your Spotify account. Click I agree > Start subscription now.

Step 4. Now, you can get free Spotify subscription coming with AT&T Unlimited.

By the way, AT&T WatchTV subscribers can get Spotify Premium as an Add-On with $9.99/month in total. And AT&T Connected Car and AT&T THANKS Gold and Platinum customers can claim a 6-month free trial for Spotify Premium.

5.2 How to Get Free Spotify Premium with Starbucks

If you are one of the Starbuck's partners, you will get a charming perk, free membership in Spotify Premium plan. Just verify you're a Starbuck partner, you can activate a Spotify Premium for free.

get spotify premium free starbucks

Step 1. Access Spotify's Starbuck's Partners page and scroll down to hit on the 'Get Premium' button.

Step 2. It requires you to log into your Spotify account and enter Starbucks Global User Name and your last name in the fields provided in order, or your Starbuck's partner number to verify your status.

5.3 How to Get 3-month Spotify Free Subscription via PayPal

If you still don't have a PayPal account, then it's time to sign up for free. Only if you have done it, you can get a 3-month free Spotify Premium subscription. Besides, it will help you control your Spotify subscription management easier with a payment notification.

3-month free spotify premium subscription paypal

Step 1. Go to the Spotify Premium Offer with PayPal page, and then scroll down to the bottom of page.

Step 2. Tap the blue 'Get Offer Now' button, it will need you to fill in your email address or mobile number and confirm it.

Step 3. Complete the process of getting a free trial of Spotify Premium by following the on-screen instructions.

5.4 How to Get 6-month Spotify Premium Free via Walmart+

As a Walmart+ monthly or yearly membership, you can redeem a 6 free months of Spotify Premium Individual. This offer redeemable can be cancelled anytime. But please note that this is only available for users who haven't tried Spotify Premium before.

6 month spotify premium for free walmart

Step 1. Enter to Walmart+ and Spotify Partners age, and then join a Walmart+ membership.

Step 2. Click the 'Get Spotify Premium' button to head over to Spotify and choose Spotify Premium Individual plan.

Step 3. Complete the following process to get a 6-month Spotify Premium free trial account.

5.5 How to Get Spotify Premium Free with Microsoft Rewards

Microsoft Reward enables you to earn points via doing some actions, which can be redeemed for rewards, like gift cards. If you are a user of Microsoft computers, you can sign up for Microsoft Reward. Now, Microsoft worked together with Spotify to allow you to get a Spotify Premium subscription for free of 3 months for Microsoft Reward members. You can search with Microsoft Bing on Microsoft Edge for 3 days to get this free offer.

spotify premium for free microsoft rewards

Part 6. Pros and Cons of Different Spotify Premium Free Solutions

Here are four main types of ways to get Spotify Premium free. To help you have a quick overview of these methods listed in this article, here we listed a detailed comparison among them. You can check the advantages and disadvantages of them out below:

Ways to Get Spotify Premium Free Advantages Disadvantages Score
Using AudFree Spotify Music Converter

Lifetime solutions, safe and easy to operate, Download Spotify songs locally for offline playback anywhere

Need to upgrade to full version 4.5/5
Hack Spotify Premium on Mobile Explore all Spotify Premium features on mobile Not safe, your Spotify account could be blocked 3.0/5
Get Free Spotify Accounts Official and safe way Only valid for a certain period of time 4.0/5
Join Spotify Partners Safe and secure With certain additional conditions 4.0/5

To be honest, here we highly recommend you the AudFree Spotify Music Converter which enables you to download Spotify songs without Premium locally, and later you can even play those Spotify Music downloads on as many devices as you want in perpetuity. As a consequence, it is the best workaround to get Spotify Premium for free forever.

Part 7. Bottom Line

With a free Spotify account, you can find and choose a few workarounds to get Spotify Premium lifetime free on your iOS/Android, PC/Mac devices here. There also exist other ways to get you experience features of Spotify Premium for free such as blocking ads on Spotify. Do you have better ideas on how to get free Spotify Premium? Do share with us by commenting below!

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