How to Get Spotify Cracked Windows/Mac 2022

Spotify allows free users to access its music library, but it's a little pity that they have to put up with ads and can't listen to Spotify Music offline. Perhaps upgrading to the official Spotify Premium plan is an easy way to unlock these limits, but the continual per-month subscription fee is truly unaffordable.

As a result, more and more people are desperate to get Spotify cracked for Windows and Mac. While we don't encourage a cracking way to get Spotify Premium free, it's reasonable and acceptable if you really need it and use it for personal use only. So here, we will present best ways to get Spotify cracked PC versions for your reference.

spotify cracked pc

Part 1. How to Get Spotify Cracked for Windows

Are you looking for the cracked Spotify for Windows tool? If yes, you may encounter obstacles because sometimes it pops up some random links. Worse still, they are not safe and come with viruses. To avoid unnecessary troubles, we have found the best Spotify Premium cracked PC on GitHub in advance.

How to Download Spotify Cracked for Windows

Step 1. Ensure that both your computer's Windows system and Spotify app are up to date.

Step 2. Tap "Windows Security" > "Virus and Threat Protection" option, select "Allowed Threats" and check "Remove all allowed threats".

Step 3. Open the GitHub BlockTheSpot page in your browser and go to the "Install/Update" section below. Follow its introduction and click on "SpotX" to start downloading the BlockTheSpot Spotify cracked version.

spotify cracked windows


*1. Retain friend, broadcast and vertical video functions.
*2. Unlock the skip function for Spotify tracks.
*3. Block Spotify ads, banners, video within the app.


*1. Cannot download music from Spotify.
*2. Only work with Spotify's desktop app on Windows, not the Microsoft Store version.
*3. It is still kind of insecure.

Part 2. How to Download Spotify Premium Crack for Mac

If you find the above Spotify cracked Windows version not working, you can turn to another professional Spotify mod free download for Mac, PC, or even other operating systems. It will help you to unlock the country restrictions of accessing your Spotify library and share your favourite music collection with others on social media platforms.

How to Get Cracked Spotify on Mac

Step 1. Navigate to and then search for the title of 'Spotify Crack 2022' to find the download button of this Spotify cracked for Mac.

Step 2. Once found, please click the 'Download' button to install the Spotify Premium Cracked APK file on your macOS laptop.

Step 3. Run this cracked file, hit on the 'Activation' tap and then you can restart your device.

Step 4. After that, your Spotify Premium is a cracked version, with which you are free to enjoy Spotify Premium features, such as unlimited skips, offline playback, higher quality, etc.

spotify premium crack mac


*1. Work not only with macOS and Windows, but also with Android, iOS, and Linux operating systems.
*2. Free access to the full Spotify library.
*3. Automatically generate a playlist based on your favorite listening experience.


*1. Your Spotify account may be banned or blocked at any time.

Part 3. Best Alternative to Get Spotify Cracked PC

There is no doubt that the above method makes it easy to crack Spotify Premium on PC and Mac, but at the same time you run the risk of being banned by the Spotify's official team. It doesn't matter for some users, as they can create a new account again and again, while please note that the playlists in your Spotify account will also disappear.

In fact, whether it is the two Spotify Cracked PC tools above or other similar tools such as Spotify Crack, Spotify Premium crack 2022, Spotify for PC, etc., all of them will come with some risks. Therefore, here we have found a powerful alternative to hack Spotify PC - AudFree Spotify Music Converter.

It has the ability to download Spotify songs, podcasts and playlists locally and in turn you are able to listen to ad-free Spotify Music offline without Premium. In addition, it can convert Spotify to MP3, FLAC, WAV, etc. with zero quality loss. With this Spotify hacked PC, you can explore all the Premium features of Spotify better without having to worry about your account being blocked.

How to Get Spotify Cracked PC Version

Step 1Add Spotify Songs to AudFree Spodable
add spotify music to audfree spodable
Please first download the AudFree Spodable and Spotify app on your Mac or Windows computer. Run the converter, then drag and drop your favourite Spotify Music onto the main interface directly. Alternatively, copy and paste the Spotify link into the search box at the top and click the "+" button.
Step 2Set Spotify Output Audio Format and Parameters
define spotify audio settings
In the top right corner, there is a menu bar to access the "Preferences" interface. Then click on the "Convert" option to set the Spotify output format to common audio formats, like MP3, FLAC, WAV as you like. Also, you can adjust other audio parameters, such as defining the output bit rate to 320 kbps for better quality.
Step 3Crack Spotify Premium for Windows and Mac
spotify crack pc
Hit on the large "Convert" button and AudFree Spotify Music Converter will switch to conversion mode. It will automatically download the added Spotify files and save them to your local computer. With this Spotify crack for PC version, you can get Spotify Premium free forever without any problem.


*1. Listen to ad-free Spotify Music offline.
*2. Download Spotify playlists to MP3, FLAC, and other common audio formats.
*3. Play Spotify tracks on almost all devices and players.
*4. It's very safe and doesn't be banned by Spotify.
*5. Enjoy Spotify tracks with 320 kbps quality even using a free account.


*1. To enjoy the full version, a fee is required.

Part 4. How to Crack Spotify Accounts

Actually, you can also use a cracked Spotify Premium account to enjoy more features. But to be honest, it can be difficult to get a stable cracked account. Although some websites offer free Spotify cracked accounts for people to share, some irresponsible users change the credentials of these accounts, which in turn leads to the public accounts being disabled very quickly.

In addition, if you follow the online tutorials to crack Spotify accounts, you may experience the risk of your account information being compromised. You can judge whether your account has been hacked according to the following signs.

1. The subscription has been changed.
2. The email address has been changed.
3. Unable to log in to your Spotify account.
4. An unknown Spotify playlist appears or your playlist is missing.
5. Something else starts playing or the music you were listening to suddenly stops.

Part 5. Comparison of Spotify Cracked PC Version

Here is a comprehensive comparison of the above three Cracked Spotify tools for Windows/Mac and thus you can make the choice of cracking Spotify premium more easily.

BlockTheSpot Spotify Cracked APK AudFree Spotify Music Converter
Operating System Windows Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Linux Windows, Mac
Unlimited Music Skipsk
Download Music and Listen Offline ×
Security × ×
Price Free Free $79.95/Lifetime

Part 6. FAQs about Cracked Spotify

Q1: What Is Spotify Cracked PC?

Where there is a limited official application, there is a cracked version to remove the restrictions and so does Spotify cracked PC version. Spotify utilizes some encryption technologies in its own audio files, resulting in users not being able to play songs and playlists in a wanted way. As a result, some cracked Spotify PC apps are created and developed.

Q2: Is It Safe to Crack Spotify Premium on Devices?

If you choose to draw support from some Spotify Cracked PC/Mac tools, your account could be not safe as they may be blocked by the Spotify team unexpectedly. Fortunately, you can download and install AudFree Spotify Music Converter to do the same thing without any risk.

Q3: Can I Hack Spotify Premium for Free Forever?

Of course. All approaches mentioned in this article are available for you to hack Spotify Premium free forever as you wish.

Q4: What Are the Benefits of Using Spotify Hacked PC?

It's able to unlock all the features of Spotify Premium, such as ad-free songs in high quality, unlimited downloads and skips, shuffle play. This way, you can enjoy your preferred Spotify Music without limit.

Q5: Can I Use Spotify Cracked iOS/Android?

You may try Spotify++ and Spotify Free Premium APK Mod to hack Spotify and get Spotify Premium free on iOS and Android.

Part 7. In Conclusion

To sum up, although there are many free Spotify cracked PC tools to get Spotify Premium features, using these tools can be risky. Whereas AudFree Spotify Music Converter is undoubtedly the best to get Spotify cracked Windows and Mac, as it enables music addicts to explore a hearing and soul music feast without hassle.

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