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Spotify is so popular in the world and most users would like to listen to music on it. It offers single tracks, playlists, albums, podcasts and more audio content for free listening online. We all know that a single track is about several minutes. But do you know that there are music track on Spotify that lasts several hours or even more?

It is amazing, right? Maybe most of you haven't listened to a song over several hours. So, what is the longest song on Spotify? Today, let's have a look at the top 5 of them in this post. Besides, we will help you download them for offline listening if you want.

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Part 1. Top 5 Longest Song on Spotify

Sometimes, a longer music track can convey a story or evoke a certain emotion. Besides, artists can use more complex instruments and synthesis in these long pieces of music. By the way, artists can explore different musical tastes and create a dynamic listening experience for listeners. To find them, you can search for 'longest song' on Spotify and you will get the related playlist. Now, let's learn more about the top 5 longest Spotify songs one by one.

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1. "Symphony of the Crown" by Earthena

This song was made for a whole year and released on 1 October 2021 by Canadian artist Earthena. It lasts about 48 hours, 39 minutes and 35 seconds which is two full days. It was the previous Guinness World Record holder. But now it was separated into 25 individual tracks on Spotify which was about 2 hours per song. You can get all of these single tracks in the whole "Symphony of the Crown" album below. So, it was the longest song ever on Spotify.

2. "The Things They Did for Me Out of Love" by Yeule

This longest song on Spotify lasts 4 hours and 44 minutes which is the top 1 longest Spotify song. It was created by Yeule who is an experimental glitch, synth-pop and shoegaze artist and released in 2021. There are no clear vocals and lyrics in the song but instead muffled speech and humming occasions. In this case, it could be a song that makes you relax.

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3. "The Rise and Fall of Bossanova Section IV" by Michael J.Bostwick on P C III (Pipe Choir Three)

It is the second longest song in Spotify which lasts four hours, twenty minutes and fifty-four seconds. It is one part of the whole album "The Rise and Fall of Bossanova" which is a 13 hours, 23 minutes and 32 seconds song. Besides, it held the title of the Guinness World Record for the longest song between 2016 to 2020.

4. "H-Production Megasession 2006" by Cari Lekebusch

Another longest Spotify song is "H-Production Megasession 2006". It is over 3 hours non-stop and it was released in 2007 by Swedish artist Cari Lekebusch. If you like DJ mix tapes and mixing tracks, then you should listen to this song.

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5. "Deep House Extravaganza Deluxe - Continous DJ Mix" by Various Artists

This music track released in 2010 is 2 hours, 44 minutes and 35 seconds long. It was made by various artists like Hernan Rodrigues, DJ Tafkad, etc. In this case, you can find different beats and song genres in this song.

Part 2. How to Download Longest Song on Spotify without Premium

Now, you learn some longest songs on Spotify. You can find them on the Spotify platform and listen to them at once. But it is noted that if you are a Spotify Free user, you may be interrupted by the annoying ads while listening to the song. With a Spotify Premium account, you can bypass this limit. Yet, if you don't want to upgrade to Spotify Premium, here is an alternative way for you. That's to use AudFree Spotify Music Converter.

It is a powerful tool for all Spotify users to enjoy music offline. With it, you can download any track from Spotify, including the longest Spotify songs, etc. Besides, you don't need to have a Spotify Premium account to do that. This tool will remove all the limits in Spotify such as ads, offline playback and so on.

Moreover, the conversion speed of this program is up to 5X which helps you download Spotify music at a fast speed. Also, it will not touch the original Spotify audio quality which offers you a better listening experience. After using this tool, you can easily and freely get music from Spotify and listen to them offline on any device or platform you like.

AudFree Spotify Music Converter

audfree spotify music converter
  • Download Spotify longest songs and other audio content without Premium
  • Convert Spotify music to MP3, WAV, FLAC, M4A, etc.
  • Retain original quality and full ID3 tags of Spotify songs
  • Play Spotify music tracks anywhere and anytime without restrictions

Download Longest Spotify Songs for Free by AudFree Spotify Music Converter

Step 1. Click on the 'Download' button for Windows or Mac above. Then head to install AudFree Spotify Music Converter on your Windows or Mac desktop computer.

Step 2. Launch AudFree Converter and the Spotify desktop program will show at the same time. Head to it and sign in with your account info. After that, back to the main screen of the AudFree tool, then click on Menu > Preferences > Convert. Then customize the output audio formats for Spotify longest song. Here you can choose to convert Spotify to FLAC, WAV, etc. Adjusting the bitrate, channel, and sample rate for your Spotify music files is also available. Later, click OK.

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Step 3. Go to the Spotify platform and locate the longest song in Spotify you want to download. Then drag and drop the music track into the main interface of the AudFree program. Or, you can click on the three-dots icon on the right side of the name of the song. Then choose Share > Copy Song Link. Next, back to the AudFree tool and click in the search bar to paste the copied link into it. After that, touch the + icon.

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Step 4. Click the Convert button. The program will start downloading and converting the longest songs on Spotify without Spotify Premium. After that, you can find all the downloaded tracks in the History section of the AudFree tool. You can then listen to Spotify songs offline on your desktop or other devices.

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Part 3. In Conclusion

Now, you know what is the longest song on Spotify. Here we give you details of the top 5 one by one. You can find them and listen to them on Spotify. Yet, if you want to keep them on your device for playing anytime, you will need help from AudFree Spotify Music Converter. With this tool, you can download Spotify longest songs and other music files to your local device for listening. Or, you can pay for Spotify Premium on iOS/Android or Windows/Mac to download music but you can only enjoy downloaded Spotify music within the Spotify platform.

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