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When creating a presentation with PowerPoint, many people prefer to add background music to PowerPoint for catching the audience's attention. However, it is recognized that music streaming services such as Amazon Music, Spotify, and others only allow people to play music in their apps or supported platforms.

Therefore, in this post, we will take Amazon Music for example, and discuss how to add Amazon Music to PowerPoint slide shows as BGM for offline playing. Without further ado, let's get started!

add amazon music to powerpoint

Part 1. Can You Add Music to PowerPoint from Amazon Music

Nope. Due to copyright protection, Amazon Music users are limited to listening to songs on its service or supported platforms even though they download the songs from it. When you attempt to insert the link or audio of Amazon Music tracks, you will find the music you downloaded before won't disappear in the target folder. That means you cannot enjoy Amazon Music inside the PPT directly.

Fortunately, PowerPoint endows users the opportunity to put personal local audio files that are compatible with it into its templates. It supports a wide variety of audio formats including MP3, M4A, FLAC, WAV, and so forth. All you need is to download Amazon Music songs to those format files locally with an Amazon Music downloader and add them to your PPT slide show later.

Note: You can play Amazon Music on its app in the background while displaying your PowerPoint presentation.

Part 2. How to Add Amazon Music to PowerPoint

As the statement aforementioned, before adding wanted Amazon Music tracks to the PowerPoint presentation, it is required to download and decode the encrypted Amazon Music songs as unprotected PowerPoint-friendly local audio files. And to make it, you need a professional Amazon Music downloader.

When it comes to this, you can never look further than AudFree Amazon Music Converter, a reliable and expert gadget designed for both Amazon Music free users and subscribers. It is feature-rich software that works to download all content including podcasts from the Amazon Music app or its player as permanent local files. Beyond that, it contributes to converting Amazon Music to MP3, FLAC, WAV, M4A, and more plain formats that can be used on most devices and players besides PPT.

On top of that, with advanced conversion technology, this clever software has the ability to keep 100% lossless audio quality and original ID3 tags by customizing the bit rate and sample rate of Amazon Music content, which is friendly to audiophiles and music enthusiasts.

AudFree Amazon Music Downloader

audfree amazon music downloader
  • Convert Amazon Music to MP3, WAV supported by PowerPoint
  • Save Amazon Music locally forever for free use in PowerPoint
  • Add Amazon Music as background music on PowerPoint
  • Use Amazon Music on desired platforms and other devices

How to Download Music for PowerPoint from Amazon

After making a further understanding of this top-notch Amazon Music downloader, we will take you through how to use it to download Amazon Music to MP3 or other PowerPoint-supported formats. This tool is available on both Windows and Mac. Please install it on your computer and look into the user guide below:

Step 1Configure Output Settings of Amazon Music for PowerPoint
adjust amazon music output format for powerpoint
For compatibility between the downloaded Amazon Music songs and the PPT, please set the output format as a suitable one. To do that, please head to the top-right three horizontal lines of the AudFree Amable. Then from the draw-down list, select the 'Preferences' and then the 'Convert' tab from the pop-up window. There, you can opt to export selected Amazon Music songs as FLAC, WAV, MP3, and other PPT-compatible codecs. Apart from that, you can make the lossless audio quality for Amazon Music by changing the bit rate, sample rate, audio channels, and more output parameters.
Step 2Drag and Drop Amazon Music Tracks to AudFree Amable
add amazon music to audfree amable
Once the format is set, please add Amazon Music audio files to AudFree Amable. Just drag a single item such as songs or playlists from the Amazon Music app and drop it into the converter. Alternatively, copy the share links of the Amazon Music podcasts or tracks, paste them to the converter's search box, and then click the plus icon near the box.
Step 3Export Amazon Music Losslessly for PowerPoint Presentation
convert and download amazon music for playing on powerpoint
In the bottom right corner of AudFree Amable, hit the 'Convert' button there. Then the smart tool will convert the added Amazon Music tracks to the set format and save them in the local folder of your desktop. By touching the bottom 'Converted' section, you can access the Amazon Music downloads.

How to Put Amazon Music Songs on PowerPoint

Now, you can start to add music from Amazon Music to PowerPoint slide shows just resemble inserting one picture into your PPT. If you have no idea how to add it, please never miss the following how-to guide.

For Windows Users

Step 1. Open your PowerPoint template on your computer.

Step 2. Tap on the 'Insert' section and then drop down for 'Audio' from the 'Media' group.

insert amazon music audio in powerpoint

Step 3. Choose 'Audio on My PC' from the pull-down list. Then it will pop open the file explorer. Browse and select the downloaded Amazon Music audio files in the local folder.

add audio on my pc to powerpoint

Step 4. Afterward, a speaker icon will show on the slide show. Just turn it on and you can enjoy the Amazon Music inside your PPT.

Note: You can also opt to record Amazon Music audio on the fly to include in your PPT by tapping the 'Record Audio' option. Also, you can control the added Amazon Music playback by changing the 'Playback' settings. For example, you can choose 'Play in Background' and 'Hide During Show' to make your PowerPoint Presentation neat and aesthetic.

control amazon music playback on powerpoint

For Mac Users

Step 1. Click the 'Insert' section from the top toolbar.

Step 2. Choose 'Sound and Music' > 'From File' from the list.

Step 3. Go through and pick the local Amazon Music audio files from the target folder and hit the 'Insert' button to add them to PPT.

put amazon music in powerpoint on mac

Part 3. Wrapping Up

In this post, we have taken you through how to add Amazon Music to PowerPoint presentations for offline playback. During the process, you need to use a powerful AudFree Amazon Music Converter to download and convert music to PowerPoint-enabled formats. With it, you can set the songs even podcasts from Amazon Music in the PPT offline without Amazon Music Prime or Unlimited.

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