Amazon Music for Linux? Is It Possible?

By Roger Kelly Updated on 2021-05-28 / Update for Amazon Music Tips

Is there Amazon Music for Linux? Many Amazon Music fans often ponder this confusing question. Well, you can use Linux on several devices like phones, thermostats, refrigerators, television, and in your car. Linux is also reliable and can be installed on as many computers as possible without spending any dime for the app or server licensing.

To add to it, you won't experience any issues with malware or viruses. All of these make Linux a sought-after operating system. So, its complex nature is nothing compared to all the benefits it brings your way. However, the main drawback is not supporting some apps, like Amazon Music.

You have to add some tactics for you to download and convert Amazon music for playback on computer running Linux operating system. Here, this article is out to explore the best method to get Amazon Music on Linux.

amazon music linux

Part 1. Amazon Music for Linux Converter - AudFree Amazon Music Converter

You still have a better option to get Amazon Music on Linux, even if Amazon Music app is not available on Linux computer. You only need a reliable tool to help you bypass the limitations and download playlist from Amazon Music to local files. AudFree Amazon Music Converter works extraordinarily to help you with the task.

It is in a position to losslessly download and convert Amazon Music into unprotected audio files. Running at a 5X speed rate, it enables you to convert numerous Amazon Music files at a go.

The app has an in-built ID3 tag editor that will retain original metadata information like artists, title, and album, among many others. It supports various standards of audio formats like MP3, FLAC, M4B, M4A, WAV, AAC. Also, it provides you with an option to customize format parameters.

Based on what you require, you are able to adjust channel, sample rate, bit rate, etc. with flexibility. After the conversion of Amazon Music by it, you now have no trouble exporting Amazon Music playlist to any device and player for offline enjoying.

AudFree Amazon Music Converter

audfree amazon music for linux converter
  • Download Amazon Music to Linux for offline playback
  • Go up to 5X faster speed with batch conversion support
  • Customize output parameters like the channel, bit rate, etc
  • Losslessly convert Amazon Music while keeping original ID3 tags

Part 2. Download Amazon Music Locally for Linux - Full Guide

Follow these steps to know how AudFree Amazon Music Converter works smartly to convert and download Amazon Music locally so that you can transfer to Linux for playback.

Step 1Launch AudFree Amazon Music Converter
open audfree and log into amazon account
Once you have downloaded and installed AudFree Amazon Music Converter on your computer, launch it and begin converting Amazon Music. The app should automatically direct you to the official Amazon Music web player. On the main screen, go to "Sign In" option and sign in to your Amazon account using your email and password.
Step 2Register AudFree Amazon Music Converter
register audfree
After that, click the three-line icon and choose the "Register" option from the drop-down list. When the registration window opens, enter your license email and the registration code to to register Audfree Amazon Music Converter.
Step 3Customize output settings
set output profiles for linux
Next, customize the output parameters. Click the "Preference" tab displaying in the pull-down menu of the three-line icon on the top right, and then hit the "Advanced" to open the settings panel. Go to under the "Output Profile" and choose the "Format" option to set Lossless, MP3, M4A, AAC, FLAC, WAV, or M4B as the format output. You can also change any settings such as bit rate, sample rate, channel, etc. as you need.
Step 4Add Amazon Music playlist
add amazon music to audfree

Whereafter, look for the playlist or album that you need to convert for Linux from the Amazon Music library and open it. Check the "+" icon that has turned orange and click on it to effect the adding of your select Amazon Music playlist or album to the AudFree app. Soon, you'll be presented with a pop-up window, where all tracks in the playlist are listed. You can uncheck the "Select All" and manually check your favorite tracks to convert.

Step 5Convert Amazon Music for Linux
download amazon music to linux

Lastly, click the "Convert" button for the conversion process to begin. When it is complete, press the "Converted" button to find the converted Amazon Music tracks. Furthermore, you also use the search icon on the track to quickly navigate to the Amazon Music converted folder on your computer.

Part 3. How to Play Amazon Music on Linux Offline

You can now easily access Amazon Music Linux after the conversion process. Just find these converted Amazon Music songs on local computer. Choose the music you wish to listen to in Linux and transfer them through a USB cable to a Linux device. Once loaded into the player, hit the "Play" button to enjoy your music offline. It is fairly simple, isn't it?

Part 4. Final Word

Linux operating systems offer numerous benefits, from free access, the absence of malware and viruses. Not forgetting the advanced features. It is an awesome platform to use with your smartphone, Roku devices, refrigerators, or even in your car. With the availability of AudFree Amazon Music Converter, you can now download and convert Amazon Music files for playback on Linux platform in simple steps, thereby getting over the incompatibilities of Amazon Music service and Linux.

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