How to Play Amazon Music on Samsung TV

It's an awesome experience of diving into a world of digital content in one place. Samsung Smart TV is such a device that provides a way to stream music, play games, watch movies, do sports in one place. Today, we will focus on the streaming heaven of Samsung Smart TV, especially for Amazon Music.

Samsung Smart TV is compatible with a wide variety of popular streaming music services. Amazon Music is one of them, which offers three types of services to free and subscribed users. It's well-known that Amazon Music songs can be streamed on Samsung TV.

Then, how to play Amazon Music on Samsung TV? This article will provide an all-around tutorial for your reference. You can even get Amazon Music on Samsung Smart TV freely after you do one of the operations below. Let's drive in.

amazon music on samsung tv

Part 1. How to Install Amazon Music App on Samsung TV Directly

Amazon Music has been supported by Samsung TV since 2017. Owners can use Amazon Music app on Samsung TV. You are allowed to browse playlists, stations, and libraries, and so on directly on Samsung TV via the Amazon Music app. Subscribers can download Amazon Music on the app for offline playback. The three services - Amazon Music Free, Amazon Prime Music, Amazon Unlimited Music offer you different choices for your needs. The proven steps are listed to coach you to install Amazon Music on Samsung TV.

Step 1. On your remote control, please click the Home button to select the APPS option.

Step 2. Hit on the Search icon to type Amazon Music to find it. It will show the app with detailed information, like screenshots, etc.

Step 3. Tap the Install button to get the Amazon Music app for Samsung Smart TV.

install amazon music on samsung tv

Part 2. How to Play Amazon Music on Samsung TV - Perfect Way

However, when the network connection is not stable, you may encounter Amazon Music not working on Samsung TV issue. It will pop up some errors while you are listening to Amazon Music on Samsung Smart TV. What's more, once you cancel the subscription, you can not access Amazon Music on Samsung TV as they are not saved as local files.

To avoid errors, you can use the AudFree Amazon Music Converter or AudFree Audio Capture to get Amazon Music on your Smart TV. They both can get Amazon Music download in the format of MP3, AAC, WAV, M4A and M4B. Then you can put Amazon Music songs to Samsung Smart TV and listen to them with no Internet anytime.

If you have other devices, you can also store downloaded Amazon Music songs on them for offline playback. All in all, you are able to keep the Amazon Music playlist on your devices for your entertainment every time. In addition, you do not need to worry about the quality of the Amazon Music as the AudFree tools give you lossless files back.

Moreover, you will receive the songs with their ID3 tags preserved. Surprisingly, you are inspired to set the music parameters for the TV. You will get the converted Amazon Music songs in a short time.

AudFree Amazon Music Converter: It's a well-designed music converter and downloader for Amazon Music only. It is capable of downloading Amazon Music without the app as it works with its built-in Amazon Music Web Player. When you are using a Windows computer, it can run at 5X faster speed to convert Amazon Music locally.

AudFree Audio Capture: As its name suggests, it's an all-in-one audio recording tool, which gives you the option to capture any sound from any streaming music source. That's to say, with the aid of this software, you can not only play Amazon Music on Samsung smart TV, but also play Spotify, Tidal, Apple Music, and more on this smart TV. It's worth mentioning that it works in real-time via capturing technology.

How to Get Amazon Music on Samsung Smart TV

The steps to link Samsung TV to Amazon Music is easy. Here you are provided the guide on streaming Amazon Music tracks on Samsung Smart TV. We will take AudFree Amazon Music Converter as an example to show the complete guide.

Step 1Choose Amazon Music output parameters for Samsung Smart TV
set amazon music format for samsung smart tv
Please download, install, and open Amazon Music Converter from your computer desktop. And then, you can reset the format of Amazon Music for Samsung Smart TV. Hit the top-right menu icon to open the setting window. Click the Advanced button to select the one you prefer and customize the codec, channel, bit rate and sample rate to get a better quality. You are advised to choose MP3, 320 kbps, 48000Hz to get Amazon Music on Samsung TV.
Step 2Import Amazon Music songs to download
import amazon music songs to audfree amable
Click 'OK' to confirm setting parameters and close the setting window. Now you can search playlists or albums in this Amazon Music Web Player. Once found, please tap the item and you will see the gray + button will be orange. Click it to select and add Amazon Music songs that you'd like to play on Samsung Smart TV.
Step 3Download Amazon Music tracks for Samsung TV
record amazon music for samsung smart tv

It's time to implement the download process. Simply press the Convert button, AudFree Amazon Music Converter will automatically download music from Amazon Music on your computer. After conversion, you can then locate the converted Amazon Music songs in the history folder. To gain a whole downloaded Amazon Music song, you are suggested to purchase the AudFree Amable. Or you can use the free version to have a try at first.

Step 4Play Amazon Music on Samsung Smart TV

With all of the downloaded Amazon Music tracks on your computer, you can now upload them to Samsung TV for listening. Two methods below are available.

From USB Drive

To transfer Amazon Music to USB, please plug the USB flash drive into your computer. Put the converted Amazon Music files to the folder of the USB drive. Connect the USB drive to your TV. You can thereby connect Amazon Music to Samsung TV for playback.

play amazon music on samsung smart tv

From Mobile Phone

You can also use the USB cable to link your phone with the computer. Copy and drop the music files to the folder of your phone. Then sync your phone to Samsung Smart TV through Bluetooth. Play the Amazon Music songs on your phone. Samsung Smart TV will play them at the same time.

Part 3. Warm Up

If you have an Amazon Music HD or Unlimited subscription, or an Amazon Prime membership, you can directly install the Amazon Music app on Samsung Smart TV to enjoy streaming music. If you prefer to listen to songs offline or only have an Amazon Music free, you can draw support from third-party tools. AudFree Amazon Music Converter and AudFree Audio Capture can both facilitate you play Amazon Muisc on Samsung TV without limits.

Dec 22, 2021 10:30 AM

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