Apple Music Replay not Working - Solutions to Fix It

Apple has introduced its new and unique feature, the 'Apple Music Replay' feature. It provides you access to the world of your most listened songs, albums, and artists. If you are a long subscriber of Apple Music, the list of songs, albums, and artists of all the previous years will appear in front of you. Also, you can see how many times you have repeatedly played each song. Isn't it amazing!

In this article, you'll have ways to get Apple Music Replay on your Apple devices like iPhone, iPad, and MacBook, with or without the Apple Music application. Also, if your Apple Music Replay is not working, you'll find five effective solutions to solve the issue of Apple Music Replay not working. Additionally, we have recommended the best tool for downloading and converting the Apple Music Replay.

Follow the article to have Apple Music Replay on your devices, enjoy the music and solve your queries with the available solutions and answers.

apple music replay not working

Part 1. What Is Apple Music Replay?

Interestingly, our choice of music/songs/albums/artists changes with time. Have you ever done brainstorming to remember which songs or albums you used to listen to the most? If you are an old Apple Music subscriber, you can find the answer with the 'Apple Music Replay' feature.

Apple Music Replay focuses on your music listening habits. It lists songs/music you like to listen to the most. It provides you a recap of the songs, albums, and artists you listened to a lot in the previous times. Moreover, it enables you to make and share a list of your favorites from the replay. You can also access these replayed songs and albums on your Apple devices and the web.

Remember: If you listen to Apple Music with the 'Use Listening History' option disabled, Apple Music Replay does not show the music in the recap.

Part 2. How to Use Apple Music Replay Feature

Apple Music Replay is a fantastic feature to look at your top songs yearly. You can use the feature on all your Apple devices, such as iPhones, iPad, and Mac. The method for all devices is almost similar and easy; there is no need to worry about the process if you haven't become aware of it yet. We are here to help you use Apple Music Replay on your devices.

Follow the guide to accommodate the procedure and enjoy your most loved songs once again. First, we'll look at accessing Apple Music Reply List on Mac.

Access Apple Music Replay List on Mac

If you listen to Apple Music and want to access the Apple Music replay on your MacBook, the process is straightforward.

To watch Apple Music Replay on Mac:

Step 1: Open the Apple Music application on your Mac Apple device.

Step 2: You'll see a list of options on the left side. Tap on the 'Listen Now' tab.

Step 3: Scroll down, and you'll see the available Replays with the name 'Replay: Your Top Songs by Year'.

apple music replay on mac

Step 4: Select and click on a Replay. The most-listened-to songs and artists list will appear on the screen. You can now listen to your repeated songs of the last few years on your Mac device.

For selecting a replay of another year, repeat the process from step 2 to step 4.

You can see the number of songs and the repetition time you have played the pieces at the bottom of the songs list.

check details of apple music replay

Access Apple Music Replay Mixes on iPhone/iPad

Suppose you are using iPhone or iPad and want to listen to Apple Music Replays on your apple device. In that case, you can follow the process of how to access the Apple Music Replay list on Mac. But if you don't have the music app on your device, you have to access the mixes through the web.

To get Apple Music Replay online in any browser, follow the given steps:

Step 1: Type the Apple Music Replay website in any browser and open the website.

Step 2: You'll see the 'Sign in' option on the top right corner. Enter your Apple ID username and password to continue on the website.

Step 3: The recent Apple Music Replay will appear on the screen with the option of 'Get Your Replay Mix'. Select the option and view the list.

Step 4: The list of all your top songs and albums you've listened to in that specific year will appear. You can see the number of times you have played each song, album, and artist on the list given on the right side.

Step 5: You'll see two options at the top of the page. One of 'ADD' and the other of 'PLAY'. To listen to your Replay music list, click on the 'Play' option.

replay apple music on iphone

To change and view the other replays of past years, select the replay list present at the bottom of the page.

Part 3. Apple Music Replay Not Working - Effective Solutions to Fix It

If you have trouble with 'Why does my Apple Music Replay not work?' Here are some helpful fixes.

1. Confirm your active Apple Music subscription: You have to ensure that your Apple Music subscription is still active. Make a new subscription and enjoy your Apple Music Replays if it's not.

2. Confirm the correct Apple ID: It might be the reason for 'Replay Apple Music Replay not working' that you are entering the wrong or invalid Apple ID. Check and confirm your right Apple ID and listen to your favorite music.

3. Start listening to more Apple Music: It might be possible that you are not an active music listener, and there is no music replay available for you. If you want to make your Apple Music Replays, start listening to Apple Music.

4. Ensure to turn on the 'Use Listening History' feature: If your Apple Music Replays are not working correctly, enable the 'Use Listening History' feature from your device settings. After turning it on, you'll be able to create and have Apple Music Replays.

5. Check your Internet connection and regular updates: To solve the issue of Apple Music Replay not working properly, you have to make sure that your Internet connection and stable and that your Apple Music app is regularly updated.

Part 4. How to Download and Convert Apple Music Replay Songs

Suppose you have trouble listening to Apple Music Replay online or even with the Apple Music Application. In that case, you can easily download and convert your favorite music tracks with "AudFree Audio Converter". It is the best third-party tool that helps you listen to your replays after canceling your Apple Music subscription.

AudFree Apple Music Converter

audfree apple music converter
  • Convert audios to all formats, including MP3, M4A, WAV, and FLAC
  • Easy-to-use interface for Mac and Windows system
  • High converting speed of 5X to download Apple Music
  • Offers subscription and free usage

Convert Apple Music Replays via AudFree Music Converter

Step 1: Install and launch the AudFree Audio Converter on your device. After the installation, the software will automatically connect with your Apple Music library.

Step 2: Click on 'Add Files' or drag and drop the files to the software directly.

import apple music replays music to audfree

Step 3: Set output preferences like audio format, channel, and sample rate.

change the format settings for apple music replay

Step 4: Tap on the 'Convert' button to download Apple Music on Mac device. The software will convert your selected music files with the settings you have done before.

download and fix apple music replay not working

Your music files are now successfully converted. Even though you want to cancel Apple Music membership, you still can listen and enjoy your Apple Music Replays whenever and wherever you want.

Part 5. FAQs about Apple Music Replay

Some frequently asked questions about Apple Music Replay are as follow:

Q1: How Often Are Apple Music Replays Updated?

Apple Music Replays follows a schedule of weekly basis updates. Don't worry about the new updates; it will update automatically once a week.

Q2: Why Does My Apple Music Replay Not Work?

There are multiple reasons for this issue of Apple Music Replay not working. They are:

  • Inactive Apple Music Subscription
  • Incorrect or invalid Apple ID
  • Less number of Apple Music
  • 'Use Listening History' feature is disabled
  • Slow Internet connection

Q3: Why Is Apple Music Replay Not Updating?

Apple Music Replay updates automatically once a week. Your replay will update on its own, but if it's not updating even after a week, you can check some fixes like enabling the 'Use listening History' feature and checking your Internet connection. If you still face the update issue, contact Apple Support and have solutions for your problems.

Q4: Is Apple Music Replay 2022 Available Now?

Yes. Apple has launched its 'Replay 2022' feature for Apple subscribers. You can have this feature in Apple Music on your phone or Apple's Music Replay website.

Part 6. Final Words

Apple Music Replay feature takes you into your most listened song world. As long as you've joined Apple Music, the list of songs, albums, and artists of all that year will appear in front of you.

The article has provided you with ways to get Apple Music Replay on your Apple devices like iPhone, iPad, and MacBook, with or without an Apple Music application. Also, we have provided five effective solutions to solve the issue of Apple Music Replay not working. Moreover, we have recommended you the best tool for downloading and converting the Apple Music Replay. Try the ways and fixes to have answers to your queries.

May 30, 2022 12:00 AM

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