Spotify Waiting to Download? Fixed!

No matter in the part of iOS or Android forum on Spotify Community, 'Waiting to Download' issue has been more and more prevalent. When starting to download local songs to iOS devices or select 'Available Offline' on Android, Spotify stuck on waiting to download.

A five-year Spotify user says that his offline playlists say 'Waiting to Download', yet no Spotify tracks even download. The only thing he has done is to update this iPhone iOS. What's worse, the download arrow is gray instead of green, which means tracks are even not available online.

Some people fixed this issue by simply uninstalling and installing Spotify app on mobile devices, while the majority of Spotify users are not as lucky as they are. To tackle the 'Waiting to Download' issue on Spotify for all users, we did some researches and tests and will introduce all possible solutions in this article.

spotify waiting to download

Part 1. Fix Spotify Waiting to Download by Basic Solutions

After you have created a playlist on Spotify, switched the 'Download' icon on, and chose 'Available Offline' on your Spotify desktop client, It is always troubling to encounter Spotify 'Waiting to Download' when you are planning to play local files on mobile devices. Let's see what's causing the problem and how to solve Spotify waiting to download local files.

#1. Uninstall and Reinstall Spotify App

The first easy way is to uninstall and install your Spotify as Spotify app always updates to update new features with the purpose to improve listening experience. If you are using an older Spotify app, Spotify says 'Waiting to Download' could show because of compatible issue.

Besides, when you reinstall Spotify on your iOS or Android device, it will prompt you to clear phone space if Spotify app can't be install due to lack of space on device. To fix this, please clean up your phone device memory firstly. It also could be the obstacle of Spotify stuck on 'Waiting to Download'.

#2. Disable Windows Firewall

This way is recommended by other users on Spotify community who just disable Firewall and the 'Available Offline' button is available to download Spotify playlists for offline listening.

Just launch the Windows Firewall on your computer, navigate to 'Allow an app or feature through Windows Firewall' and then Change Settings' > 'Allow another app...' to choose 'Spotify'. After all steps have done, please open Spotify app to see whether 'Waiting to Download' has disappeared or not. If not, please reinstall Spotify app again.

#3. Check Spotify Downloaded Quantity

It's important to be noted that there is a limitation for downloading Spotify music for offline listening on each device. Generally speaking, you can get '9,999 in total' tracks offline on at up to 3 devices if you are subscribing a Spotify Premium account. Besides, each device has its limitation, which is 3,333.

Just check whether you have reached the limit, if yes, please delete some downloaded Spotify songs that you don't listen to usually. And then it will become normal again.

#4. Check Network Connection

To sync local files from computer to mobile devices, please make sure your device and computer are under the same network. Just go down to the 'Network' window to choose the network that you are using on both of your devices.

In addition, install Spotify app on computer and your mobile device. Then launch Spotify app on computer and click 'connect to device' icon to select target device that you'd like to download Spotify local files.

Part 2. Fix Spotify Waiting to Download - Best Way

If the previous solutions fail, it's time to turn up to the alternative powerful method: using the professional AudFree Spotify Downloader to download Spotify files for offline playback on any player and device with your free or premium account on Spotify.

By using this way, there is no download limitation no matter on per device or all devices. Apart from downloading Spotify songs to computer, this smart Spotify tool can also convert Spotify to MP3, FLAC, WAV, AAC, M4A and M4B with all ID3 tags kept in converted Spotify files. So that you can transfer Spotify music to not only iOS and Android devices but also other devices that don't support for the installment of Spotify app.

Though it costs a small amount of money, this an ultimate solution to fix 'Spotify Waiting to Download' directly.

fixed spotify waiting to download

Step 1. Click the above 'Download' button to download it on your Mac or Windows computer.

Step 2. Drag or drop Spotify music or copy the Spotify link to AudFree Spotify Downloader to load them automatically.

Step 3. It's an optional step to customize output settings. Just click the 'Preferences' > 'Convert' to set output format and other audio parameters.

Step 4. Just hit the 'history' icon to locate Spotify downloads and then transfer them to Android or iOS devices for offline listening.

Tips: If you are using this way to solve Spotify local files waiting to download on iPhone, please transfer Spotify playlists to iTunes library firstly and then you can access to offline Spotify files on iOS devices without limitations.

Jul 13, 2021 5:30 PM

Posted by Charles Davis to Spotify Tips


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