How to Fix Spotify Black Screen Issue

Most Spotify users have stuck up with the Spotify Black screen issues at some point in time. They could not find the best solution to resolve this problem optimally. Do you want to discover the effective methods to overcome this black screen issue? You are in the right space to figure out the perfect ways.

The Spotify Black screen occurs due to the malfunctioning of the software. You may not know when this issue occurs, and how to deal with it precisely. You can surf through the below-discussed solutions to get rid of the black screen and try out one by one until the problem resolves permanently. Choose the right method which suits your needs the best and you can also perform the other ways if your efforts end up with failure.

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Part 1. Common Methods to Fix Spotify Black Screen Issue

In this section, you can surf through some of the common methods to fix Spotify Black screen issues. You can try out one after another below discussed ways and explore the perfect method to rule out this black screen problem.

Way 1. Check Network Connect & Restart Spotify App

The first step is to check out your network connection. You must ensure the internet connection is available flawlessly and in a continuous mode to avoid the Spotify black screen problem. When the Spotify app detects no internet connection in your device then immediately it blanks out without any alert message. It is highly-recommended to troubleshoot the network connection and ensure the internet is available in your device uninterruptedly.

troubleshoot network connection

Way 2. Uninstall and Reinstall the Spotify App

Sometimes the Spotify black screen problem occurs due to the malfunctioning of the software. You can uninstall the app and then try to reinstall it to overcome this issue. You should delete the Spotify app and its related files and then install it again to troubleshoot the black screen issues precisely.

Way 3. Disable Hardware Acceleration

To run the API smoothly the Spotify app, make use of the hardware acceleration feature. The black screen may cause due to error in loading the graphic design. It is advisable to disable and then enable the 'Hardware Acceleration' feature to fix the unknown issues with the Spotify app.

To work on the toggle switch of 'Hardware Acceleration' go to the 'Advanced Settings' in the Spotify app and scroll down to figure out the 'Hardware Acceleration' toggle button. You must turn 'Off' and then 'On' to overcome this black screen problem in the Spotify app.

disable spotify hardware accleration

Way 4. Delete Spotify AppData Folder

In a certain scenario, the Spotify app becomes inactive and displays a black screen if there is an issue with the AppData folder. If there are lots of data stored locally in this folder and due to lack of storage space the blank screen issue may occur. You can resolve this problem by deleting the AppData folder in the Spotify application.

delete spotify appdata

Way 5: Delete Redundant Spotify Processes

When you open many Spotify apps at a time when too many windows appear which may display the black screen for no reason. It is high time to delete the duplicate windows to resolve this problem. You must open the 'Task Manager' by making a right-click at the taskbar and delete the redundant Spotify processes.

delete spotify duplicate

Part 2. Ultimate Method to Solve Spotify Black Screen Issue

The best and a perfect partner for Spotify application is AudFree Spotify Music Converter tool. It is the right program to solve the Spotify black screen issue. It is a reliable Spotify downloader and converter program exclusively designed to resolve any issues with the Spotify app flawlessly. The AudFree Spotify Converter tool is the ultimate software to handle any Spotify issues effectively. It is high time to check out its fabulous functionalities in detail below for better understanding.

Features of AudFree Spotify Music Converter tool

• This application is available for both Windows and Mac systems.

Convert Spotify music to MP3, and other desired file formats without any data loss.

• Download the Spotify music effortlessly even by making use of a free account.

• Convert the Spotify songs at a faster rate retaining the audio quality.

• Customize the audio files to the desired output quality and organize the converted music files precisely for ease access.

The AudFree Spotify Music Converter application serves as a complete solution for the Spotify app. You can listen to the Spotify music flawlessly using this incredible tool without any regrets.

Steps to use AudFree Spotify Music Converter tool for uninterrupted soundtracks for your needs.

Step 1Download and launch the tool
Go to the official webpage of AudFree Spotify Music Converter program and download the tool as per your OS version. You can choose either Windows or Mac depending on your requirement. Then, install the program and double-tap the tool icon to launch the app. The Spotify app opens automatically in your device when you launch the AudFree Spotify Music converter software.
launch audfree spotify music converter
Step 2Add songs into the working area
You can drag and drop the Spotify songs into the working area of AudFree Spotify Music converter tool. Copy the URL of your favourite soundtrack from the Spotify app and paste it in the address bar. Then, hit '+' icon nearby the address bar to add the desired audio files into the AudFree Spotify music converter program.
add spotify songs for download
Step 3 Customize the conversion settings
You must press the 'Preference' icon at the right top of the screen displaying three horizontal lines and edit the parameters listed out in the pop-up windows. You can change the attributes like file format, conversion speed, bit rate, sample rate etc depending on your requirement and save the changes by tapping the 'Ok' button.
set output format for spotify files
Step 4Start the conversion
Finally hit the 'Convert' button at the right bottom of the screen and wait for some time until the conversion completes successfully. The converted files will be available in the local drive of your PC and you can access it when required.
fix spotify black screen issue forever

The above steps help you to optimally utilize the Spotify music tracks by overcoming the black screen issues with the Spotify app.

Part 3. In Conclusion

Thus, it is high time to end the discussion about the Spotify black screen and its related effective methods to overcome it. You can choose the desired way to fix the black screen issue with the Spotify app from the above discussion.

Choose AudFree Spotify Music Converter program to enjoy the Spotify music tracks flawlessly. It is a user-friendly program and you can optimally use the Spotify app. Connect with this article to discover the perfect ways to access the Spotify songs and play it on any desired devices easily.

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