Best Tidal Audiophile Playlists Recommended [2023]

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Streaming services are at their peak. With plenty of options available, customers choose to make payments to listen to their favorite collections and access the same from any device. Additionally, the choices make it intriguing and confusing, and choosing the right streaming service provider is always challenging.

Tidal is among the leading streaming providers. It stands true to its offering – quality-first and complementing artists. It upgraded with social features to make it more appealing and stand tough against Spotify users.

Tidal distinguishes itself from others by offering lossless streaming if you opt for Hi-Fi membership. While music content is a priority, users also receive access to music journalists, podcasts, and video series. You will come across some of the best sounding albums on Tidal, as it promotes itself as putting an artist first.

tidal audiophile playlist

Audiophile tracks on Tidal offer CD-quality or MQA quality, for which you need the Tidal membership. As the company aims to provide quality-first content, you must pay to listen to music – either Tidal Premium or HiFi.

With a total of 60 million songs and over, Tidal has everything to offer from artists to quality sound. Apart from songs, you can further watch original music videos in high quality. With a subscription, you can download both music and videos for later use. Lately, Tidal launched the "My Video Mix" feature, where you will receive recommendations from the editor to give you an outstanding experience. And here we listed the Top 10 best Tidal audiophile playlist for you to enjoy the best of Tidal music and even test out your Hi-Fi system.

1. New Arrivals

The playlist is the best way to keep in line with the new songs adding every minute from different parts of the globe. Add it to your playlist and listen to quality music from different corners of the world.

2. Sampling: Nina Simone

Best audiophile tracks on Tidal cannot go on without mentioning Sampling: Nina Simone. Because of the stunning tracks she delivered in the yesteryears, producers continue to sample her tracks, and 2020 is no different.

3. Mood Booster

Mood booster playlist is a must-have on your playlist, for it can do all the magic in both good and bad times. Featuring favorite artists from different genres, you will experience the best of the music.

4. Hip Hop

As Tidal puts artists first, adding Hip Hop to the playlist is essential. The Tidal Rising keeps refreshing every week to spread of newcomers to the world.

5. Country Rock

You will never get tired of country music! You will rejuvenate your soul with the music and the lyrics from some of the field's finest artists. The only downside is the absence of female artists in this arena.

6. Workout Songs

With working out become a norm at home due to COVID-19, the playlist will help you complete your session. It would help if you had the energy and positive mindset to keep going and achieve the goal. The workout playlist will make you run until you reach the end of the road.

7. Chill Out

You cannot accomplish what you wanted without the Chill Out playlist on the weekend with your loved ones. The best thing about the content is that you have a mix of songs ranging from soothing songs to beach party songs. You can easily vary the mood-setting and ambiance.

8. Electro Mix

If you are a fan of heavy bass and electronics, the Tidal Electro Mix playlist is a must-add to your playlist. The high tempo keeps you in a trance and gives you all the boost to stay away and high. The playlist is the right choice to fill the void between the party dance to workout sessions. You can use it for your exercise sessions to shed those unwanted calories.

9. Audiophile Test Music

If you bought a new speaker system that supports Hi-Res audio, opt for the audiophile test playlist. The audiophile playlist on Tidal contains lossless tracks giving you a chance to check your speakers' quality. You will know which songs are rocking and which are soothing.

10. Indie Rock

Indie started on a high note in the 70s. Even though the genre saw significant ups and downs, it is still racing like before and bring onboard new artists from different corners of the world. Browsing the playlist will take you through some of the finest singles from leading singers.

Additional Tips on Tidal Audiophile Playlist

It would be best if you had a subscription to create a playlist and come up with a playlist that you can share and listen on any device. Even if you download the songs from the list, you may not play the songs because of the format limitations. Learn how to share playlists on Tidal using the most straightforward action:

You can open the app on your mobile or the web version. Tap the three dots appearing at the top right corner of the screen. You will notice the option to share what you are currently listening to – a track, album, or playlist. The chances to share include emailing, sharing the link on WhatsApp, Instagram, and other social media platforms.

But what if your friends currently don't have a Tidal subscription, which means he/she might not be able to enjoy the Tidal playlist you share with them. Here we introduce AudFree Tidal Music Converter, professional software to download songs and convert to preferred output format so that you can share audiophile playlist on Tidal with your friend easily. The advantage of using the software is you can convert the file to 6 audio formats without losing the quality. Besides, you can alter parameters such as bit rate, sample rate, and channel.

Once you install the free version of AudFree Tidal Music Converter on Windows or Mac, please make sure you have the Tidal app as well. Now follow these steps below to successfully download and convert Tidal audiophile playlist.

Step 1. Launch AudFree Tidal Music Converter. You can copy and paste the URL link or drag the files directly from the Tidal app to the AudFree interface.

Step 2. Set the required output format. In this step, you can set the output format as MP3 and adjust other parameters such as the bit rate, audio codec, and sample rate.

Step 3. Download and convert Tidal playlist. Hit the 'Convert' button and your Tidal playlist will be downloaded at 5X speed. After that, click on the 'history' and locate the downloaded music files in the output folder.

Now, you can have a try to use this tool to download the top 10 best Tidal audiophile playlist and share them with your friends with ease.

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