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By Miley Swift Updated on 2021-07-13 / Update for Tidal Tips

Since its inception, Jayz's brainchild music library has skyrocketed immensely. Tidal currently features 60 million tracks and beyond. And when it comes to quality sound, Tidal has all to offer. So when it comes to Tidal playlist, you are sure to get HD music videos that you can download for offline use.

The story doesn't end there. Tidal recently launched a new feature, the 'My Video Mix'. This feature blends the editor's recommendations with machine-driven picks to give the user simply the best. It, however, carefully picks on what you love based on your listening habits.

And by this, it is now easier to find a perfect match when it comes to playlists 2019. Here are some top playlists from Tidal to memorably finish up the year with.

Top 1. New Arrivals

What other best way can you dig deep to those freshly releases tracks if not through these best Tidal playlists 2019. This is a true testimony that indeed the internet is slowly making the world smaller day by day. New Arrivals give us a leeway to listen to music from all corners of the world. Add this playlist to your list and get to hear newly added music every week.

Top 2. Sampling: Nina Simone

Sampling 'Nina Simone' is another playlist on Tidal that cannot go unmentioned. And it's not about what she is doing right now but the deeds of yesteryears. Due to her stunning tracks, many producers have continued to sample her tracks over the past years, and 2019 is no different either! She might be gone from our midst but her music still inspires many people of all walks.

Top 3. Mood Booster

This is one playlist that can do magic in both the bad times and good times. Mood Booster features various artists like Jonathan Sarlat, Bella Element, among many others. So, if your day doesn't seem to kick off in the right mood, then you have all the answers from "Fly With Me", "Breath Unwind" and many other tracks. Get only the best from this playlist and ensure to share with friends. You never know when someone may need to uplift their moods!

Top 4. Tidal Rising: Hip Hop

If there is anything that Tidal is best at then its uplifting new upcoming artists. This Jayz tidal playlist is not doing it any different. Tidal Rising is renewed every week, to spread the word of notable newcomers. And since many users are into hip-hop, this playlist brings on each upstart's top performance gigs. Simply take note of the Rising alumni and you'll be sure of where the best dwells.

Top 5. Country Rock

Who can ever get tired of Country Music? This is another playlist that is rejuvenated each time, bringing forth loads of goodies with each coming year. One recent concern is the lack of female artists. This playlist, however, is promising enough and more female artists are slowly getting into this genre. More is yet to come.

Top 6. Running Songs Workout

Whether it is a cross-fit, hardcore, or gym workout, Running Songs Tidal playlist is yours for the taking. You need the energy to keep going and this is not just a playlist but a music trainer too. It is well blended, with both motivational and running songs that can go for over 2 hours. Once you are into this Tidal workout playlist, know that the stopping point is the end of the road and no earlier than that.

Top 7. Acoustic Chill Out

Chilling out on a sunny afternoon cannot be accomplished without any of these Acoustic Chill Out Tidal playlists. Get all the mix from Tropical Hot Island Soothing Songs Mix, Summer Vacation Relax or Beach Party songs. And when it comes to a dinner party, these Chill Outs can still double up.

Top 8. Electro Mix

The heavy bass and a high tempo of up to 130 beats per minute are what define this playlist. Electro Mix fits many slots from party dance to high pace workout. If you need to shed off some calories, just explore this list and party out like never before.

Top 9. Audiophile Test Music

If there are those times when you need to test the quality of your speaker, then it can't be any better other than with Tidal audiophile playlist. Play the tracks along and you'll definitely know which one rocks especially when pursuing a topic for a musical journey or finding out your Tidal's HiFi quality.

Top 10. Indie Rock

Indie started at a higher note when it was initially released in the 1970s. It continues to rise dramatically a decade later, especially, with the signing of Rough Trade, the Smiths. This was then the UK's best guitar-based band. Despite a few ups and downs, Indie is still in the race among the best genres. This playlist has continued to imprint both the old like "Rough Trade" and the new like "Spinefarm". Also, get other top tracks like "Electric Love" on Tidal, among many other tracks.

Download Tidal Playlist as MP3 for Offline Listening

Tidal music streaming service is well-known for its HiFi streaming capability. But being a subscription-based service, some devices cannot support downloaded playlists from Tidal. In such a case, you'll need to download playlists from Tidal as MP3 for offline playback instead. AudFree Tidal Music Converter has all the potential to unlock your worries. Follow the below steps.

How to use AudFree Tidal Music Converter to download and convert Tidal playlist to MP3 for offline playback.

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Step 3. Located all convered Tidal playlists. When the download comes to a halt, your downloaded tracks will be availed. Locate them via the ‘History’ icon. You can then save them to any of your devices for offline playback.

Now, you can listen to the top 10 best Tidal playlist of 2019 on your portable devices offline.

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