How to Play Tidal Music on Sony HAP-Z1ES

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Sony has always been about making available great devices for its lovers. In its quest to do more, it has added the Sony HAP-Z1ES audio player to its family of great devices. It is an interesting flagship stereo device that fulfills its manufacturer's intention of modernizing the future of music consumption.

Though Sony HAP-Z1ES is an audio player, it has a built-in Spotify platform. With respect to the Tidal music streaming platform, users might not be able to experience a Sony HAP-Z1ES Tidal collaboration. However, with third-party software, it is possible to play Tidal music on Sony HAP-Z1ES. This article introduced the Sony HAP-Z1ES Tidal compatibility and how to play Tidal music on the device.

sony hap z1es tidal

Part 1. Is Tidal Compatible with Sony HAP-Z1ES

Tidal is not compatible with the Sony HAP-Z1ES audio player. Therefore, you should not be able to add Tidal streaming to Sony HAP-Z1ES. As previously stated, other streaming platforms such as Spotify and Tune-in are integrated into the Sony HAP-Z1ES audio player. This integration makes it possible to listen to music from those streaming platforms on the Sony HAP-Z1ES audio player.

To play Tidal on Sony HAP-Z1ES, you need to convert the Tidal music without a loss in sound quality, transfer it to a USB drive or other devices, connect it to the Sony HAP-Z1ES, and play it out of the Tidal web player.

Part 2. How to Add Tidal Music Tidal Streaming to Sony HAP-Z1ES: Tool Required

Tidal music lovers having a Sony HAP-Z1ES would want the answer to the question "will Tidal work on Sony HAP-Z1ES?". To stream Tidal songs out of the Tidal web player, you need a third-party tool to convert and unleash the encrypted Tidal music on the Sony HAP-Z1ES. A very good example is AudFree Tidal Music Converter.

It is the ultimate solution as it helps users to access and listen to Tidal music on other devices such as the Sony HAP-Z1ES without restriction from Tidal. AudFree Tidal Music Converter is compatible with Windows and Mac and can convert and save Tidal music from both Premium and HiFi service in common output formats such as Lossless, FLAC, AAC, MP3, M4A, M4B without a loss in quality and with preserved ID3 tag.

It works at 5X rate high speed to manage the conversion of more than one playlist/album. Likewise, you can set your output setting such as bit rate, sample rate, channel, and output path( to know the exact location of the converted Tidal on your device).

AudFree Tidal Music Converter

audfree tidal music converter
  • Download Tidal music and play them on Sony HAP-Z1ES
  • Convert Tidal songs to multiple formats, such as MP3, FLAC, AAC, etc.
  • Preserve Tidal HiFi and Premium music with their original audio quality
  • Keep a faster speed of 5X time while converting music

Part 3. How to Play Tidal Music on Sony HAP-Z1ES

Download and install the AudFree Tidable Music Converter app from their official website and launch the app to access the easy-to-use interface. Follow the guidelines below on how to add Tidal music to AudFree Tidable for conversion and download.

Step 1Login and register for AudFree
launch and sign in audfree tidal music converter
Click on the "Login" button to access your Tidal account, or the "Sign Up" button to create a Tidal account. Click on "Menu" and select "Register". A registration panel pops up where you input your "Licensed Email" and "Registration code" to activate your account.
Note: Kindly update to the full model of the software to unlock the limitation of converted time because the trial version can only convert one-third of each music.
Step 2Set your output profile for Tidal Sony HAP-Z1ES
set tidal patameters for sony hap z1es
Click on the "Menu" button at the top right corner and select "Preference" open. Then choose the "Advanced" tab to customize your output profiles. Here you can convert Tidal to WAV, AAC, FLAC, etc. This also includes channel, bitrate, sample rate, and output path. Ensure you click "OK" to make the settings effective.
Step 3Add the Tidal music to AudFree Tidable
upload tidal playlists to audfree for sony hap z1es
After adjusting your output profile, you can now search the song you want to download and convert. Open it and click the "+" button at the bottom right corner to add the song to the conversion list.
Note: It does not support the addition of single songs. To convert a single song or multiple single songs, create a playlist and add the song(s) to the playlist.
Step 4Download and convert Tidal music for Sony HAP-Z1ES
download and export tidal music for sony hap z1es
After adding your desired Tidal song, click the "Convert" button to convert and download music from Tidal web player. After conversion, you can find the selected converted Tidal in the folder selected in the "output path" tab of the "Advance" window.
Note: During conversion, you can go back to the interface to add more playlists to the conversion list.
Step 5Transfer the converted Tidal song to a USB storage device
Insert a USB storage device (external hard drive or flash drive) into one of the USB ports on your computer. On recognition on your computer, navigate to "Device with removable storage" and click its icon to open it. Then open the folder containing the Tidal music, "Copy and Paste" the downloaded Tidal music on the removable USB device.

How to Play Tidal Music on Sony HAP-Z1ES

After downloading the Tidal music on your computer and transferring it to a USB drive, follow the steps below to play Tidal music using Sony HAP-Z1ES. Follow these steps.

Step 1. Connect the USB storage device to the external port in the rear end of the Sony HAP-Z1ES audio player before you turn it ON.

Step 2. Turn the player ON and select your desired category from the genre, artist, or album on the home screen.

Step 3. Start playing your desired music.

play tidal music on sony hap z1es via usb drive

Note: When selecting Folders, select "HAP Internal" (to select the internal hard disk drive) or "HAP External" (to select the external USB storage device), and then select the desired folder or file from the list. When you select a file, playback starts.

Part 4. Conclusion

Though the Tidal streaming platform does not integrate Sony HAP-Z1ES as one of its players, this can be done in several ways. This article attempts to answer the question "will Tidal work on a Sony HAP-Z1EA and HAP-Z1ES". It introduces the Sony HAP-Z1ES Tidal incompatibility and the best option to approach such difficulty which is by converting and downloading Tidal using the AudFree Tidable Converter. With the software, you can download Tidal music to USB and seamlessly enjoy playing Tidal music on your device.

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