How to Download Music from Tidal Music Web Player and Desktop

Q: "Is Tidal web player better than desktop player?" Tidal was launched in 2014 with the integration of music in HIFI quality and MQA quality. There are 3 ways to access to Tidal streaming service online, one via the Tidal web music player, one by the desktop version, and another through the mobile client. Although the main feature of Tidal is the high-quality online streams, users are not treated the same via the 3 ways mentioned above.

To help you figure out the most subtle differences among Tidal web player, Tidal desktop player, and the mobile player, I will list and explain it clearly in this article. In the meantime, introduce a smart trick to download music from Tidal web player and the desktop program.

download music from tidal web player

Part 1. Tidal Web Player vs Desktop vs Mobile: Which One to Choose

Tidal web player, Tidal desktop program and Tidal mobile version have a lot in common. Generally, the music catalog, the way to discover music, the social feature, etc. are all available on all of them. So, here we focus on the differences among these three.

1. Quality

Tidal MQA quality (Master quality / Studio quality) is only available on the desktop program, but not available on the Tidal web player app and mobile client. That is to say, you can only get Tidal HIFI as the best output quality on the web player and the mobile app.

From the Best to the Worst: Tidal desktop player's quality > Tidal web player's quality = Tidal mobile player's quality

2. Convenience

Compared to the laptop and the smartphone, it is no doubted that phone is more commonly used in daily life. And that is easy to see the Tidal mobile player is much more convenient to use whenever you want to listen to your favorite Tidal tracks.

But, you can access your Tidal music content from the Tidal web player on any computer, Android phone, iPhone, tablet or other mobile devices without any installation. Just make sure that the smart device can connect to the Internet and has a browser installed.

From the Best to the Worst: Tidal web player's convenience > Tidal mobile player's convenience > Tidal desktop player's convenience.

3. Conclusion

Now you can clearly know about the differences among Tidal web player / desktop version / mobile client based on the above contents. Unluckily, it seems that there is no perfect answer.

And it also seems right that never give up looking for the perfect, for the reason that I have found an almost perfect way to download Tidal MQA music from Tidal desktop and Tidal web player. If you are interested in this way, just find it in the following paragraph.

Part 2. How to Download Tidal Music from Tidal Web Player / Desktop Player

For starters, this method is suitable for 2 situations: One is to download Tidal Master and Tidal HIFI from Tidal desktop player, and the other one is to download Tidal HIFI music from Tidal web player. More importantly, the downloaded Tidal songs are truly saved in your local devices, which also means that they are playable even if you cancel Tidal subscription. It is something like the purchased tracks from the Tidal's download store.

This magical method mainly uses AudFree Tidal Music Converter to download Tidal HIFI and Tidal Master to FLAC, WAV, MP3, AAC, M4A, etc. without losing a bit of quality. The downloaded Tidal audios are available to play on any device and player, even though it doesn't install the Tidal app.

AudFree Tidal Music Converter

audfree tidal music converter
  • Losslessly download Tidal songs and playlists
  • Convert Tidal tracks to MP3, WAV, M4A etc.
  • Keep 100% HiFi quality and 100% Master quality
  • Run at 5X speed, support to edit output parameters

With the help of this powerful tool, you can easily download Tidal songs from the Tidal web player and the desktop client. Now let's take a quick look at how to use AudFree to download Tidal streams from Tidal music web player and desktop.

Step 1Import Tidal tracks into AudFree
add songs from tidal web player to audfree

Download and open AudFree Tidal Music Converter on your computer. The Tidal desktop app will open automatically. Or you can open the Tidal web player on a browser. Next, copy and paste the URL of the track to AudFree's search box.

Step 2Modify Tidal output configuration in AudFree
change tidal output format in audfree

Path to open the settings on PC: AudFree's menu icon > 'Preferences' > 'Convert'. Path to open the settings on Mac: Mac's menu list > 'Preferences' > 'Convert'. Then you can customize the output settings. Just reset the format, bit depth, sample rate and etc. You can also set the way how to order the downloaded files.

Step 3Download Tidal audios as local files
download tidal music from tidal web player

Now just click the 'Convert' button on AudFree's main interface. When the downloading is finished, you can hit the 'Converted' icon to check the list of downloads. Then hit one of the tracks. A magnifier icon will show on the next. Tap it to locate the local folder.

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