Best Way to Get Amazon Serato DJ Integration [Full Guide]

By Roger Kelly Updated on 2023-09-08 / Update for Amazon Music Tips

For music fans, it is a great thing if they can add some beats to their favorite music. When it comes to this, Serato DJ, covering Serato DJ Pro and Lite, will occur to most music lovers. Its creative elements including sampling capabilities, effects, four-deck mixing, etc. appeal to many DJs. However, Serato only works with limited music services, not including Amazon Music.

Now, many Amazon Music users forage help to mix their Amazon Music collections with Serato DJ Pro or Lite. If you are one of them, please never miss this post that will describe how to use Amazon Music with Serato DJ. Let's get started.

amazon music with serato dj

Part 1. Tool Required for Amazon Music Serato DJ Integration

First, there is a notice you need to get while mixing in Serato: All DRM-protected songs are not supported by Serato. As the statement aforementioned, there is no native integration between Serato DJ and Amazon Music. Amazon Music content is encrypted with DRM-protected FLAC audio files. Thus, you cannot use Amazon Music with Serato directly. To get rid of this problem, you need to convert Amazon Music into unprotected Serato-enabled formats with a third-party tool.

AudFree Amazon Music Converter, also called AudFree Amable, is a great solution for you. This powerful tool is available for both Windows and Mac OS. It serves to download and convert all content from Amazon Music to decrypted MP3, WAV, and more compatible formats for Serato DJ Pro and Lite. Its advanced decode technology contributes to preserving the 100% original streaming quality and full metadata info like ID3 tags after converting.

Serato DJ Support MP3, M4A, WAV, AAC(Mac only), FLAC, OGG, ALAC, AIFF
Amazon Music Stream at Protected FLAC
AudFree Amable Can Convert to MP3, M4A, WAV, AAC, FLAC, M4B

Beyond this, you are also empowered to reset the output settings for Amazon Music. You can set the output format, audio bit rate, channel, and more as you like. Then you can easily manage Amazon Music files with customized parameters and ID3 tags. Amid those features, you can keep Amazon Music conversions in your local drive permanently even though you cancel Amazon Music subscriptions.

AudFree Amazon Music Converter for Serato DJ

audfree amazon music converter
  • Export Amazon Music locally to various formats with lossless audio quality
  • Customize export parameters like the channel, bit rate, etc.
  • Work at 5X faster speed with batch conversion support
  • Use Amazon Music songs in Serato, Ballpark DJ, and more DJ apps for offline playback

Part 2. How to Download Amazon Music for Serato DJ Pro/Lite

After getting a further understanding of AudFree Amazon Music Converter, we come to the detailed steps to convert Amazon Music into Serato DJ-supported files. After that, you will master how to use Serato Digital DJ with Amazon Music with ease. Please install AudFree Amable Amazon Music Converter on your PC or Mac, which brings you a clean and clear user interface. It won't leak any of your privacy.

Step 2Adjust output Settings of Serato DJ Amazon Music Integration
customize amazon music parameters for serato dj
Tap on the upper-right 'three lines' icon and choose 'Preferences' > 'Advanced' from the pull-down menu. Then you can define output formats and opt to convert Amazon Music to MP3, WAV, and other Serato-supported files. Apart from that, it enables you to alter other audio parameters such as bit rate/depth, sample rate, audio channels, etc. to download Amazon Music with lossless quality for Serato DJ. Country and music output patches can also be modified if necessary. Besides, you can archive output music tracks by Artists or Albums.
Step 3Drag Amazon Music into AudFree Amable Converter
add amazon music to audfree
On the Amazon Music app or web player, select the playlist or album that you would like to mix in Serato DJ Pro or Lite. Drag the selected single track or playlist from Amazon Music and drop it into AudFree Amable. This converter will automatically load and analyze those files and display them on the interface. Or, you can copy and paste the URL links of Amazon Music songs and then tap on the '+' icon to add them.
Step 4Convert Amazon Music for Serato DJ
download amazon music for serato dj
Once added, hit the bottom-right 'Convert' button to lick off the conversion. This one of the best Amazon Music downloaders will work at 30X faster speed to export added Amazon Music songs to the format you set before. You can access the conversions by clicking the bottom 'Converted' tab with a little red spot.

Part 3. How to Import Amazon Music to Serato DJ

After converting the Amazon Music songs into Serato-supported files, the next step is to import that local audio to Serato DJ Pro or Lite. Please follow the steps given below.

Step 1. Click on the 'Files' button on the left of the search box to open the files panel on Serato.

Step 2. Now, find the folder where your downloaded Amazon Music songs are saved. Music is usually found in the 'Music' inside your user folder.

Step 3. Proceed to drag the folder or music files to import onto the 'All...' icon on the left area of Serato.

add amazon music to serato dj

Step 4. Once you upload Amazon Music to Serato DJ, you can drag tracks to the above Decks Section and add your favorite beats to mix your favorite tracks easily.

fix amazon music with serato dj

Note: Serato DJ Pro won't copy the music files into the application. It just refers to the music files located on your hard drive. If you move the music files to a different folder, Serato DJ Pro will display that music audio as missing files in your Serato Library.

Part 4. More Tips: How to Put Amazon Music Purchased Tracks into Serato

An alternative way to get Amazon Music's unprotected files is to buy Amazon Music songs from its digital music store. Because the Amazon Music purchase will be saved as common MP3 files. However, it is a large expense if you buy dozens of tracks for mixing. If you don't care about the expenditure, please read on to look into the purchase process.

Step 1. Navigate to Amazon Music Digital Store on a browse.

Step 2. Enter the title of the songs you want to buy in the top search box.

Step 3. Tap on the cover art of the track to open it.

Step 4. Click on the 'Purchase Options' button located on the right of the 'Shuffle' button and touch on 'MP3 Music'. Or click the three dots on the track and choose 'Buy MP3 song'.

amazon music purchase options

Step 5. You will be taken to the Review MP3 Purchase web page. Please tap the 'Buy MP3 Song/Album - Play Now' button to finalize the purchase.

review mp3 purchase on amazon music

Part 5. FAQs about Amazon Music and Serato DJ

Q1: What streaming service works with Serato except for Amazon Music?

A: Hitherto, Serato DJ software has integrated with TIDAL, Beatport Streaming, SoundCloud Go+, and Beatsource.

Q2: What DJ controller works with Amazon Music?

A: Some popular options include the Pioneer DJ DDJ-SB3, Hercules DJControl Inpulse 300, and Numark Mixtrack Pro 3 work with Amazon Music. It's important to note that not all DJ controllers are compatible with Amazon Music. So, please verify the DJ's specifications before purchase.

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Q3: Why won't my Serato play my music from Amazon?

A: Amazon Music tracks are streamed in encrypted FLAC format while Serato is not compatible with DRM-protected files. Only unprotected Amazon Music audio files can be used in Serato. Please make sure you get Amazon Music purchases or conversions before uploading them to this DJ software.

Part 6. Conclusion

All in all, with the help of AudFree Amazon Music Converter, you can easily stream Amazon Music on Serato DJ Pro or Lite. This one-stop Amazon Music MP3 downloader can convert both Amazon Unlimited Music and Prime Music to MP3 or other formats without damaging the actual quality. Using it, you can use Amazon Music not only with Serato DJ but also any other editing apps without any limit.

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