Best Way to Use Amazon Music with Serato DJ

For a music lover, it is a great thing if they can add some beats to their favourite music. To add some beats to your favourite music, Serato DJ is the best option available to you.

Serato DJ is one of the most popular DJ software globally used by professional DJs. It is the most widely used professional DJ software across the globe which delivers incredible performances and gives millions of tracks to use. There are so many creative elements as including sampling capabilities, effects, four-deck mixing, and much more provided by Serato DJ for users. There are different versions of Serato DJ, such as Serato DJ Pro, Serato DJ Lite available in the market.

If you are a music lover and would want to know how to use Amazon Music with Serato DJ, then this article is for you. Now let's see how.

amazon music with serato dj

Part 1. How to Use Amazon Music with Serato DJ - Tool Required

To use Amazon Music with Serato DJ, you need to convert Amazon Music into common music files such as MP3, WAV, AAC, FLAC, M4A, and M4B. Now you might wonder how to convert Amazon Music into common music files? How to play Amazon Music in Serato DJ?

For these questions, AudFree Amazon Music Converter is a great solution for you. This tool can work for both Windows and Mac OS. It can also convert Amazon Music to MP3, WAV, FLAC, M4A and more for using Serato DJ Amazon Music.

By the way, you are allowed to reset the output audio parameters for Amazon Music. You can set the output format, audio bit rate, channel, and more as you like. And you can define the folder to save the converted Amazon Music files on your computer. Then you can easily manage Amazon Music files and use them.

AudFree Amazon Music Converter for Serato DJ

audfree amazon music converter
  • Make Amazon Music work with Serato together for offline playback
  • Convert at 5X faster speed with batch conversion support
  • Customize export parameters like the channel, bit rate, etc.
  • Losslessly convert Amazon Music to your computer

Part 2. How to Convert Amazon Music to Serato DJ Compatible Files

Now let's take a look at the ways to convert Amazon Music into Serato DJ supported files. After that, you will get how to use Serato Digital DJ with Amazon Music with ease.

Step 1Open and register AudFree Amable Amazon Music Converter
launch and register audfree amazon music converter
Install AudFree Amable Amazon Music Converter on your PC, which brings to you a clean and clear user interface. And you can see the built-in Amazon Music Web Player in it. Now, log in into your Amazon free or premium account by clicking on Sign In. Then click on the 'three lines' icon at the top-right corner to choose Register once you bought the AudFree program. Then you need to fill in your licensed email or registration code to activate the full version.
Step 2Adjust output format and parameters of Amazon Music Serato DJ
customize amazon music parameters for serato dj
To set Amazon Music audio format for Serato DJ, hit on the upper right 'three lines' icon again and opt to the 'Preferences' > 'Advanced' section. Then you can start defining the output format as MP3, WAV, etc. and alter other audio parameters to download Amazon Music for Serato DJ.
Country and music output patch can also be modified if necessary. Besides, you can archive output music tracks by Artists or Albums.
Step 3Add Amazon Music to AudFree Amable Converter
add amazon music to audfree
Please find the playlist or album that you would like to get in the Amazon Music Web Player page in AudFree. Then tap the target playlist and you will notice the grey '+' button will turn to dynamic orange.
When you hit the '+' button, all the songs in the playlist will be added to AudFree Amable. To unadd a certain song, you can check the mark before it.
Note: AudFree Amable Music Converter doesn't allow to import a single song. You have to create a new playlist the songs you like, then add this playlist to AudFree to convert.
Step 4Convert Amazon Music for Serato DJ
download amazon music for serato dj
Press the 'Convert' button to enter the 'conversion' window, it will show the conversion process. The AudFree Amable program will download Amazon Music to computer for you.
Note: If you want to add more Amazon Music playlist to convert, you can also click the 'music library' tab to do that during the conversion process.

Part 3. How to Import Amazon Music to Serato DJ

Once you have converted the Amazon Music songs into Serato DJ supported files, the next step for using Amazon Music with Serato DJ is to import Amazon Music to Serato DJ. To play Amazon Music into Serato DJ, please follow the steps given below.

  • Click on the files button to open the files panel on your computer.
  • Now, locate your downloaded Amazon Music songs. Music is usually found in the 'Music' inside your user folder.
  • After locating Amazon Music files, drag the folder or music files to import onto the 'all' icon. This is located to the left of your screen at the top of the playlist window.
  • Once you upload Amazon Music to Serato DJ, you can add your favourite beats to your favourite tracks easily. After completing the above steps, you can play your favourite Amazon track with the beats of your own choice on Serato DJ. With Serato DJ, you can add different beats to your favourite Amazon tracks with ease.

add amazon music to serato dj

Note: Serato DJ Pro does not copy the music files into the application. It just refers to the music files where it lives on your hard drive now. If you move the music files to different location, Serato DJ Pro will display them as missing files in your Library.

Part 4. Conclusion

In the end, it can be concluded that with the help of AudFree Amable Music Converter, you can easily stream Amazon Music to Serato DJ. AudFree is such an amazing tool to put Amazon Music tracks into Serato DJ. Besides, AudFree serves as a one-stop Amazon Music MP3 downloader, which converts Unlimited Music and Prime Music to MP3 without damaging the actual quality. With the help of it, you can not only use Amazon Music with Serato DJ, but also any other editing apps without any limit.

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