How to Import Apple Music to Serato DJ [Ultimate Guide]

Q:"I have a question that troubled me for several days. I found that it is difficult to add Apple Music to Serato DJ. I have subscribed to Apple Music, however, only tracks that I purchased could be added to Serato. So is there any alternative solution except for buying all songs that I need to import them to the Serato DJ?"

Since streaming music from Apple Music is not supported by Serato DJ, to purchase the song becomes the only direct way to use Apple Music on Serato DJ. It is not small money for people who use Serato DJ to mix their favorite tracks, especially for those DJ users who regard Apple Music as the primary app for music streaming.

But don't worry. Many people have encountered the same problem, and so do I. Through constant study, I found a useful workaround to completely solve this problem, which may help you import Apple Music to Serato DJ without spending a large sum of money on separately purchasing songs.

import apple music to serato dj

Part 1. How to Use Apple Music on Serato DJ: Tool You Need

This method will teach you how to import songs from Apple Music to Serato DJ as a subscriber of Apple Music. Since the Serato DJ app doesn't support streaming music from Apple Music, we can try to turn streaming Apple songs to local music files for easy import. Therefore, it is inevitable to use a third-party tool to download tracks from Apple Music to the local music folder.

As you can see, the initial step is to download Apple music as local files. Here, AudFree Apple Music Converter is the best assistant for you, which is designed to download and convert Apple music into a local music library as multiple formats like MP3, FLAC, WAV, AAC, M4A, M4B, and many others.

Adopting the most powerful technology, this smart tool could actually keep the 100% original quality and 100% ID3 tags from Apple Music. Metadata like title, artist, album, etc. can be found in the converted files, which may save your time to manage the local digital music library.

AudFree Apple Music Converter

audfree apple music converter
  • Losslessly convert Apple songs to MP3, M4A, AAC etc.
  • Download Apple Music as local files for Serato DJ
  • Support download audiobooks from Apple Music and Audible
  • Worl at up to 30X faster speed, keeping complete ID3 tags

Moreover, this intelligent software owns a high capacity of loading tracks, which enables you to transfer the entire Apple library to AudFree at once. In addition, the converting speed could reach 30X faster speed in a good network connection, surprisingly save your time and energy.

Apart from the amazing features of converting Apple songs, audiobooks and from Apple Music and Audible also can be accommodated by AudFree Apple Music Converter. In a word, it is quite simple and convenient to play Apple Music on Serato DJ by using this powerful program.

Part 2. Add Apple Music Songs to Serato DJ Software: Step by Step

Now let's check the details of converting Apple Music for Serato DJ as below.

Step 1Copy and paste Apple tracks and playlists to AudFree
load apple music to audfree
Download and install AudFree Apple Music Downloader. Then the Apple Music app will open simultaneously and automatically. To add Apple streams to Serato, please pick out what you would like to download in the Apple Music app and download it to the Apple Music library. Next, just click to the Load iTunes Library icon in AudFree to stream songs from the Apple Music library.
Step 2Customize output format and other parameters for Serato DJ
change output settings for serato dj
The output settings should be changed before converting. Now go and find the AudFree Apple Music Converter tab on the system's menu bar when using a Mac computer. Or if you are using a Windows machine, please hit the menu icon from the main window of AudFree, then tap on the Preferences > Convert section. Later, a new setting window will show up for you to switch the output settings. If you want to keep the best music quality of Apple tracks, please choose bitrate as 320kbps and sample rate to 48000hz.
Step 3Covert and download Apple tracks for Serato DJ
convert apple music for serato dj
Now, simply hit to the obvious Convert button on the lower right corner in the main interface of AudFree. In a good network connection, the program will run at a 5X faster speed to transfer and download Apple songs as the output settings that you selected before. The conversion duration relies on the number of songs that you added to AudFree. When the conversion is done, a red spot with numbers will be shown on the Converted icon. Please follow it to direct to the target folder where all local Apple streams saved.
Step 4Import Apple tracks to Serato DJ
Now you can simply click here to see the detailed tutorials to add local Apple music files to your Serato's library.


With the help of AudFree Apple Music Converter, it is pretty simple to play Apple streams on Serato DJ with Apple Music Subscription, isn't it? Not only can you stream Apple Music, but you can also use Tidal streams on Serato for offline mode and add Spotify tracks to Serato DJ Software. Just start your wonderful music trip to mix tracks with AudFree.

Jul 14, 2021 3:50 PM

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