Top 4 Apple Music Ripper for Mac/Windows/Free/Online

In normal circumstances, your entertainment world is composed of compelling videos and movies. Perhaps you just listened to some nice background song in that movie and wondering where to download it from and listen to it a will. You would agree it is not a simple task and will require assistance from some best tools.

The good news is that Apple Music rippers can make your dream come into reality. Apple Music offers over 50 million songs for you to access. Just search for the track name of the movie in Apple Music then download it for listening any time. In this article, we cover the renowned top music rippers that will pull off Apple Music and put you in the right mood all the time.

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Part 1. Best Apple Music Ripper for Mac/Windows - AudFree Auditior

The top Apple Music song ripper on our list is the AudFree Apple Music Converter. This tool will convert Apple Music, audiobooks, iTunes songs, among other files to local formats like WAV, AAC, MP3, etc. More so, you can add more spice by customizing your audios to personalize the output audio quality. It lets you change the bit rate, speed audio channel, codec, volume, etc.

The speed is super fast, converting your audio files up to a 30X speed rate. It will also keep the ID3 tags of the output audios like genre, title, album, among others.

Key Features of AudFree Apple Music Converter

  • Customize your audios for high-quality production
  • It runs at a speed of 30X rate that supports batch conversion
  • It will keep the ID3 tags of the output audios
  • Converts your audios to common formats such as FLAC, WAV, MP3, etc.

How to Use AudFree Auditior to Rip Apple Music Losslessly

The app is hot and the process is lossless. AudFree Apple Music Converter encompasses powerful technological features that easily convert audio via these simple steps.

Step 1Launch and register AudFree Auditior
open the audfree apple music converter
The app supports both Mac and Windows OS. So, choose which version from its website and click on the "Download" tab to download and install it on your device. Then launch the app and go to the "Menu" bar. Next, click on the "Register" tab and input your license key to activate the full version for advanced features. For Mac Apple Music ripper users, you'll notice the app opening at the same time you are using macOS 10.15 just when you launch it.
Step 2Import Apple Music songs
add apple music to audfree
Once you launch AudFree Auditior, Apple Music will be loaded at the same time. Next, find audio files from your computer's hard drive then drag the tracks that you wish to convert into the AudFree Apple Music Converter for Mac conversion window. Alternatively, use the "Add" button to import the audio to the interface. The app supports batch conversion and you can add multiple files.
Step 3Customize output parameters of Apple Music
set apple music output formats
When you finish adding files into the AudFree Auditior, hit the "Format" button and choose the output format to convert your audios into. Likewise, you can define the audio properties like channel, bit rate, and sample rate. Also, the "Effects" feature lets you edit the ID3 tags, split large audiobooks and fix time intervals before you move to convert your audios.
Step 4Convert and rip Apple Music
download and rip apple music
Confirm your entries and then click on the "Convert" button to get your files to common output formats as you had set. Finally, peruse the converted songs or audiobooks from your computer's "History" folder for transfer. You'll attain Apple Music in a lossless format. You can then listen to the audio from any device or player.

Part 2. Apple Music Song Ripper - AudFree Audio Capture

The next app to get Apple Music ripper free is AudFree Audio Capture. This app will perfectly capture any music track playing on your Windows computer. It can capture tracks from any browser and music site in minutes. And once recording audio from different formats, you can easily save them to popular output formats like AAC, WAV, M4A, etc, and play them on any device and player.

This app supports real-time previews, ensuring you convert what's best for you. Also, easily customize the recorded audio quality like audio channel, sample rate, bit rate as you adjust the music quality. And if you wish to edit your piece before ripping, well you can merge, trim, split, and perform other edits for a perfect audio outcome.

Key Features of AudFree Audio Capture

  • Edit your files by merge, split, trim, etc.
  • Play your audio on any portable device and player
  • It can grab multiple audio tracks from various sources
  • ID3 tag editor feature lets you fix and edit artwork cover title, etc.

How to Use AudFree Audio Capture to Rip Apple Music

Follow this guide to use this Apple Music ripper Windows in simple steps.

Step 1Open AudFree Audio Capture
start the launch of audfree audio capture
First, launch AudFree Audio Capture and a list of downloaded programs will appear in the pop-up window. Choose Apple Music to begin the ripping process.
Step 2Customize output format
adjust output settings of apple music
Define the output format of your file by clicking on the "Format" button at the bottom-right corner of the AudFree Capture app. Then begin to customize the settings like codec, sample rate, and bit rate.
Step 3Play and capture audio tracks from Apple Music
capture apple music tracks
Go to the starting window and touch the target program. A new recording window will pop up. AudFree will pop up. Next, play the music that you wish to capture and the AudFree app will start the recording. It supports batch recording.
Step 4Save and edit your audio
save and edit recorded tracks of apple music
After recording, click the "Edit" icon to edit your track as desired. Here, you can cut the unwanted segments, split your audio, merge files, among other functions. Then save your recordings on your PC. You are now free to export the audio files and play them on any device offline.

Part 3. Free Apple Music Ripper - Audacity

Another best Apple Music ripper is Audacity. It is a free and open-source, cross-platform that you can use as an audio editor for Windows, Linux, macOS, etc. This app can record live audio through your microphone or mixer. The sound quality is also superb as it supports 16-bit, 24-bit, and 32-bit rates.


Key Features of Audacity

  • Real-time preview
  • Easily export your file recordings in many formats of file
  • Easily edit your audio by cut, delete, copy, paste, etc.
  • It can record live audio or digitize recordings from other media

How to Rip Audio with Audacity

Step 1. First, launch the Audacity program on your computer.

Step 2. Then click on the "File" tab at the top of the screen.

Step 3. In the drop-down menu, click the "Export" tab and choose the "Export as MP3". Remember you can export the audio in any format as well.

Step 4. Then check the dialog box in the "Format Option" section and choose your audio settings. It is recommended to choose "Constant" for the "Bit Rate Mode".

Step 5. Go to the "Edit Metadata Tags" window and fill in the information for audio customization. Then click the "OK" button to effect the changes. Easily access your audio in the edited format.

Part 4. Online Apple Music Ripper - Apowersoft Free Audio Recorder Online

Online audio recorders are also popular and convenient to use. All you need is some stable Internet connection and you are good to go. Use Apowersoft Online Audio Recorder to record sound from your computer. It is also compatible with the major browsers like Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc.

apowersoft online audio recorder

Key Features of Apowersoft Free Audio Recorder Online

  • It supports various output formats like OGG, AAC, WMA, etc.
  • Use it to save your chats and voice meetings
  • Add ID3 tags for organized recorded audio
  • Easily share audio to various platforms like Google Plus and YouTube

How to Use Apowersoft to Rip Apple Music

Step 1. You first need to install a launcher if it's your first time using the app. Then click on the "Start Recording" tab and select the audio source.

Step 2. Easily control your audio recording by using the "Start", "Pause", or "Stop" buttons.

Step 3. Finally, locate your recorded file in the "Output directory" by clicking the "Show in Folder" option.

Step 4. Freely listen to your audio as you wish.

Comparison: Best Apple Music Ripper 2021

AudFree Auditior AudFree Audio Capture Audacity Apowersoft
Supported Input • Apple Music
• iTunes M4P Music
• M4A / M4B Audiobooks
• AA / AAX Audiobooks
• Apple Music
• iTunes Audiobooks
• TV shows
• Music videos
Apple Music • Apple Music
• iTunes
• Music videos
Keep ID3 Tags Yes Yes No No
Conversion Speed X30 rate X5 X2 X2
Compatibility Mac, Windows Mac, Windows Mac, Windows, Linux Mac, Windows
Price • 1-month: $14.95
• Single license: $49.95/lifetime
• Family license: $69.95/lifetime
• Single license: $29.95/lifetime
• Family license: $39.95/lifetime
• Unlimited license: $69.95/lifetime
Free • 1-month: $39.95
• Annual: $59.95
• Single license: $99.95/lifetime

Whether you are looking for an Apple Music ripper Android, Mac, or Windows, these four options give you the perfect solution. You can freely listen to your loved song from a movie or video after ripping and saving it for offline playback.

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