How to Import Apple Music to Traktor for Mixing

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Q: "I am a loyal Apple Music user and would like to add my favorite Apple songs to the Traktor DJ app for mixing and getting a better music experience. But I find it may be hard to do. Is there any solution? Thanks!"

Nowadays, many music lovers, especially audiophiles prefer to mix and equalize their loved songs from top streaming services to get awesome sounds and effects on popular DJ apps like the sought-after Traktor DJ. The Traktor DJ, including Traktor DJ 2 and Traktor Pro 3, seems to rarely work with music services. But to satisfy your needs, today, we will focus on Traktor Apple Music integration and provide the best way to import Apple Music to Traktor. Please read on to find the answers you need.

use apple music on traktor 

Part 1. Does Traktor Work with Apple Music

Currently, there is no official integration between Apple Music and Traktor DJ. All tracks from Apple Music are encrypted in a copyright-protected format, even if you purchase and download Apple songs to local files. That means you can only listen to them on Apple-licensed devices. Therefore, there is no way to play Apple Music on Traktor DJ unless M4P Apple Music can be converted to an unprotected audio format supported by Traktor.

  Audio Formats
Apple Music Protected M4P (.aac)
Apple Purchases Protected AAC
Traktor DJ MP3, WAV, AIFF, Audio CD, FLAC, Ogg Vorbis, unprotected AAC

Part 2. How to Get Traktor Apple Music Work

Here, we'd like to highly recommend the popular AudFree Apple Music Converter to you. It empowers you to freely convert Apple Music songs to local files in MP3, WAV, AAC, and more Traktor-compatible formats. After that, it couldn't be easier to import Apple Music on the Traktor program for mixing at will.

Its innovative conversion technology is capable of removing the copyright limitations from Apple Music while preserving the lossless quality and original ID3 tags. This powerful gadget can convert those Apple Music songs to MP3, WAV, FLAC, and more Traktor-supported files. Plus, you are enabled to customize the output quality and edit ID3 tags (title, artist, cover, etc.) for Apple songs. Apart from Apple Music, it can also convert Audible, iTunes books, and many other general audio files. In short, its features are beyond those.

AudFree Apple Music Converter

audfree apple music converter
  • Convert Apple Music to MP3, WAV, AAC, etc. for Traktor DJ.
  • 30X faster speed to convert Apple Music with zero loss
  • Customize output format, output quality, and ID3 tags for Traktor DJ
  • Simple and clean interface with no technical requirements

How to Convert Apple Music to Traktor DJ-Compatible Files

Tap on the green Download button to install the AudFree Apple Music Converter on a Mac or PC. Please make sure your favorite songs are downloaded using your existing Apple Music account before adding them to the AudFree Auditior. Then it's time to learn how to use it to convert Apple Music to Traktor-compatible common formats.

Step 1Import Apple Music Downloads to AudFree Auditior
import apple music to audfree auditior
Double-click to launch AudFree Apple Music Converter and the iTunes application will be loaded automatically. On the AudFree program's main interface, select the first Add button named 'Load iTunes Library' in the lower left corner to bring up the iTunes Library window. Then, select all the required music tracks and click 'Add'. Alternatively, drag and drop those downloaded Apple songs to the converter directly.
Step 2Customize Apple Music Output Format/Quality for Traktor
set apple music output format and quality for traktor dj
Touch the 'Audio' icon located on the left of the large 'Convert' button. On the Format Setting panel, choose a Traktor-compatible output format such as MP3, AAC, etc. Next, go further to change Apple Music bitrate, codecs, channel, and sample rate, among others if needed. After that, confirm and save settings with the 'OK' button.
Step 3Export Apple Music Songs for Traktor DJ
export apple music for traktor dj
Hit the bottom-right 'Convert' button to start conversion. The Apple Music downloader will work at 30X to export the added Apple songs to local files in a Traktor-enabled format you set before and save them to your computer's local drive. Once done, directly touch the bottom File icon to locate and preview the converted music files. You can keep those files offline forever even though you cancel Apple Music subscriptions.

Part 3. How to Import Apple Music to Traktor Pro 3/DJ 2

Once your Apple Music songs are successfully saved to Traktor DJ-supported files with no playback restrictions, you can start to connect Traktor to Apple Music songs for mixing or equalizing. To do this, please refer to the detailed steps below.

Add Apple Music to Traktor Track Collection Directly

Step 1. Please open the Traktor DJ 2 or Pro 3 application on your computer.

Step 2. Go to the top-right 'Menu' bar and select 'File' > 'Preferences'.

file option in traktor menu bar

Step 3. Choose the 'File Management' option from the left sidebar. Then click the bottom 'Add' button under the 'Music Folders' section and navigate to the hard drive containing the converted folder or files on your computer.

import apple music folders to traktor

Step 4. Find the converted Apple Music folder and click on the Choose button to import it to the DJ app.

Step 5. Right-click on the 'Track Collection' from the left panel and select 'Import Music Folder' from the dropdown list to upload Apple Music tracks to Traktor DJ software.

put apple music in traktor dj for mixing

Step 6. Now you can easily mix Apple Music tunes with Traktor Pro 3 or DJ 2.

Add Apple Music to Traktor via iTunes

If you prefer to update the iTunes library and import songs from it to the Traktor Pro 3 or DJ 2, you can follow the how-to guide below to upload your converted Apple songs to the DJ software for better sound and effect.

Step 1. On the iTunes app, tap on the top-right 'File' tab and choose 'Add File to Library' from the pull-down menu to add the Apple Music conversions to the iTunes library.

add converted apple music songs to itunes

Step 2. On the home screen of iTunes, go to 'Edit' > 'Preferences' > 'Advanced'.

Step 3. Uncheck the 'Keep iTunes Media folder organized' option to make sure that iTunes won't alter the directory path to your music files.

Step 4. Then choose the 'Share iTunes Library XML with other applications' option to enable Traktor access to the iTunes library.

share itunes library xml with traktor dj

Step 5. Go back to Traktor and click on the iTunes node from the left sidebar. You will see the imported converted folder or playlist there.

Step 6. Right-click on the converted folder or playlist and choose 'Import to Collection' > 'as Tracks' or select 'Import to Playlists' directly.

import converted apple songs to playlist on traktor

Part 4. FAQs about Traktor Apple Music Integration

Q1: Which DJ Software Works with Apple Music?

A: At present, Mixonset has partnered with Apple Music to facilitate mixing your favorite music. But with the AudFree Apple Music Converter, it is a little case to add Apple Music songs to various popular DJ apps. Please view more details from the post: Best 10 DJ Apps for Apple Music.

Q2: What Streaming Services Work with Traktor?

A: Streaming services including Beatport, Beatsource Streaming, and SoundCloud Go+ allow Traktor to access their catalogs. If you hope to mix Amazon Music, Spotify, or Tidal tracks on Traktor DJ, you'd better draw support from a third-party tool.

Q3: Why Can't Traktor Find My iTunes Library?

A: iTunes provides the 'iTunes Music Library XML' file for third-party tools to access its library. Suppose iTunes XML file's location or its file path has been changed, Traktor will fail to find the iTunes library. To solve this problem, please don't forget to uncheck the 'Keep iTunes Media folder organized' option from iTunes Advanced Preferences.

Q4: How to Use Apple Music with Traktor Pro 3/DJ 2?

A: You'd better make use of third-party software like AudFree Apple Music Converter to convert Apple Music to be compatible with Traktor. After that, it is a simple task to play Apple Music with Traktor DJ.

Part 5. Summary

As long as you make good use of AudFree Apple Music Converter and follow the steps above, you will have the opportunity to use Apple Music with Traktor DJ and other DJ software like Rekordbox. If you are interested in DJing, take action and try mixing Apple Music tracks in Traktor Pro 3 or DJ 2 from now on.

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