How to Make Traktor Spotify Integration for Mixing

'Traktor Spotify' integration is the most desirable feature for Spotify and Traktor users. Most of them expect this feature to come soon. But, you will always receive a disappointing response from the Native Instruments Community. And for Traktor DJ 2 Spotify integration, you should ask Spotify and not the developers of the DJ software.

Over the course of time, there is still no positive official answer to connect Spotify to Traktor, no matter for Traktor DJ 2 or Traktor Pro 3. In fact, now Traktor DJ 2 supports the SoundCloud Go+ streaming service. But doing nothing, just waiting quietly for the arrival of Spotify is still not an option.

Better to take the initiative than to wait. Find a solution to convert Spotify music to Traktor compatible audio files. After that, it's able to use Spotify with Traktor DJ 2 and Traktor Pro 3. In this article, we will introduce how to implement this method to make Spotify Traktor integration.

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Part 1. Why Can't You Use Spotify in Traktor DJ 2/Pro 3 Directly

First Released in 2,000, Traktor was available for Traktor DJ and Traktor Studio. With the version upgrade, Traktor DJ Studio has been replaced by Traktor Pro 2 and Traktor Pro 3. Traktor Pro provides a full-featured and flexible suite for creative DJ performance. And Traktor DJ is an easy-to-use 2-deck DJ app for desktop and iPad. Traktor has the ability to deliver up to four virtual decks, mix favorite tracks, play music tracks, add music effects. All features make Traktor be your favorite DJ app.

The only drawback of this tool is Traktor DJ doesn't work with Spotify. Because up to now, there is still no Traktor Pro 3 Spotify integration. You might consider that Traktor supports adding local files for mixing and editing. How about adding Spotify music to Traktor DJ?

Spotify is well-known as the top-leading streaming music service. Thus, it has the common special feature of streaming files. Spotify downloads are cache files, not local files. You even couldn't locate them on your devices. Not to mention adding and using Spotify music in Traktor DJ. Besides, Spotify music tracks are not playable on Traktor DJ software due to compatibility issues. Please check the Traktor supported audio formats out below:

Traktor Supported Audio Formats WAV, AIFF, Audio CD, FLAC, Ogg Vorbis, AAC

Obviously, Spotify tracks encoded in special Ogg Vorbis format are not included in the list of Traktor-supported formats. In this case, it's necessary to convert Spotify music to MP3 or local common audio files that can be recognized by Traktor.

Part 2. How to Download Spotify to Traktor DJ Supported Files

Spotify offers thousands of streaming music and playlists for DJing with Traktor. To use Traktor with Spotify together, here, you can meet AudFree Spotify Music Downloader. It's an excellent Spotify music and playlist downloading tool. It's able to download and convert Spotify to MP3, FLAC, WAV, AAC, M4A, and M4B with zero quality loss. No need to upgrade to Spotify's premium subscription, you can get offline Spotify music and integrate Spotify into Traktor.

AudFree Spotify Music Downloader

audfree spotify music downloader
  • Download Spotify music, playlists offline for Traktor for free
  • Convert Spotify to Traktor-supported formats, like MP3
  • Use Spotify music with Traktor DJ 2, Traktor Pro 3, Traktor Studio, etc.
  • All ID3 tags can be kept well while working at 5X faster speed

How to Download Spotify Music to Make Traktor Spotify Integration

Please download the AudFree Spotify Music Downloader on the device where Traktor is installed. Besides, this software needs to work well with the Spotify app. As a result, please install the Spotify app on your computer as well. When the preparations are completed, please refer to the following tutorial. You can download music from Spotify to computer offline for using in the Traktor DJ app.

Step 1Add Spotify music to AudFree Spodable to download for Traktor
add spotify music for traktor
It provides two methods to add Spotify playlists for downloading and using in Traktor DJ software. You can directly drag and drop Spotify music from the Spotify app to the main interface of AudFree Software. Or, you can click the 'Share' > 'Copy Spotify Link' to copy the Spotify URL of songs. And then, you can paste it to the search box of AudFree Spotify Music Converter to upload them.
Step 2Set Spotify output format for Traktor DJ 2/Pro 3
set spotify output format for traktor
Traktor supports the following audio formats, including MP3, WAV, FLAC, AAC, Ogg Vorbis, Audio CD, and AIFF. So here, we can launch the setting window to adjust the output format as Traktor compatible one. To open the setting window, please navigate to 'AudFree Spotify Music Downloader for Mac' from Apple's top menu on Mac. For PC users, please click the AudFree's menu bar on PC to click the 'Preferences' > 'Convert' option. In the same interface, you can also customize other audio parameters of Spotify files, like bit rate, the sample rate.
Step 3Convert Spotify music to Traktor supported Tracks
download spotify music for traktor dj
The last step you need to do is to tap the 'Convert' tab at the bottom-right corner of the main interface. it will work at 5X faster conversion speed to download Spotify playlists as Traktor-supported audio files. Just wait for a while, and you can locate all Spotify downloads by touching the 'history' > 'search' icon. After that, you can refer to the below steps to sync Spotify music to Traktor DJ apps offline.

Part 3. How to Use Spotify with Traktor DJ 2 / Traktor Pro 3

To link Spotify to Traktor, you can straightway import converted Spotify songs to Traktor Por 3 and Traktor DJ software. Here is a simple tutorial on how to upload Spotify music to Traktor DJ 2 and Traktor Pro 3 for editing.

use spotify with traktor

Step 1. Launch Traktor DJ 2 or Pro 3 on your computer. Touch the 'Setting' > 'File Management' option, it will pop up a new window.

Step 2. In the new opening window, please check the mark before the 'Import Music - Folders at Startup' section. Please choose 'Music Folders' > 'Add' button.

Step 3. Now, you can start to find the music folder including converted Spotify music files. Click the 'Track Connection' > 'Import Music Folders' section to choose it to connect Tracktor to Spotify.

Step 4. It just takes a few minutes to transfer Spotify songs to Traktor DJ. Once this process finished, it couldn't be easier to use Spotify in Traktor DJ for mixing.

Part 4. FAQs about Traktor and Spotify

Q1: Can You Use Spotify in Traktor?

A: Yes! After you used AudFree Spotify Music Converter to download and convert Spotify music to Traktor-compatible audio tracks, like MP3, WAV, FLAC, AAC, and more, it's free to use Spotify in Traktor for mixing.

Q2: Is It Legal to DJ with Spotify in Traktor?

A: You won't violate the law while DJ Spotify music in Traktor. But it's important to note that this behavior violates Spotify's Terms of Service. Therefore, please don't share mixed Spotify music projects with others produced by Traktor DJ.

Q3: Does Traktor Work with SoundCloud?

A: Yes! As we mentioned above, one of the streaming services that work with Traktor is SoundCloud. Only if you are a SoundCloud Go+ subscriber, you are given the option to use Traktor with SoundCloud extensive catalogs.

Part 5. Bottom Line

That's all to use Spotify with Traktor DJ 2 and Traktor Pro 3 without using Traktor Spotify plugin. The official Spotify Traktor integration couldn't expect soon. So you can refer to the solution mentioned in this article to achieve your DJ dream with Spotify and Traktor.

Since this AudFree Spotify music downloader can help you convert Spotify to MP3 and others, you can also Dj with Spotify in other DJ software. If you have met some trouble in doing this, please leave your issue in the comment area. We will fix your issue as soon as possible. Now, please start your trip to edit and mix Spotify music in Traktor DJ apps.

Dec 10, 2021 6:00 PM

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