How to Convert Audible AAXC to MP3

Q: I was able to download Audible AAX to MP3 for playing Audible audiobooks on my favorite MP3 players. But now, it seems that audiobooks downloaded from the Audible app for mobile are encoded in AAXC files. What's happened? Did I miss any major news about Audible audiobooks? Now, I'm looking for a way to convert AAXC to MP3.

It's obvious that you are not alone as there are many people meeting the same situation. By updating to the latest Android and iOS Audible apps, downloaded Audible books are saved in AAXC format. Please don't worry. This is Audible's innovation to their audiobooks.

In this article, we will illustrate what Audible AAXC is, and discuss why Audible adopts its format. Of course, we will share a workaround on how to convert AAXC files to MP3 with ease.

aaxc to mp3

Part 1. AAXC - What Is It

What is Audible AAXC? It is a new data file format of the audiobook from the Audible app, applied to Android and iOS since June 20, 2019. Audible AACX is the enhanced format of AAX or AA, which is still protected by DRM technology.

Now, all audiobook files from the mobile Audible app are transferred to AAXC. It has completely replaced the AA/AAX format for downloads. All .aaxc files are compatible with devices that support the Audible app only.


Part 2. Why Audible Uses AAXC Format for Audiobooks on Mobile

It is beneficial for Audible to protect audiobooks in this new DRM format. It offers extra address protection. It is getting harder to download AAXC audiobooks to MP3 and other files.

Put it another way, it will be a difficult task to download and transfer Audible AAXC files to more devices. Not to mention devices that do not support the Audible app. The only lucky thing is that the new AAXC format will not influence the way you listen to Audible books online.

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Part 3. How to Convert AAXC to AAX

Can you still download AAX audio files instead of AAXC audiobooks to get a better playback? If not, how to convert AAXC to AAX? If you have tried to rename the extension from .aaxc to .aax, then you must know that it will not work.

Thankfully, the downloaded audiobooks from the Audible desktop app are still saved in AA/AAX format. Thus, you can direct download Audible audiobooks of the same titles as AAX through the desktop app instead of using the mobile app.

convert aaxc to aax

Part 4. How to Convert Audible AAXC to MP3

Speaking of converting AAXC to MP3, it's not an easy task. AAXC is the newest Audible audiobook format on Android and iOS devices. Currently, almost all audiobook converters in the market are not compatible with AAXC.

To convert AAXC to MP3, the best way is to convert AAX to MP3 instead of AAXC files. You can download the AA/AAX Audible books with the same titles from the Audible website on a computer. And then, it's able to use any Audible to MP3 converter to do format conversion. After that, you can transfer the downloaded MP3 audiobooks to your phone.

AudFree Audible Converter is the first choice as an Audible AAX converter without a doubt. It is well-designed to unlock protection from Audible AA/AAX. At the same time, it can convert audiobooks to MP3, FLAC, WAV, AAC, M4A, M4B, etc. with 100% high quality and complete ID3 tags.

Adopting the latest technology, it can run at a 30X faster speed during the conversion. There are various built-in features for you to edit your downloaded audiobooks. For instance, you can manually adjust audio's volume, speed, and pitch. You can automatically split large Audible audiobooks by chapters.

AudFree Audible Converter

audfree audible converter
  • Losslessly convert Audible to MP3, FLAC, WAV, AAC, M4A, M4B, etc.
  • Release protection from Audible, iTunes audiobooks, Apple Music, etc.
  • Split Audible audiobooks into several small segments in 3 ways
  • Listen to Audible AA/AAX audiobooks on any device and player

How to Convert AAXC to MP3 - Detailed Guide

It is available to download this powerful tool for a free trial. One-third of each audiobook can be converted via this smart Audible AAXC to MP3 converter. Now let's follow the tutorial to see if it satisfies your needs.

Step 1Load Audible audiobooks and add them to iTunes library
add audible audiobooks to itunes
Download and install AudFree Audible Converter on your computer desktop. Turn on the iTunes library and input Audible books to the "My Audiobooks" section. Then please move your mouse to click "File" > "Library" > "Import Playlist". Please remember to authorize your Audible account on iTunes.
Step 2Stream Audible audiobooks
add audible audiobooks to convert
Open this .aaxc to MP3 converter and iTunes will be reopened automatically. Then you have two ways to import Audible audiobooks for conversion. The first one to drag and drop audio files from iTunes to this tool. The next one is to hit the first 'Add' icon in the lower-left corner of the main interface to add the Audible files.
Step 3Redefine Audible output format as MP3
set audible output format as mp3
You are allowed to set the output format relying on your requests. Please click on the "audio" icon on the left of the big "Convert" bar. Then, a new settings window will show up. Here, you can customize the output audiobook format as MP3, AAC, M4A, WAC, or others displayed on the screen. Furthermore, the audio quality can be reset by changing the codec, channel, sample rate, or bit rate.
Step 4Convert Audible AAXC to MP3
convert aaxc to mp3
Once all steps above are done, simply press on the huge 'Convert' button at the lower-right corner. The program will start to save AAXC in MP3. The conversion won't last for long. It runs at a 30X faster speed on an ideal occasion. When the conversion is over, please don't forget to locate the target folder. You just need to go back to the main page and click the "history" icon next to "Convert".

Part 5. In Conclusion

Now you successfully download and convert AAXC to MP3 for better playback. You can convert MP3 files to mobile devices or other portable players without downloading AAXC audiobooks. Although it is achieved using indirect methods, it does work.

What's more, there are many other tools to convert AAXC to MP3 online for free via the same method as above. OpenAudible is one of the open-source tools to convert AAXC files to MP3.

Can I confirm if you have found some powerful AAXC to MP3 converters to directly convert AAXC to MP3? If so, please share with us in this comment area to enrich the content of the article.

Jul 14, 2021 8:10 PM

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