Top 6 Best Audible Compatible MP3 Players

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Do you love listening to books? Well, the emergence of audiobooks just got you covered. Initially, audiobooks were available on CDs only in the initial invention years. However, the rapid technological advances have seen audiobooks converted to smaller formats that are easily manageable. You can then store numerous audiobooks on a single device like your smartphones, notebooks, MP3 players, or other devices.

We know that Audible audiobooks is famous and most people enjoy audiobooks there. But is there any Audible compatible MP3 players? If yes, which one is better? In fact, several features determine which MP3 player suits your needs. This article gives you the best choices of MP3 players for Audible audiobooks in the market. Besides that, you will learn how to download and play Audible audiobooks on your MP3 player offline.

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audible compatible mp3 player

Part 1. What Is Audible

Audible is a renowned Amazon company that sells narrated audio content. It offers an array of content ranging from TV programs, audiobooks, podcasts, among others. Audible was first founded in 1995, with an internal storage memory of 4MB. This could only store about 2 hours of audio content. Amazon company continued to upgrade it and in 2003, they became the top provider of audiobooks to iTunes. It is currently the best place for online audiobooks. Besides, with an Audible subscription, you can download Audible audiobooks for offline listening within its app.

Part 2. How to Choose an Audible Compatible MP3 Player

Before learning which is the best MP3 player for Audible books, let's view what determines that. There are certain factors that you should pay attention to choosing Audible MP3 players.

1. Storage Space

The storage capacity is paramount when settling on an MP3 player. Remember your Audible will keep on growing and wide storage space will allow you to store and access more content. Besides, some audiobooks will last for several hours which take a big storage space of a device.

2. Playback Quality

The audio playback quality matters as the main aim is to get quality output. You wouldn't want to get an MP3 player that doesn't give you an enjoyable audio feeling.

3. Compatible Formats

Some output formats are not highly compatible with certain MP3 players. Pick up a player that will support many file formats to avoid limitations.

4. Battery Life

Being that MP3 players are portable, you need one that can take you for many hours without worrying about the recharge.

5. Bookmarking Feature

It would be better if an MP3 player has the bookmarking feature. It allows you to pause and resume the books you listened to last time.

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Part 3. Best MP3 Player for Audible Audiobooks - Top 6

After learning from the part above, let's check out the best MP3 players with Audible app below.

1. Apple iPod Touch

Apple iPod Touch is the first Audible MP3 player on our list. It is flashy and comes with both front and back cameras. This player is available in 256 GB, 128 GB, and 32 GB storage capacity versions. The battery life is good enough, lasting up to 40 hours. More so, it supports Bluetooth 4.1 and WiFi connection. When it comes to sound quality, you do not doubt with Apple iPod Touch. It offers you Hi-Res sound quality for better listening.

apple ipod touch mp3 player for audible books

Pros ✔ Large storage space
✔ Support WiFi and Bluetooth
Cons ❌ Not support SD card
❌ No Touch ID

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2. Supereye M3 MP3 Player

If your take is a smaller device, then Supereye is the MP3 player to look out for. It weighs only 1.7 oz, with a storage capacity of 16GB. You can also increase the storage space with an SD card of a maximum of 64GB. What makes this player stand out is the built-in FM radio which lets you record audio. Additionally, it supports various output formats like OGG, WAV, APE, among others.

supereye m3 mp3 player

Pros ✔ Support SD card
✔ Built-in FM radio
✔ Support lots of output formats
✔ Light weigh
Cons ❌ Small storage space

3. Apple iPod Nano

This Audible MP3 player offers a storage space of up to 16GB and a lasting battery life of 30 hours. It is perfect for accompanying you for fitness activities as it comes with a built-in pedometer for health monitoring. It also comprises the FM radio feature for audio recording.

apple ipod nano

Pros ✔ Has FM radio feature
✔ Support health monitoring
✔ Support USB and Bluetooth
✔ Support MP3 and MP4 formats
Cons ❌ Less storage space
❌ Not support WiFi

4. Soulcker D16 16GB MP3 Player

Its Bluetooth 4.0 technology ensures you get consistent transmission as it connects wireless headphones and speakers effortlessly. Soulcker D16 also has superb speed and good sound quality, making it a perfect option to listen to audiobooks.

soulcker d16 mp3 player

Pros ✔ Ouput good sound quality
✔ Support Bluetooth
Cons ❌ Less storage capacity

5. Akamate FX100 MP3 Player

Apart from being user-friendly, Akamate also has a large screen of 2.4 inches and sensitive touch buttons for prompt navigation. It also puts security measures in place with its one-button lock that prohibits accidental pressing of screen buttons. Additionally, easily build your preferred playlists with this player and add your audiobooks to the built-in default playlists.

akamate fx100 mp3 player

Pros ✔ Large screen
✔ Support Bluetooth
Cons ❌ Not support Audiobooks and iTunes directly

6. SanDisk Clip Jam MP3 Player

Though not much talked of, SanDisk Clip Jam finds its way among the best MP3 player for Audible books. Weighing only 22 grams, Clip Jam is easily portable, featuring a firm clip to fasten securely. The OLED screen display is visible from any angle. Even though it lacks the "Bookmarking" feature, you can still pause your last bit of audiobook and the player will remember it when you bounce back.

sandisk clip jam mp3 player

Pros ✔ Light weigh
✔ Support SD card
Cons ❌ No bookmarking feature
❌ Less storage space
❌ Not support protected AAC iTunes formats
❌ Not support Bluetooth

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Part 4. How to Play Audible Books on Any MP3 Player

Apart from these Audible compatible MP3 players, you can also stream your music on other non-compatible MP3 players. So, worry less if your MP3 player isn't among the aforementioned. You can use the best audio converter - AudFree Audible Converter - to convert your Audible books to common audio tracks. It supports FLAC, WAV, AAC, and other output formats to support playing on all MP3 players and devices.

With this tool, you can get 100% lossless audio quality as the app retains the ID3 tags of output audio like artist, genre, and title. You can also personalize your output audio quality like sample rate, codec, speed, volume, among others. The AudFree app also helps you to manage large files by splitting them via the built-in splitter feature. The speed is top-notch, enabling up to 30X faster speed to convert your Audible and iTunes books.

AudFree Audible Converter for MP3 Players

audfree audible converter
  • Batch conversion for quicker output
  • Keep and edit ID3 tags of output audio
  • Convert audio at 30X faster speed
  • Keep lossless quality while converting audiobooks

A Step-by-step Guide to Using AudFree Auditior to Convert Audible Books to MP3

AudFree Auditior is a smart tool to help you download and play Audible books on MP3 player. It is compatible with both Windows and Mac operating system devices. Follow these steps.

Step 1Launch and register AudFree Auditior
open and sign in audfree auditior
Download the PC or Mac version of AudFree Audio Converter on your device via the 'Download' button above. Then install and launch the software. Next, buy and register the app by clicking the "Menu" bar > "Register" > "Buy it". Then proceed the payment and input your license key to get a full version. Or, you can directly click on the 'Buy Now' button below to get its full version.
Step 2Import audiobooks to AudFree
add audiobooks from audible to audfree
Once AudFree Auditior loads, begin to import the audiobooks that you wish to convert. You can use the "Add" button to import your audio. But before that, you need to download audiobooks from Audible and add them to iTunes Library in advance.
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Step 3Customize audio output format as MP3
adjust audio output formats as mp3 for audible mp3 player
With your files added into AudFree Auditior, you can begin to customize the output format and parameters. Click on the "Format" button and select MP3 as the output format to convert Audible to MP3 format. Next, define the audio properties like channel, sample rate, codec, etc. Next, click the "Effects" icon and be redirected to the window where to edit the ID3 tags. Also, set to split the larger audiobooks at this step.
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Step 4Convert your Audible audiobooks for all MP3 players
convert audible audiobooks to mp3 for all mp3 players
Just hit the "Convert" button and AudFree Auditior will start to convert your Audible books to MP3 files. Finally, get the converted audiobooks from the "History" folder. You can now freely play Audible books on any MP3 player of choice.

Part 5. Conlcusion

MP3 players offer the best opportunity for users to listen to audiobooks while on the go. The best MP3 players for Audible books are finally here. You can stream your Audible books on them if you have the compatible device. Or, you can convert your audio books to play on any other MP3 player via AudFree Audio Converter. It can output lossless audio quality and work at a fast speed. With it, you can enjoy Audible books anywhere and anytime. Also, it supports to convert Apple Music songs, iTunes music and plain audio files.

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