How to Download Audible Books to PC? Solved!

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Do you love stories but don't have the time to read books? Well, audiobooks can give you a new way to listen to books without viewing them. Audible is audiobook support from Amazon which you may download or stream its audiobooks using your Audible membership.

You may wonder how to buy or download Audible books to a PC or other devices. Several ways are available for the purchase and download of Audible books. It could be from the Audible website, via Audible Download Manager, and by downloading playback playlists via an Audio Converter. Dive into the next section for detailed audible books to pc

Method 1. How to Download Audible Books to PC from Audible Store is the official website of Audible, which makes it easy and fast to purchase and download your favorite titles online directly without installing any extra app. Please purchase Audible books you want to download beforehand. Otherwise, you will fail to download audiobooks without buying them. Now, we will walk you through the detailed steps to make it:

Step 1. Visit the Audible Website

First, open a browser on your PC and navigate to Next, log into your Amazon account.

Step 2. Select Audible Books Download Audio Quality

On the Audible website, click on the "Library" option from the top navigation and then choose the "Titles" section. You will find all the Audible audiobooks you had purchased earlier in your library. Look at the right "Audio Quality" tab and set "Enhanced" (the AAX format) as the download audio quality.

change audible books download audio quality

Step 3. Download Audible Books

Once set, select the audiobooks you'd like to hear and then click on the "Download" tab to download audiobooks from Audible.

audible pc download on audible store

Step 4. Save the Audible File

Wait for the download to finish, then you will get a .aax encoded file. Choose the "AAX" downloaded file. Then select a folder where you want to save the Audible file.

Method 2. How to Download Audible Files to PC via Audible Download Manager [Windows 7/8/10]

Audible Download Manager, a desktop app developed by Audible, which can be used to download and manage purchased audiobooks from the Audible library. It uses the ADH file (a file format used by Audible) to manage and organize downloaded audiobooks on your computer. The ADH file stands for "Audible Download Helper" and contains metadata information about the downloaded audiobook, such as title, author, and cover art.

But please note that this app is only available on Win versions 7, 8, and 10. If you are using those Windows versions, it is feasible to download Audible audiobooks to PCs via Audible Download Manager.

Step 1. Install Audible Download Manager on Windows 7/8/10

Download and install the Audible Download Manager on your Windows computer from the Microsoft Store. This app will save your Audiobook as a file with the ".aax" extension (also called Enhanced Format). You can customize the General Settings for the app as the below picture displayed.

customize general settings for audible download manager

Step 2. Download Audible Books from the Audible Library

Go to and click on the top "Library" tab to find your purchased titles. Then click on the "Download" tab next to the title you want. Then you will get a .adh file.

Step 3. Download ADH File to AA/AAX Books Using Audible Download Manager

Double-click on the .adh file. Then the Audible Download amanager will download it to the AA/AAX book. Once the status changes from "Downloading..." to "Completed", click on the "Find" option next to the title or hit the bottom "Downloads folder" button to open the Audible books on your PC.

download audible books to pc by audible download manager

Method 3. How to Download from Audible to PC via Audible App for Windows 10/8

Since July 31, 2022, the Audible app for Windows 10 has been phrased out, which means you cannot install the Audible app for PC on Windows 10 or later anymore. But if you have installed the Audible Windows app before its removal or you are using Windows 8, you can listen to and download audiobooks from the Audible app still. Check out how to download Audible books to PC via the Audible Windows App. This option works for Windows 8 and 10.

Step 1. On Windows 8, you can download and install the Audible Windows app from the Microsoft Store.

Step 2. Open the Audible app on Windows 10 or 8 and sign in with your Amazon account credentials.

Step 3. Click on the "Library" icon. The Library screen will appear, displaying all audiobooks you bought before.

Step 4. Check for the "three dots" icon next to the title of the Audible book you wish to download.

Step 5. Next, pick the "Download" tab from the dropdown list to kick off the downloading process.

download audible to pc by windows app

Step 6. The Audible files will finally be downloaded to your PC. Locate the downloaded Audible books from the appropriate link.

Method 4. How to Download Audible Audiobooks to PC via AudibleSync

Although the Audible app for Windows is no longer available, you can use its alternative tool called AudibleSync. It is an audiobook app for Windows 11 and 10 users to download your audiobooks quickly and easily, which also enables you to sync and transfer your files to supported MP3 players for audiobooks.

Now, follow the below how-to guide to download your titles using the AudibleSync app:

Step 1. Search 'AudibleSync' on a browser on your PC and install it.

Step 2. Select '' as the marketplace.

Step 3. Once installed, fire up the AudibleSync app on your Windows 11 or 10, after which you can sign in with your Amazon account. Then you will be taken to your Audible library.

Step 4. Search for the audiobook you hope to download to your PC from the top-right search box.

Step 5. Proceed to click on the 'Download' button next to the title. If the button disappears, it means you have downloaded the title successfully.

download audiobooks to pc from audible windows app

Method 5. How to Download Audible Books on PC to MP3 via Audible Converter

The downside of those above methods is that the downloaded Audible books are copyright-protected by special AA/AXX format. In other words, those files can be playable only inside Audible on select devices. To listen to Audible books on more devices or players, the best solution is to convert your Audible books to the common audio format using an expert audiobook converter.

We'd like to recommend AudFree Audio Books Converter, a professional tool that can download and convert Audible AA/AAX files to local files in unprotected formats such as MP3, WAV, and M4A, among other formats. AudFree Auditior app adopts the top-notched decode technology, making it a reality to keep all the lossless quality and ID3 tags for your Audible audiobooks.

To your surprise, this app is a gem when it comes to customizing audio parameters like bit rate, codec, speed, audio channel, etc. More so, it empowers you to split audiobooks into small segments by chapters. With it, you can listen to Audible offline on all devices.

Key Features of AudFree Audible Converter

audfree audible converter
  • Batch convert Audible AA/AAX files to M4A, MP3, M4B, AAC, etc. at a speed of 30X
  • Split large Audible audiobooks into smaller portions by chapters
  • Customize output settings like sample rate, volume, and speed
  • Keep 100% lossless quality for AA and AAX during conversion

How to Download Audible Book to PC via AudFree Auditior

You can download AudFree Auditior by clicking on the above download button. It provides both free and full versions. You can use it to convert Audible audiobooks to MP3 and other formats. Before that, please add those purchased Audible audiobooks to the iTunes library first.

Step 1Launch and Register AudFree Auditior
launch and register audfree audio converter
Launch the converter on your computer and register the app. Click on the "Menu" icon and then the "Register" option from the pull-down list. Next, input your license key and the registration code to make the app a full version.
Step 2Import AA/AAX audiobooks
add audible books to audfree
Make sure you have added the audiobooks to iTunes. Then drag and drop the files you tend to convert from the iTunes library into AudFree software's interface. Alternatively, tap on the first Add button (namely "Load iTunes Library") at the lower-left corner to import audiobooks from iTunes to the converter. This app supports batch conversion, hence you can add multiple files to convert at once.
Step 3Customize Output Format for Audible PC Download
choose the parameters for audible books on pc
Proceed to click the bottom-right Audio icon. From the Format Setting pane, choose an output format for the added audiobook and personalize other parameters, including the sample rate, bit rate, codec, etc. Or choose the bottom "Keep lossless quality(AA, AAX)" option directly. Then the AA file will be exported to MP3 while AAX will be converted to M4A automatically. By hovering over an item and tapping on the 'Edit' icon, you can edit the ID3 tags and split your audiobooks into chapters.
Step 4Convert and Download Audible to PC
download audible books to pc
Click the "Convert" button and AudFree Auditior will start the conversion work automatically. Then locate the converted audiobooks from the bottom File icon. Transfer those Audible books to MP3 players or any other devices or media players for offline playback without restrictions.

More FAQs about Audible PC Download

Q1: Audible Book Won't Download to PC. How to Fix It?

A: This download error may result from the outdated system of your computer, the Audible Windows app, etc. To troubleshoot this problem, please take a tab at the following fixes:

Purchase Audiobooks from Audible in Advance: Make sure you have bought the book from Audible before you download it.

Update PC's System or Audible App to the Latest Version: If you have an Audible App for Windows 10/8, please try updating the Audible app first. If not, update your Windows PC to the latest system.

Check Internet Connection: Make sure your WiFi or Cellular is not out of work.

Clear Cache and Cookies: Clear your browser's cache and cookies and try downloading the book again.

Use AudFree Audible Books Converter: If none of the above fixes works, you can give AudFree Audible Books Converter a shot.

Q2: What Is Audible Format 4 vs Enhanced Audio Format?

A: Enhanced Audio Format (.aax) is strictly exclusive to Audible. These formats are minimally compressed, making their audio quality the best for listening. Nonetheless, their audiobooks are quite large and need more time to download.

Audible Format 4 (.aa) is more compressed and takes up much smaller space. This format is the best option to download the audiobook to play on your MP3 player. But since June 2020, Format 4 has been phrased out by Audible.

Q3: Is There an Audible App for Windows 10/11?

A: Audible has removed its app from Windows PCs since 2022. That means you cannot install the Audible app for Windows 10 or 11 anymore. But if you had installed an Audible app on your Windows 10 before removing it, you can still use the app.

Q4: How to Find Audible Download Location on Windows 10?

A: Open the File Explorer on your PC and then navigate according to this archive path:



You are now well-equipped on how to download Audible audiobooks to PC. The best part is that you can customize your Audiobooks to your preferences using the sought-after AudFree Audible Book Converter. This intelligent gadget is an easy-to-use tool that works in several steps to convert your audiobooks into common formats like MP3. It also lets you split your audiobooks into smaller manageable portions among other functionalities. Now, just try the above methods to start listening to your Audible books offline.

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