How to Download Audible Podcasts to Any Devices

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Audible is well-known for its extensive collection of audiobooks, and it also offers over ten thousand podcasts for podcast lovers, including original content. If you prefer getting more information through high-quality audio podcasts, Audible is a great option.

But how to listen to Audible podcasts? Continue reading to find the answers in this blog. Additionally, you can learn how to download podcasts on Audible for devices like Android, iOS, Mac, PC, and even MP3 players.

Let's dive right in!

how to download audible podcasts

Part 1. Does Audible Have Podcasts

Are there podcasts on Audible? Of course! In fact, over 100,000 podcasts from various categories are available on Audible. To enhance its podcast service, Audible has launched the Audible Podcast Development Program to encourage people to submit their unique podcast.

Are Podcasts Free on Audible

Audible members have unlimited access to podcasts, and non-members can access hundreds of free podcast resources. Click here to filter top free titles or top Plus titles easily. You can also filter by Free or Plus in different podcast genres following the steps below:

Step 1. Visit the Audible website and log into your Audible account.

Step 2. Navigate "Browse" on the Menu bar.

Step 3. Click "Podcasts" and scroll down; you will see various podcast genres.

Step 4. Select your preferred genres and click "View all" at the right, and then you can filter by Free or Plus titles.

filter audible top comedy podcast by free titles

How to Buy Podcasts on Audible

You can purchase individual audiobooks on Audible, but Audible podcasts are not available for separate purchase. If you are a free user and want access to more podcast content, you can join Audible Plus to unlock all podcast resources with $7.95/month.

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Part 2. How to Listen to Audible Podcasts

Now that you have a better understanding of Audible podcasts, you can follow our detailed steps below to enjoy Audible podcasts.

Listen to Audible Podcasts on [Mac/PC]

Step 1. Open your browser and enter to

Step 2. Sign into or log into your Audible account.

Step 3. Click the "Browse" menu and select "Podcasts".

Step 4. Find a genre you are interested in, and click "View all" to select one episode.

Step 5. Click the "Play" button on the right, and the Audible Cloud Player window will open. You can freely adjust the window size, narration speed, and more settings.

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audible cloud player on computer

Listen to Audible Podcasts on Audible App [iOS/Android]

Step 1. Launch the Audible app on your mobile devices.

Step 2. Sign into or log into your Audible account.

Step 3. Locate and tap "Discover" at the bottom of the screen, if you use iPhone. If you are an Android user, tap on the "Menu" icon on the top left corner, and then tap "Browse > Podcast" to find podcasts you liked.

find audible podcast on iphone app

Step 4. Select "Podcasts" in the Discover something new section.

Step 5. Choose an interesting episode and tap the Play button to start listening.

Part 3. How to Download Podcasts on Audible

Sometimes, you may want to download Audible podcasts to listen to while on a plane but cannot find the download option on the desktop website. In fact, Audible does not offer a download feature on its website. You can only download podcast episodes using the Audible app. Additionally, the interface of the Audible app differs slightly between Android and iOS, so we have provided instructions for downloading from Audible on both operating systems.

Download Audible Podcasts on Android App:

Step 1. Launch the Audible app on your Android and log into your account.

Step 2. Select the podcast you want to download. You can search for the podcast title at the top right corner of the screen or tap Menu at the top left corner to browse podcasts.

Step 3. Tap "View all epiodes" and select the episode you want to download, and then select "Donload Episode" to save it.

download podcast on audible

Download Audible Podcasts on iOS App:

Step 1. Launch the Audible app on your iPhone and log into your account.

Step 2. Select the podcast you want to download. You can select a new podcast by taping "Discover > Podcasts", or go to your Library to select the podcast you followed before.

Step 3. Tap "View all episodes" and choose the one you want to download. Then, tap "Download Episode" to save it.

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Part 4. How to Download Audible Podcasts to MP3 and More Plain Formats

Even if you download an Audible podcast for offline listening, you still need the Audible app to play the downloaded podcast after your subscription expires or play it on MP3 players and other devices. Additionally, all files you download from Audible are in AA/AAX format, a DRM-protected format embedded by Amazon. What can you do if you have no time to play your favorite Audible podcast while your subscription is about to expire? And how can you organize all your audio files, including songs, audiobooks, and podcasts, in one platform?

You must try the AudFree Audio Converter. This powerful app is designed to convert Audible AA/AAX audio files to MP3, M4A, WAV, FLAC formats. With this app, you can listen to your podcasts, songs, or audiobooks on MP3 players or any media player you choose. You can even split long podcast episodes into shorter chapters, adjust the volume, and edit the ID3 tags of audio files using the built-in editor. Enjoy faster conversion speeds at 30X and customize your preferred output quality, lossless or lower quality, with a smaller storage size.

Why not download the AudFree Audio Converter for a free trial? You can follow the steps below to convert your downloaded Audible podcast.

Notice: Since your downloaded files are stored on your mobile devices, you need to transfer them to your computers first. IOS users can import downloaded Audible podcasts to iTunes and then sync these Audible files to your desktop devices.

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Step 1. Click the second button at the bottom left of the main interface to import your local Audible podcast file. Alternatively, you can add from iTunes by clicking the first button at the bottom left.

import audible files to the audfree audio converter

Step 2. Click the button with an Audio icon at the bottom right; you will open the Format Setting window. Select MP3 if you want to output MP3 format. Codec, Channel, Sample Rate, and Bit Rate are available for customization. Once all is set, click OK to save your settings.

output format settings on audfree audio converter

Step 3. Click the search box at the central bottom; you can select where to store your downloaded audio files in the pop-up window.

Step 4. Click the big Convert button at the bottom right; the conversion will start.

convert audio files on audfree audio converter

Part 5. FAQs on Audible Podcasts

Q1: Is Audible Good for Podcast?

A1: You can enjoy unlimited podcast access if you are an Audible member. With tens of thousands of podcast resources available, you can listen to them on your devices using just one account. When you play an episode, you can adjust the narration speed to a maximum of 3.5X. If you're looking for a platform to organize both your audiobooks and podcasts, Audible is a great choice.

Q2: How to Add Podcast to Audible?

A2: If you have great ideas for a podcast, you can submit your unique podcast to Audible first and then wait for its confirmation.

Step 1. Visit the official Amazon Podcasters webpage.

Step 2. Click "Add or Claim Your Podcast" and sign in with your Audible account.

Step 3. Copy and Paste the RSS feed URL of your podcast.

Step 4. Confirm your podcast with the guidance of this webpage.

Q3: How to Delete Podcasts from Audible?

A3: You can delete podcasts from the Audible library on the app or website.

Delete from Android app: Audible app > Tap Menu button > Library > Tap the one you want to delete for a while > Tap "Remove from library" on the option bar.

Delete from iPhone app: Audible app > Library > Podcasts > Tap the one you want to delete > Tap "Following"

Delete form Audible webpage > Library > Podcasts > Click the one you want to delete > Click "Following"

Q4: What Podcasts Are on Audible?

A4: You can find various content, including news, comedy, entertainment, kids, sports, fiction, and numerous podcast genres, each offering hundreds of titles.

Part 6. Conclusion

I hope you have successfully listened to and downloaded Audible podcasts with the help of this blog. If you want to keep your unplayed episodes after your subscription expires, or if you want to organize all your audio files in one player, downloading Audible podcasts using the AudFree Audio Downloader is your best choice. Click to install it for a free trial!

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