How to Download Spotify Podcast to MP3 [Complete Guide]

Q: "How can I get Spotify podcast download MP3 for playback on my portable device? I have discovered some podcasts with good themes, like science, business, love, etc. on Spotify. I'd like to transfer Spotify podcasts to my MP3 player for offline listening when taking a bus or running outside. What should I do?"

Regardless of Premium users or Free users, Spotify empowers you with the ability to download Spotify podcasts offline on mobile devices and computers. Unfortunately, you are not entitled to download Spotify podcast to MP3. There is no podcast MP3 output option provided by Spotify.

Under this circumstance, you need a breathtaking Spotify podcast downloader, which gives you the option to convert Spotify podcast to MP3. If you have no knowledge of such kind of software, read this article, which introduces the 4 best Spotify podcast downloader tools, including online freeware and third-party software to get Spotify podcast MP3 downloads with high quality preservation.

download spotify podcast to mp3

Part 1. Download Spotify Podcast to MP3 via Spotify Podcast Downloader

To download podcast from Spotify to MP3 without any quality loss, you are bound to rely on a technical Spotify downloader - AudFree Spotify Podcast Downloader. It is specialized in locally downloading Spotify podcasts, music, playlists, albums, and audiobooks without Premium. One of the highlight features is to get Spotify podcast download MP3 for free on a computer. Of course, it also works well for users who are using the Spotify Premium plan to get better quality of podcasts.

It's also a professional Spotify podcast converter. It not only supports converting Spotify podcasts to MP3 at 5X faster conversion speed, but also downloads Spotify podcasts to FLAC, WAV, AAC, M4A, and M4B. It will keep 100% original Spotify podcast MP3 downloads on your computer. After that, you can transfer and play downloaded Spotify podcast offline on all MP3 devices and music players.

AudFree Spotify Podcast Downloader

audfree spotify podcast downloader
  • Download Spotify podcasts to MP3 at 5X faster speed
  • Download Spotify podcasts, playlists, audiobooks for free
  • Convert Spotify podcasts to FLAC, WAV, FLAC, etc. with original ID3 tags
  • Keep lossless audio quality, or edit music quality and parameters

How to Download Spotify Episode to MP3

With AudFree Spotify Podcast Downloader, you can easily download Spotify podcast to MP3 to your computer locally with best quality. Download and install this software on your computer to download Spotify episode to MP3 by following these steps.

Step 1Add favorite Spotify podcasts to download list
import spotify podcasts to download list
Please launch the AudFree Spotify Podcast Downloader from your computer desktop. You will see that the Spotify app will be opened automatically with the AudFree SpoDable program. There are two ways for you to add Spotify podcasts to this software. You can drag and drop podcasts from Spotify to the conversion window. Or copy and paste the URL of Spotify podcasts to the search box of AudFree SpoDable software.
Step 2Set Spotify podcast output format as MP3
set spotify podcasts as mp3
In general, the output format of the AudFree Spotify podcast to MP3 converter is set as MP3 by default. If not, please navigate to the top menu bar and choose the 'Preferences' > 'Convert' option to open the setting window. You can manually define Spotify podcast output format as MP3 or other audio formats. Don't forget to customize other output podcast quality by changing the bit rate, sample rate, etc.
Step 3Download Spotify podcast as MP3 for Free
download spotify podcasts as mp3
Press the 'Convert' button in this Spotify downloader for podcast, the converting process begins. Spotify podcasts will be downloaded to MP3 at 5X speed automatically. After conversion, you can click the 'file' icon to locate all MP3 Spotify podcast downloads on your computer folder.

Part 2. How to Download Spotify Podcast to MP3 Online

If you don't like to install extra software on your computer, an online tool is your choice. There are many Spotify downloader online tools claiming to download Spotify songs, playlists, albums, etc. online like magic. But a few of them support episodes on Spotify. After having tried some best of them, here, we meet PasteDownload Spotify Podcasts to MP3 Downloader to convert Spotify to MP3 for free online.

It is a powerful online-based video downloader to download multiple files from video and audio sites online. You can use it to download Spotify podcast without Premium to MP3 online by copying the Spotify episode link from the Spotify Web Player. Based on this, you do even not install the Spotify desktop client but get MP3 podcasts on Spotify. By the way, this Spotify episode downloader online has the ability to download Spotify podcast videos online. Although it has some sponsored ads on the website, it doesn't affect the operation process. Then, let's see how to use it below.

How to Download Spotify Podcast to MP3 Online

Step 1. Open the Spotify Web Player on your web browser, and then click the 'Search' button to find 'Podcast' section and search favorite podcasts on Spotify that you'd like to download. Once found, please hit on the three-dot icon > 'Share' > 'Copy Spotify URL' to copy Spotify episode link.

copy spotify episode link

Step 2. Go to PasteDownload Spotify Podcast to MP3 Converter website. No need to log in to your Spotify account, you can directly copy Spotify podcast URL to the address box and press the 'Download' button to import Spotify episodes.

load spotify podcast to pastedownload

Step 3. Scroll down to find the target Spotify podcast with download buttons, quality info, audio type, podcast title, and more. Now, please right click the 'Download' button and choose 'Save link as' to download Spotify podcast online without paying any penny.

download spotify podcast to mp3 online

Part 3. How to Get Spotify Podcast Download MP3 Free

Free solution presented here to get Spotify podcasts MP3 downloads is AllToMP3. It's an open-source and totally cost-free music converter, devoting itself to downloading music from Spotify, Deezer YouTube and SoundCloud to MP3 on Windows, Mac, Linux Mint and Ubuntu.

With a clean and intuitive interface design, AllToMP3 Spotify podcast to MP3 converter free is too simple to require technical skills for operation. But as a freeware, the audio quality could be only 256 kbps. If you don't matter, let's get started to see how it works to download Spotify podcast to MP3 free below.

How to Download Spotify Podcasts to MP3 for Free

Step 1. The first thing to do is installing and launching AllToMP3 free Spotify episode downloader on your computer. When you open it, you will see the main interface as below:

alltomp3 spotify podcast downloader free

Step 2. Open Spotify app or Spotify Web Player and search podcasts on Spotify that you feel like downloading to MP3. Copy the link of your select Spotify podcast and paste it to the search box at AlltoMP3.

add spotify podcast to alltomp3

Step 3. After that, please click the "Enter" button or press the Enter key on keyboard to start getting Spotify podcast download MP3 for free.

spotify podcast download mp3 free

Part 4. How to Download Spotify Podcasts to MP3 Android

It is should be noticed that the privilege granted to Spotify users is to download Spotify podcasts for offline listening in Spotify app not to convert Spotify Ogg Vorbis to MP3 on mobile devices.

With that in mind, you are supposed to know that downloading a podcast from Spotify to MP3 on Android and iOS devices depends on a third-party Spotify podcast downloader, whether on the desktop or on mobiles. Therefore, to download episodes on Spotify to MP3 on Android, you also need to have the aid of an extra tool. Here, a well-received Spotify podcast downloader for Android app - SpotiFlyer. It is suggested for you to get the thing done. The operation process is easy as below:

How to Download Spotify Podcasts to MP3 Android

Step 1. Download, install and run SpotiFlyer Spotify podcast downloader on your Android devices.

Step 2. Search for your favorite podcast from Spotify and copy its link to paste into URL box on SpotiFlyer;

add spotify podcast to mp3 on android

Step 3. When SpotiFlyer has loaded Spotify podcast, you will be presented with Download buttons. You just need to click the 'Download' icon to download Spotify podcast to MP3 on your Android phones and tablets.

download spotify podcast to mp3 android

Part 5. FAQs about Spotify Podcast Download

What's the Latest News of Spotify Podcasts?

Spotify is one of the world's largest streaming music services, which is committed to offering a wide variety of catalogs. It includes music, playlists, audiobooks, exclusive podcasts for streaming, downloading, and listening.

Since two years ago, Spotify has been taking action on the increased focus on the podcast industry. After it acquired Parcast, it immediately gained two startup podcasts, respectively Gimlet Media and Anchor. That's meaning that Spotify users will get as many wonderful podcasts as it can on Spotify. Now, it also supports video podcasts on Spotify.

Can You Download Podcasts on Spotify?

Yes. No matter you have a free or premium Spotify subscription, you are able to download Spotify podcasts for offline playback directly. But, please make sure you will connect to Spotify's server at least once every 30 days. It aims to verify your account status so that you can access offline downloaded podcasts on Spotify without a problem.

Can You Download Spotify Podcast Videos?

The answer could be positive. But it's also worth mentioning that downloading Spotify podcast videos is only available for mobile users.

Is There an Option to Spotify Auto Download Podcasts?

No. Although Spotify says when you save the Spotify podcasts and shows you like, the new episodes will then automatically save, the Spotify automatic download podcast function isn't currently available.

How to Download Spotify Podcast for Free via Official Way?

If your intention is to take your podcasts anywhere your internet can't go instead of getting Spotify MP3 podcasts, you are given the option to download Spotify podcasts offline via the official way. No need to get help from any other software, but just download podcasts on Spotify offline from the app or Web Player. The following is the detailed tutorial on how to download Spotify podcasts for free via the official methods.

How to Get Spotify Podcast Download Free on Computer

Step 1. Launch the Spotify desktop app on your Mac or Windows computer or open a web browser to access Spotify Web Player.

Step 2. Browse the available podcasts and find the favorite podcasts that you'd like to download.

Step 3. Hit on the Download arrow tab next to the episode's title. Now, Spotify podcasts will be downloaded offline and you can locate them in Your Library.

spotify podcast download free computer

How to Get Spotify Podcast Download Free on Mobile Devices

Step 1. Install and open the Spotify app for iOS or Android on your mobile devices. And please connect your devices to WiFi networks or mobile data.

Step 2. Find and open a podcast in the Spotify mobile app. Tap the three-dot icon to click the 'Download' button to start the download process.

Step 3. Now you can start to listen to Spotify podcast downloads offline even without the Internet on your smartphones.

spotify podcast download free mobile

Why You Need to Download Spotify Podcast to MP3?

Spotify users can easily download a Spotify podcast offline on mobile and tablet for free. But even Spotify Premium subscribers can't extract MP3 from Spotify podcasts for playback anywhere. And Some free podcasts may include advertisements, sponsorship information, and other interference information. So it's necessary to download Spotify podcast to MP3 without ads. By doing that, there are many benefits you can get.

You can burn podcasts from Spotify to CD, save Spotify podcast to SD card, transfer Spotify podcast to USB or iTunes, and more. In short, you can play Spotify podcasts offline on all devices without the Spotify app.

Part 6. Conclusion: Which Is the Best Spotify Podcast Downloader

There are 4 professional Spotify podcast downloader software that allow you to download Spotify podcast to MP3 online free on Android and computers. If you are still not sure which one to use, check this simple comparison table of these methods below to help you pick the best one.

AudFree SpoDable PasteDownload AlltoMP3 SpotiFlyer
Output Sound Quality 320kbps 256kbps 256kbps 160kbps
Supported Output Format MP3, AAC, M4A, FLAC, WAV, M4B MP3 MP3 MP3
Support Spotify Types podcasts, songs, playlists, audiobooks, etc. podcast, podcast video playlists, podcasts, etc. songs, podcasts
Block Spotify ads
Conversion Speed 5X 1X 1X 1X
Supported OS Windows/Mac Online Windows/Mac/Linux Android
Customize Output Quality × × ×
Supported OS Windows/Mac Online Windows/Mac/Linux Android
Customize Output Quality × × ×

From a glance at this comparison list, the best tool to download Spotify podcast as MP3 could be using AudFree Spotify Podcast Downloader. Because the free online tools are not stable and sometimes fail to download. And the output quality of Spotify podcast MP3 downloads could be lossy, which will affect your listening experience.

Therefore, we highly recommendly AudFree Spotify Podcast Downloader, which doesn't have such issues and can download episode from Spotify to MP3 perfectly with lossless output quality and fast conversion speed. Just give it a try to meet your needs.

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