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By Charles Davis Updated on 2022-04-07 / Update for Spotify Tips

As a convenient music player and manager, Groove Music is dedicated to playing music files stored on your Windows computer or Xbox game consoles. In the meanwhile, as a very popular music streaming software, Spotify offers millions of music to its users. If you are the user of both Spotify and Groove Music, you might be wondering, is it possible to link Spotify to Groove Music? The answer is definitely yes, all you need is the aid of a professional third-party tool, with which you’ll be able to download and convert Spotify music, and save it to local files on your computer. In result, you can then transfer Spotify to Groove Music at anytime and anywhere.

Now here comes the question: which Spotify music converter is the best one? Take it easy! That’s what we are talking about here. This article will introduce a comprehensive Spotify to Groove Music Converter and the steps of how to link Spotify to Groove Music via this software. Let’s find the answer you are looking for in the following content.

link spotify to groove music

Part 1. Best Tool to Link Spotify to Groove Music - AudFree Spodable

If you are struggling to move Spotify to Groove Music, then AudFree Spodable should meet your needs as the best tool for connecting Spotify to Groove Music. It not only downloads Spotify Music to local files, but also losslessly converts Spotify Music to MP3, FLAC and other formats supported by Groove Music, so you can always play Spotify Music offline on all music players, especially Groove Music.

Moreover, as an all-in-one Spotify to Groove Music downloader and converter, it can convert Spotify Music at 5X faster speed on windows and mac computers. It also fully preserves the original ID3 tags and meta data information of Spotify songs during the conversion process. Thus, whether you are free Spotify user or premium user, with the aid of AudFree Spodable, you can now freely play all types of Spotify Music and playlists on Groove Music.

AudFree Spotify to Groove Music Converter

audFree spotify to groove music converter
  • Download and convert Spotify songs for Groove Music losslessly
  • Convert Spotify Music to MP3, AAC, M4A and other Groove Music supported formats
  • Download Spotify Music to local files for easy importing of Spotify to Groove Music
  • Spotify free and premium users can download Spotify Music and listen to it offline on Groove Music

Part 2. How to Link Spotify to Groove Music via AudFree Spodable

Step 1Import Spotify Songs or Playlists to AudFree SpoDable
add spotify music to download
The first step is to download and run the appropriate version of AudFree SpoDable on your Windows and Mac computers. Then you can import any Spotify Music you wish. The easiest way for Spotify free and premium users is to drag and drop Spotify Music directly into the conversion window of AudFree SpoDable. Another slightly more complicated method is to copy and paste the Spotify URL into the search box in the interface, then click Add button in the upper right corner to finish adding music.
Step 2Customize Spotify Music Output Format and Parameters for Groove Music
set spotify output settings for download
In order to upload Spotify to Groove Music, you need to adjust the output format of Spotify Music first. Click the menu bar on the top right corner of the interface and tap to Preferences. Then choose the output format of Spotify Music in the new conversion window, such as MP3, FLAC, M4A and other Groove Music compatible formats. In general, AudFree SpoDable defaults to MP3 as the output format. Then, you can also manually set the bit rate, sample rate, audio channel and other output parameters, such as you can set Spotify Music bit rate up to 320kbps.
Step 3Convert Spotify Music to Groove Music Supported Formats
download songs from spotify to computer
When the above steps are set up, click the Convert button at the bottom right corner to start the official Spotify Music conversion process. During the conversion process, the meta data information of Spotify Music such as title, album cover, genre, etc. will be preserved. After the conversion is done, you can view the converted Spotify Music in your computer’s local files, and then you can keep Spotify Music forever and freely play Spotify Music offline on Groove Music.
Step 4Import Spotify to Groove Music for Offline Playback
import spotify to groove music
Now you can see all your Spotify Music in your computer’s local files. Run Groove Music, click the Settings button at the bottom left corner of the interface, see the list Music on this computer section, tap to Choose where we look for music, then you see all the Spotify music on your local computer, click the plus button to add Spotify music to Groove Music, or create any Spotify music playlist, then manage and enjoy your Spotify music collection.

Part 3. More FAQs About Groove Music and Spotify

groove music and spotify

Q: What’s happening to the Groove Music app?

A: Groove Music Pass subscription service was first released on October 2, 2017. This subscription service is primarily a streaming music service. You can buy and download music, edit and create playlists on Groove Music Pass streaming service. But Microsoft shut down its streaming music service on January 1, 2018. And you can only continue to play all the music you’ve purchased and downloaded on the Windows 10 Groove Music app for PC and Windows Phone. After the deactivation of the Groove Music Pass subscription service, Groove Music offered users the ability to move their music collections and playlists to Spotify, and users would often see banner ads about Spotify on Groove Music’s interface.

In this way, it seems that Groove Music was once a music media player and a store offering digital music subscription services. But now it is just a pure music player that can be used exclusively to play music files stored on your computer. And it can manage music stored on your PC and cloud very well.

groove music app

Q: Can you play Spotify through Groove Music?

A: Groove Music currently only plays local music on your computer, or you download relevant music content purchased for PC, Xbox and Windows Phone through the Windows 10 Groove Music app. Of course, Spotify free users can play millions of Spotify Music, and you can also subscribe to Spotify Premium to enjoy more premium services and enjoy Spotify anytime.

Q: Does Spotify stream from OneDrive?

A: No. Spotify doesn’t stream music from OneDrive. Spotify is a very popular music streaming platform, Spotify premium users can download music, but the downloaded music are cached files and cannot be added directly to Groove Music. But the Windows 10 Groove Music app play can directly play or add music that you have stored on your hard drive or OneDrive.

Part 4. In Conclusion

After reading the detailed introduction above, you must have understood how to link Spotify to Groove Music. With the help of the powerful Spotify to Groove Music Converter - AudFree Spodable, you can conveniently and quickly convert Spotify Music to Groove Music compatible format, and then adding Spotify to Groove Music will be a simple and easy thing for you. Follow the steps above to enjoy Spotify Music to your heart’s content in Groove Music.

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