How to Listen to Spotify While Playing Roblox in 2024

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"Can you listen to Spotify while playing Roblox?" Of course. Roblox is an online multiplayer gaming platform that allows users to play a wide variety of games, create games, and chat with others. Besides, Spotify is the first music streaming service to partner with Roblox. That's Spotify Island. In it, players can hang out and interact with artists while listening to some enjoyable Spotify soundtracks.

Spotify Island provides the music for all your adventures on Roblox. Now, keep reading this article to feel the full sound experience on Roblox. Here is a detailed tutorial about how to listen to Spotify while playing Roblox on Android, iOS, and PC. Also, you will get some extra tips about Spotify and Roblox.

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play spotify on roblox

Part 1. What Is Roblox Spotify Island

Spotify Island is actually a game developed by Roblox in collaboration with Spotify, which incorporates Spotify music into the game. It is a music-based game that allows players to make music, play games, and interact with virtual artists. Its uniqueness lies in its gameplay and features, which allow you to wander around Spotify Island and find rare collectibles and Hearts to unlock specific areas of the island.

roblox spotify island

Fans from around the world can connect with artists, complete interactive tasks and unlock exclusive content on Spotify Island. Plus, you can purchase or collect merchandise from your favorite artists. Players can also enjoy an immersive audio experience by making and discovering music at beat-making stations located all over the map.

And now, players can get virtual pets in Roblox Spotify Island. Those virtual pets are crossed with a musical instrument and players can collect them by finishing challenges dotted in the island. Besides, there is a 'Soundwaves' feature that players can grab a board and ride waves of their liked soundtracks. And the size, color and intensity will be changed according to the music.

Part 2. How to Listen to Spotify While Playing Roblox on Mobile/PC

After learning what is Spotify Island on Roblox, now you may want to know how to play Roblox while listening to Spotify music. It's true that Spotify Island offers an oasis for exploring sounds. But you can't play your favorite artist's songs on it directly. You will still need to listen to music through the Spotify app. Now, you can follow the steps below to learn how to play Spotify while playing Roblox on iPhone, Android or PC.

play games on roblox

Step 1. Play any game on Roblox, including Spotify Island.

Step 2. Open the Spotify app and play any preferred song.

Step 3. Enter the Roblox game again, which will stop playing Spotify songs in the background.

Step 4. Resume playing Spotify songs in the Notifications tab or in the Spotify app that pops up.

resume to play spotify while playing roblox

Step 5. The Spotify app will run in the background and you can keep Spotify playing while playing Roblox.

Part 3. How to Listen to Spotify on Roblox Offline for Free

Despite the availability of Spotify Island, Roblox does not integrate with the Spotify app. So, you can only play Spotify over Roblox by running the Spotify app in the background, which will interrupt music in case of poor network connection. For this reason, we will present a free offline method to use Spotify while playing Roblox for a more comfortable gaming experience.

First of all, you need to use AudFree Spotify Music Converter to download and convert Spotify music to MP3, AAC, WAV, FLAC, etc. Without the Spotify premium subscription, you can get Spotify local downloads in original quality and metadata retention. Then you can play Spotify songs offline while playing games on Roblox. Also, it is possible to listen to Spotify music offline on other gaming devices like PlayStation 4, Xbox One and so on.

AudFree Spotify Music Downloader

audfree spotify music converter
  • Batch download Spotify songs and playlist locally with free account
  • Convert Spotify songs to MP3, AAC, WAV, FLAC and other common formats
  • Play Spotify music offline with Roblox, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
  • Keep Spotify tracks with lossless quality and ID3 tags

Here is how this tool works. Please check the detailed steps below and start.

Step 1. Launch AudFree Spotify Music Converter on your computer. Find the song you want to play with Roblox in the automatically opened Spotify app and drag it to the main interface of the tool. Or paste the URL of the song into the search box and press the + button.

add spotify songs to audfree spodable

Step 2. Click the Menu bar in the upper right corner and select Preferences. Switch to the Convert bar and select the output format of Spotify music. As Roblox supports audio formats like MP3, OGG and WAV, you can choose one of them for saving. Besides, you can adjust parameters such as bit rate and sample rate to make Spotify music more personalized.

adjust output settings for spotify music

Step 3. Click the Convert button at the bottom right corner to start converting Spotify songs to normal format. When it's done, hit the Converted button to find the converted local Spotify music files. After that, you can play any game in Roblox while playing Spotify tracks offline as background music.

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download spotify songs for offline use with roblox

How to Add Local Spotify Music to Roblox for Playing Offline

Now, you got the common Spotify music files. Besides, Roblox allows players to upload and custom local audio files for better experience. Now, let's see how to make it.

Step 1. Go to Roblox official website on your computer. Then log in to your account. Or, you can sign up for a new account if you are a new user to it.

log in to roblox

Step 2. Touch the 'Create' button on the top of the screen. Then you will be led to Roblox Studio where you can upload local Spotify audio files.

enter roblox create section

Step 3. Click on 'View' > 'Explorer' > 'Audio', then hit on 'Add' > Browse' to locate local Spotify music files on your computer's folder. After that, touch 'OK' to upload Spotify to Roblox.

upload spotify audio to roblox

Step 4. Once uploaded, you will find the files on the 'Audio' page. Then copy the Numeric ID from the URL on the page.

Step 5. Now, head to 'SoundService' in Roblox and choose 'BackgroundMusic'.

pick up backgroundmusic in roblox soundservice

Step 6. Then go to 'SoundId' to put the copied Numeric ID in it and press 'Enter' on your keyboard.

go to roblox soundid

Step 7. And you can click on the 'play' icon to preview the sound.

preview spotify music in roblox

Step 8. Click on 'StarterPlayer' > 'StartedPlayerScripts' to create a 'LocalScript' called 'MusicPlayer'.

create local script in roblox

Step 9. Here you need to create variables to save 'SoundService' and 'BackgroundMusic' objects.

Step 10. To play Spotify on Roblox in the background, please use the 'Play' function. You can call it on the 'backgroundMusic' variable in the new line.

play spotify on roblox offline in the background

After that, play Spotify and Roblox at the same time to test if it works well.

Part 4. FAQs about Spotify on Roblox

Q1: Why Is Spotify Music on Roblox No Sound?

A: Sometimes, your device doesn't allow you to play audio from multiple sources at the same time. In this case, you can go to Roblox's settings to turn off game music or turn down the game volume. Also, you can go to the Volume settings on your Windows PC to mute the sound of Roblox and increase the sound of Spotify.

Q2: How Many Spotify Songs Can I Upload to Roblox?

A: In fact, Roblox allows players to upload audio files no more than 20 MB in size. Besides, the file should not be more than 6 minutes in duration.

Q3: Why Does My Spotify Keep Pausing When I Play Roblox?

A: It may be due to the internet connection. You need to check if the network connection on your device is stable or not. If not, then reconnect it to a strong network and try again.

Part 5. Conclusion

As aforementioned, Spotify Island gives you a whole new gaming experience in Roblox. You can follow the two methods above to listen to Spotify while playing Roblox with or without Spotify app. For a better listening and gaming experience, you could try AudFree Spotify Music Converter. With it, you can download Spotify music to computer as local audio files. Then you can upload Spotify music to Roblox to play Spotify on Roblox offline with freedom.

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