Download and Play Spotify to Yoto Player without Premium

Yoto Player and its compact version Yoto Mini are screen-free smart speakers particularly designed for kids aged 3 and over, which helps them listen to stories, music, audiobooks, and other educational audio content safely and interactively. The device also boasts a clock and alarm function and can be controlled through a companion app or physical cards. It supports uploading audio or music from its free Yoto app or local folders.

It is a pity that, as the top-rated music platform, Spotify has not integrated with Yoto. In this post, however, we will take you through how to play Spotify on Yoto. If you are new to Yoto, this article will facilitate you to make a further understanding and be well-versed in using this small player for your children. Please never miss it!

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Part 1. Can You Play Spotify on Yoto Player

Some users ask: "How do I add a podcast to my Spotify Yoto player?". As a matter of fact, different from the Jooki Spotify partnership, there is not any support between Yoto and Spotify. In other words, you cannot play Spotify music on Yoto directly for the moment.

Since Yoto empowers you to add audio from the free library in the Yoto app and your local folder on computers or phones. Thus, to add music from Spotify to Yoto Player, you'd better download Spotify as local files supported by the Yoto Player, for example, convert Spotify to local MP3, AAC, and M4A first.

Part 2. How to Add Spotify to Yoto Player without Premium

As the statement aforementioned, it is recommended to download Spotify locally and then import Spotify music to Yoto. To make it, what you need is to get help from an expert third-party tool such as AudFree Spotify Music Converter.

It contributes to downloading and converting Spotify songs, albums, playlists, audiobooks, podcasts, and any other Spotify content to plain and Yoto-supported output formats such as MP3, M4A, AAC, etc., and saves them to your computer. With advanced conversion technology, it won't reduce the original audio quality of Spotify music and will preserve all ID3 tags to facilitate organizing local Spotify downloads. Since this smart gadget can download Spotify to unprotected files, it endows you with the ability to listen to Spotify on Yoto and any other devices or speakers whenever you want.

Download Spotify Music to Yoto-Enabled Format

Here is a user guide to instructing you how to download Spotify to the format that is supported by Yoto Player. Before that, please install the personal-use Spotify music downloader on your Windows or Mac. Now, let's start.

Step 1Drag and Drop Songs from Spotify to AudFree Spodable
put spotify playlists into audfree spodable
To add Spotify audio to the professional converter, please drag a single item from the Spotify app and drop the item into the search box of the AudFree Spotify Music Converter. This is the most commonly used way to add files. You can also copy links to songs, playlists, albums, podcasts, and audiobooks even artists of Spotify, paste them to the Spotify converter, and then tap on the upper-right '+' tab to analyze the audio.
Step 2Set Spotify Music Output Settings as Yoto-compatible Formats
set spotify audio output attributes as yoto-compatible formats
For compatibility with the Yoto Player, please customize the output format of Spotify music as MP3, AAC, and M4A. To achieve that, please tap on the toolbar like three horizontal lines in the top right corner of the AudFree Spotify Music Converter. Then click the 'Preferences' > 'Converted' option where you are allowed to reset output formats, the bit rate, sample rate, audio channel, etc. to make lossless Spotify audio.
Step 3Convert Spotify Music for Yoto
download spotify for yoto
In the bottom right corner of AudFree Spodable, find and hit the large 'Convert' button. This software will convert Spotify OGG Vorbis audio at 5X faster speed and store them in the target folder you select before on your computer. Afterward, you can upload the downloaded Spotify songs to Yoto and play them for your children.

How to Play Spotify through Yoto App

Once the Spotify music you want for your kids is downloaded, please follow the below steps to help your kids to use the Yoto Player with Spotify music.

Step 1. Download and enter into the Yoto app on your tablet or mobile.

Step 2. From the bottom of the screen, choose the 'Library' tab.

Step 3. Tap on the top-right '+' icon of the screen.

Step 4. Select 'Add Audio' from the options.

play spotify on yoto in mobile app

Step 5. Choose the downloaded Spotify audio files you want to upload from your device's file browser.

Step 6. Name the audio file and select an appropriate category (e.g., music, story, etc.).

Step 7. Tap 'Save' to upload the audio file to your Yoto library on the app.

Step 8. Connect your device and Yoto Player to the same Wi-Fi network. Then you can play Spotify music directly from the Yoto app.

How to Upload Spotify Songs to Yoto through Yoto Cards

If you have purchased a Yoto card for your children, you can upload the playlists and songs to the card and link the card to Yoto Players. Here are the detailed steps:

Step 1. Navigate to the web page to make your own Yoto cards.

Step 2. Tap on the blue card icon to add Spotify playlists to a card.

add audio to my spotify yoto

Step 3. Create a name and write a description for this Spotify playlist.

Step 4. You can select 'Random Art' or 'Upload Art' to give the card a good look.

Step 5. Then hit the orange 'Add Audio' icon to upload the local Spotify audio to the Yoto card.

Step 6. Once uploaded, tap on the bottom 'Create' button.

create a new playlists for yoto

Step 7. Insert the Yoto card into your Yoto Player directly, it will play Spotify music on Yoto Player automatically.

Step 8. Twist the left button on the Yoto player, it helps you to turn up the volume. Once you unplug the Yoto card, the Spotify songs will pause. When you plug it in again, the music will come out.

Part 3. Conclusion

For making further understanding of Yoto Player and how to play Spotify on Yoto, we have displayed detailed instructions. In brief, it offers two channels to play Spotify MP3/AAC/M4A local music files to Yoto: Via the Yoto app or the Yoto card. Both channels require you to download music from Spotify to the Yoto-enabled formats by using AudFree Spotify Music Converter. Besides, the Yoto Player, it also allows you to play Spotify music on multiple devices simultaneously.

Jun 8, 2023 11:00 AM

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