Top 10 Easy/Funny Christmas Songs for Kids

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December is a celebratory month all over the world. In the winter, Christmas is here with us again, for which Christmas songs and performances for children are paramount ingredients. That could be a more fantastic, exciting, and memorable Christmas for kids provided that children can sing those Christmas carols or other tracks with family or choir members.

In this case, here are the top 10 easy and funny Christmas songs for kids. You can choose some of them to listen to and sing with your children to have a joyous and forgettable Christmas Day. If you hope to keep those songs for offline playback forever, please never miss the best tool recommended in this post to download them to MP3 or other local files.

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Part 1. Best 10 Easy and Funny Christmas Songs for Kids

As a significant yearly festival, Xmas without Christmas songs would be incredibly dull. Christmas kids songs contribute to keeping the joyous vibe for all people all through this festive month. According to the best Apple Music playlists such as Christmas Songs for Kids, Children's Christmas, etc. curated by Apple, we have displayed the top 10 most-streamed funny Christmas children's songs list as follows.

🎄1. We Wish You a Merry Christmas

The song, composed in the 16th century and origins in England, is one of the Christian Christmas songs for kids, usually ushering in the Christmas festival season. Its music movie boats clear and kid-friendly actions and lyrics on Apple Music, bringing passion and mental energy to everyone, especially kids. Not much is known about the original version of this song but it still goes viral as a favorite Christmas music for kids.

🎄2. Santa Claus Is Coming to Town

Eight decades after playing on Eddie Cantor's radio show, the Santa carol has continued to loom among Children's Christmas songs. It is upon guardians to make sure that kids come up with a nice list on Christmas since Santa has a priority on that day. John Frederick and Haven Gillespie composed the song. In essence, the song advocates for good behavior amongst kids especially during Christmas times.

🎄3. Jingle Bells

This Christmas melody happens to be the ultimate Christmas piece today. Its composition is natural to memorize accompanied by great tunes, which make it fun for young children. Initially, in 1857, the song was a drinking song, however, has evolved into a Thanksgiving song over the last century. And eventually, it's one of the most incredible and funny Christmas songs for kids and preschoolers.

You can play the song with diverse types of musical instruments and still enjoy the tunes. It is easy to sing along for its repeated lyrics and rhythm and your kids will be singing it once they listen to its easy lyrics.

🎄4. Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer

It ranked behind the White Christmas as the best-selling song among children's Christmas songs. Initially, it was written as an autobiographical kid's book by Robert May in the late 1930s. But later it turned into a Christmas carol. The long-anticipated Santa is expected to deliver Christmas gifts to kids. It will create a somewhat nostalgic memory.

🎄5. Deck the Halls

Deck the Halls Christmas carol is over four centuries old. The initial version of the same was Nos Galan, which was more of a Welsh New Year's Eve song. However, the best Christmas song for kids was modified in the 19th to its present version, written by Thomas Oliphant, the famous Scottish musician.

The hymn has been featured in well-known Christmas specials. For example, the Sesame Street Christmas Special and The Grinch in 218 among many others.

🎄6. White Christmas

It is agreed that this tune remains the saddest but most popular Christmas song for kids of all time. It was first heard on-air in 1941 during the Second World War. White Christmas was a comforting song for soldiers after the bombing of Pearl Harbour. It will come to the listener's mind that families who were anxiously waiting for their family members at home.

🎄7. Silent Night

The piece is a classic Children's Christian Christmas song. The melody delineates the spiritual aspect of Christmas. To Christians, it is not only a festive holiday but a day season to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. This is a perfect and quiet Christmas music for kids that goes deeper beyond the festivities. And it delves into the real reason why we celebrate Christmas.

🎄8. All I Want for Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth

This classical Christmas music for kids happens to relate to elementary kids easily. It is one of the greatest Christmas songs for kids to perform. Although it is common for children to miss their front teeth, it will be an embarrassing moment, especially during Christmas celebrations for kids. Losing front teeth is not a 'great thing' for them. This Christmas music for kids is prodigious and delightful.

🎄9. The 12 Days of Christmas

For kids, a Christmas season with various gifts is incredibly worth remembering. The song is about receiving 12 different gifts after the 25th of December. The melody helps enhance the count and memory abilities of kids. The fact that it is repetitive and involves gifts makes it famous and a favorite for most kids.

🎄10. Away in a Manger

As the first common piece sung by kids across the world, it features a particular melody. Like many other traditional Christmas carols, the specific author of 'Away in a Manger' remains unknown. Its lyrics have been done by a lot of composers with the most popular version coming from James R. Murray. The tune is a darling to most children in Kids Sunday Schools, especially during the Christmas season.

Part 2. Christmas Songs for Children's MP3 Free Download from Apple Music

Now you may have a further idea of those top ten easy and funny Christmas music for kids to sing and listen to on Apple Music. It is convenient to download those songs from Apple Music as long as you have subscribed to Apple Music. However, it is worth mentioning that the downloaded songs are encrypted in a special M4P format and are compatible with only compatible devices. Moreover, the downloaded audio files will be unplayable in Apple Music offline mode once you cancel Apple Music memberships.

Thus, it is recommended to download and convert those Apple Music Christmas tracks to unprotected files for offline listening whenever you and your kids like using professional tools. Amid this, AudFree Apple Music Converter should be taken priority. This smart gadget empowers you to download all content from Apple Music, including the above-listed funny kids Christmas songs to local files in various formats. It outputs audio in MP3, FLAC, AAC, WAV, M4A, and M4B at a 30X speed.

With advanced decryption technology, AudFree SpoDable is capable of preserving the original audio quality and metadata info (such as ID3 tags) after conversion. You can also opt to customize the bitrate, sample rate, and more to enhance the audio quality of the Christmas songs on this converter. Plus, its built-in ID3 tags enable you to edit ID3 tags, including title, artist, year, cover, etc., which facilitates you to manage your local library.

Step 1. Install AudFree SpoDable and Upload Children's Christmas Songs to It

Please use your current Apple Music account to download those songs and add them to the iTunes library in advance. Then hit the green download button to install the converter on a PC or Mac and then open it. Click on the first Add button at the bottom left to import those downloaded Christmas tracks to AudFree SpoDable. Or, drag and drop them from iTunes to the gadget directly.

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Step 2. Edit Output Format and Quality for Apple Music Christmas Songs for Kids

Click on the lower-right 'Audio' icon. The Format Setting screen will pop up, in which you can choose an output format for those Christmas Apple Music songs according to your and your kids' needs. It is also feasible to change Apple Music's bitrate, sample rate, volume, and more to promote the audio quality.

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Step 3. Export Children's Songs for Christmas from Apple Music Losslessly

Touch the large Convert button in the bottom right corner of the AudFree Apple Music Downloader to commence the conversion process. Then the intelligent software will export those tunes to local files in MP3 or other formats you select before in batches. Once completed, press the bottom File icon to find the conversions. You can listen to those Apple Music songs offline on any device or player you have for your children at any time.

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Part 3. Summary

Preview those best Christmas songs for kids by clicking the displayed playing button under each track directly. If you are satisfied with those songs, you can download them to MP3, AAC, etc. using the AudFree Apple Music Converter. After that, you can enjoy and play Christmas songs on any device with your kids. Have a good time with your kids on Christmas Eve.

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