How to Download and Convert Tidal to MP3 [Updated]

With over 90 million songs, Tidal allows users to explore all types of music online or offline. But there are still many things you don't have the right to do with Tidal files, such as putting Tidal music on USB drive, burning Tidal to CD, and so on. Fortunately, if you can figure out a way to download music from Tidal to MP3 track, everything can come true.

Have you tried searching Google for "Tidal to MP3" to get a professional approach to Tidal MP3 downloads? If so, the official answer may disappoint you. In fact, the Tidal software itself does not provide a solution to download MP3 from Tidal.

In this case, today, we will introduce some proven methods to convert Tidal to MP3 through the top 6 Tidal to MP3 converters for Windows, Mac, online and free for your reference.

tidal to mp3

Part 1. How to Convert Tidal to MP3 for Windows/Mac

AudFree Tidal Music Converter is the first software that has the ability to convert Tidal to MP3 for Tidal Free and Tidal HiFi subscribers. By using the amazing conversion technology, it can also convert Tidal to lossless, FLAC, WAV, AAC, M4A and M4B. In order to maintain the high quality listening experience, it will download the original Tidal files losslessly, while all ID3 tags and other meta information can be 100% retained.

Another highlight feature is that it runs 5X faster when downloading music from Tidal to MP3. With the help of this best AudFree Tidal to MP3 converter, you can play Tidal tracks on any device and music player without using the Tidal app. Even if you have cancelled your Tidal subscription, you can continue to listen to Tidal offline on desktop and other devices with no restrictions.

AudFree Tidal to MP3 Converter

audfree tidal mp3 converter
  • Losslessly download music from Tidal to MP3 without Tidal app
  • Convert Tidal to MP3, FLAC, WAV, etc. for playing on other devices
  • Keep original ID3 tags and 100% lossless audio quality of Tidal MP3 downloads
  • Work at 5X faster speed, edit music quality and parameters

How to Download Music from Tidal to MP3

AudFree Tidal MP3 Converter is available for Mac and Windows operating systems. You can choose the appropriate free version and install it on your computer. It is worth noting that the free model can convert each Tidal Music for the first minute to test its functionality. You are better off buying the full version in order to get the entire Tidal MP3 downloads without limits. However, it does not require you to update to a Tidal HiFi or Tidal HiFi Plus account.

Step 1Run AudFree Tidable and Log in Tidal Account
audfree tidal to mp3 converter
Double click to open the one-stop AudFree Tidal to MP3 Converter from your computer desktop, the Tidal software will also open. On the Tidal app, select "Log in" and enter your email address and password to sign in to your Tidal account. If you don't have one, create a free account with an email address, Facebook account, Twitter account, or Apple account.
Step 2Set Tidal Music Output Format as MP3
adjust tidal output format as mp3
To download from Tidal to MP3 files, you need to define the output format of Tidal Music as MP3. Click "AudFree Tidable Music Converter" on the Apple menu bar on Mac. Or tap the "Menu" icon of AudFree Tidable Music Converter on PC. Then, choose "Preferences" > "Convert" icon and the setting window will pop up. You need to set Tidal output format as MP3, and then customize Tidal Music quality by adjusting audio codec, bit rate, sample rate, etc.
Step 3Upload Tidal Music for Conversion
import tidal music for covnersion to mp3

Exit the format window and go to the Tidal Music Library in the Tidal app, then search for your favorite Tidal playlists from the music library. Now, copy and paste the track links into the search field of AudFree Tidable, and click the Add button on the side. If there's a track you don't want in the playlist, you can simply uncheck it from the conversion list.

Step 4Download Tidal to MP3 for Offline Playback
download music from tidal to mp3
Finally, please simply hit on the "Convert" button at the bottom right corner. Soon, AudFree Tidal Music Converter will download music from Tidal to MP3 audio files with no loss of quality. The conversion time depends on how many playlists you have added before. After conversion, please click the marked "Converted" > "Search" icon to locate Tidal MP3 downloads on your computer

Part 2. How to Record and Download Music from Tidal to MP3

If you want to get MP3 files not only from Tidal, but also from other streaming music services, then this tool called AudFree Audio Capture may be a good choice. Unlike traditional audio recording tools, it uses advanced and innovative capture technology to capture data from open applications, and later encode and output lossless audio files.

It endows you with ability to record and rip Tidal Music to MP3, FLAC, WAV, AAC, M4A and M4B audio formats. In this case, you are able to listen to Tidal songs, playlists, albums, podcasts offline on all your devices. What's more, it has a powerful ID3 tag editor and audio splitter that enables users to customize ID3 tags for Tidal MP3 downloads and cut and split Tidal files into smaller segments.

AudFree Audio Capture

audfree tidal music recorder
  • Record all the sounds playing on your computer, including Tidal Music
  • Record and convert Tidal to MP3, FLAC, etc. for offline playback
  • Split, cut, trim and merge Tidal audio records
  • Built-in smart ID3 tag editor and multi-track audio capture

How to Convert Tidal to MP3 via Tidal MP3 Recorder

Step 1 Download and Launch the AudFree Tidal MP3 Recorder
launch tidal mp3 converter
Fire up this Tidal MP3 converter and recorder on your Mac or Windows computer. You will see the main interface of this tool with some popular apps showing up. If the Tidal app or the web browser that you use to access Tidal Music is not included in the list, please drag and drop it to this user interface. Alternatively, you can click the '+' button to load it.
Step 2Customize Tidal Music Output Format as MP3
set tidal output format as mp3
To rip MP3 from Tidal, please configure the output format of Tidal music as MP3 in AudFree Audio Capture. To do that, please click the 'Format' icon to open the setting window and then choose MP3 as the target audio format. Besides, in this window, you can define other audio parameters for exporting Tidal Music.
Step 3Capture Tidal Music to MP3
convert tidal to mp3
Open the Tidal desktop app or your web browser to search and play your favorite Tidal Music that you'd like to convert to MP3 files. This smart AudFree Tidal MP3 Capture will automatically switch to recording mode and start the recording process. All playing Tidal songs will be saved as MP3 tracks on your local computer.
Step 4Split or Save Tidal MP3 Downloads
edit tidal mp3 downloads
Once you stop playing Tidal Music or quit the app, it will end up recording Tidal playlists to MP3. If necessary, you can click the 'Edit' button of each track to trim unwanted Tidal MP3 downloads or customize ID3 tags as you like. Or you can directly hit on the 'Save' button to extract MP3 from Tidal locally.

Part 3. How to Convert Tidal to MP3 Online

There are many online streaming audio recorders on the web capable of extracting MP3 files from music streams. Of course, many of them are compatible with Tidal Music tracks. Although they use recording technology, they can record and convert Tidal to MP3 online very well. In this section, we will show two simple Tidal to MP3 converters online for you to pick from.

1. Apowersoft Free Online Audio Recorder

Apowersoft Online Audio Recorder is a smart Tidal to MP3 converter online. It also comes with some amazing editing features like support for retaining or customizing ID3 tags, including year, title, etc. Besides MP3, there are other six output formats for you to choose from to export Tidal songs, including WMA, AAC, FLAC, WAV, M4A and OGG.

apowersoft tidal to mp3 converter online


1. Free to use

2. Record music from any streaming music platform such as Tidal

3. Export audio to MP3, WMA or other popular audio files in high quality

4. Built-in ID3 tag editor supports audio editing


1. Audio quality can degrade during recording

2. Unstable operation due to internet connection status

How Does Apowersoft Tidal MP3 Converter Online Work

tidal to mp3 online via apowersoft

Step 1. Navigate to its official website and press the "Start Recording" button in the center of the main page.

Step 2. Now, please open Tidal web player and select the audio source as the system sound. You can set the Tidal output format to MP3 under the "Tools" > "Options" button.

Step 3. Browse Tidal Music and play your favorite song. Hit on the "Record" button to start converting Tidal to MP3 online.

2. Aiseesoft Free Audio Recorder

In fact, Aiseesoft Free Audio Recorder is another highly acclaimed voice recording tool by users, which is capable of recording streaming audio on Windows or Mac computers. As one of the best recording programs, Aiseesoft records audio mainly from the system sound or microphone. This way, whether you are a layman or a tech expert, you are fully capable to record your favorite Tidal Music as MP3 files.

aiseesoft tidal to mp3 converter online


1. 100% free and safe to use

2. Efficiently download Tidal to MP3

3. Export audio to MP3, WMA or other popular audio files in high quality

4. Manage all your audio recordings in a built-in audio library


1. It will reduce the original music quality

2. Output quality cannot be customized

3. Cannot trim the recorded audio file

How to Get Tidal MP3 Downloads with Aiseesoft

Step 1. Navigate to the official website of Aiseesoft Free Audio Recorder and click on the "Start Recording" button. Note that you need to download the "Launcher" and install it on your computer.

Step 2. Select the audio source and play the Tidal Music you want to convert to MP3. Then click on the REC icon to start the recording process.

Step 3. Click the "Stop" button to finish recording. You can preview the Tidal MP3 music and save it to your computer.

Part 4. How to Convert Tidal to MP3 for Free

Since many users are eagerly waiting for a way to convert Tidal to MP3 free, this article has searched for two free tools to make it a reality. Let's reveal them one by one.

1. Athame

Athame, a free Tidal to MP3 converter, can be found and installed on GitHub. It can download music not only from Tidal, but also from Google Play Music. Moreover, it works with Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems. It should be noted that you can only use this tool for educational and personal purposes.

convert tidal to mp3 free via athame


1. It is free of charge

2. Support Windows, Mac and Linux

3. Work with Tidal and Google Play Music

4. Built-in ID3 tag editor supports audio editing


1. Real-time ripping takes a long time

2. Lossy audio output quality

3. It crashes and doesn't work frequently

How to Convert Tidal to MP3 Free with Athame

Step 1. Please enter Tidal Web Player or open the Tidal desktop app. Find Tidal songs that you'd like to get MP3 files.

Step 2. Click the 'Share' > 'Copy Tidal Link' button to copy Tidal playlist links.

Step 3. Paste them in Athame's URL text box. There is an 'Add' button for you to click to import Tidal tracks.

Step 4. The last step is to tap the 'Start' tab, it will start to convert Tidal to MP3 for free.

2. Steamrip

Actually, Streamrip is a free open source program that really rips music from the source. It is available for Windows and Mac computers and allows you to download and record music from online music streaming services like Tidal, Deezer, SoundCloud, YouTube, Qobuz, etc. What's more, it can capture and download music in MP3, AAC, OGG and NSV audio formats.

streamrip free tidal to mp3 converter


1. Completely free to use

2. Available for Windows, terminal on macOS

3. Support grabbing music from multiple music streaming platforms

4. Fast download speed


1. Difficult to use and operate

2. Cannot download in bulk

How to Download MP3 from Tidal with Streamrip

Step 1. Navigate to its official website and press the "Start Recording" button in the center of the main page.

Step 2. First, download and install the latest version of Python. Open a command prompt to run the following command: pip install streamrip -upgrade or pip3 install streamrip -upgrade.

Step 3. Once Streamrip is installed, type "rip config --tidal", in turn it will rip and download Tidal music to MP3 via URL.

Part 5. FAQs of Tidal Download MP3

Q1: Tidal Free vs Tidal HiFi vs Tidal HiFi Plus

Now, Tidal has changed its subscription type. And Tidal Free plan is here after everyone's expectation. Tidal Free plan offers up to 90 million songs at up to 160 kbps with limited interruptions. While Tidal HiFi and HiFi Plus offer more features such as ad-free songs, Tidal Connect, offline playback, etc. The difference between the premium subscriptions is the audio quality.

Q2: Can I Download Music from Tidal to MP3?

Yes. There are 6 best Tidal to MP3 converters mentioned in this article you can follow to download and convert Tidal to MP3 no matter which subscription you are using is.

Q3: Why We Need to Convert Tidal to MP3?

Tidal is a music streaming service providing users with a nice listening experience. It offers the tiers of Tidal Free(good sound quality), Tidal HiFi (HiFi sound quality) and Tidal HiFi Plus(master quality audio, Dolby Atmos, Sony 360 Reality Audio, and HiFi quality). No matter which subscription you are using, you can access more than 90 million Tidal tracks.

But Tidal comes with some shortcomings. Users can only play Tidal Music on devices compatible with the Tidal app. That's to say, you can't take full control of your Tidal playback even subscribing to its service. In this instance, converting Tidal to MP3 seems a perfect solution to fix the obstacle.

Q4: What Are the Benefits of Converting Tidal to MP3?

* Listen to Tidal songs and playlists on computers offline
* Play Tidal music on MP3 players without a problem
* Make Tidal songs as iPhone ringtone and Android ringtone
* Set Tidal music as an alarm for mobile devices
* Burn a CD from Tidal MP3 files via other CD burners
* Backup Tidal files on any device, like USB, SD card, etc.

Q5: Is AudFree Tidal to MP3 Converter Free?

AudFree Tidal Music Converter is not a free program but it provides a free trial version for users to test its features and function before purchasing it.

Q6: How to Download Tidal Music to MP3 Player?

Before you start to convert Tidal to MP3, please use a USB cable to connect your MP3 player to your computer. And then please set the destination folder as the music folder of your MP3 player in advance. Now, all Tidal MP3 Music will be downloaded to your MP3 player directly.

Part 6. Which Is the Best Way to Get Tidal MP3 Downloads

Having trouble deciding which Tidal converter to MP3 to use to convert Tidal to MP3? Why don't you follow the visual comparison table below to make the right decision for you.

AudFree Tidable AudFree Audio Capture Apowersoft Aiseesoft Athame Steamrip
Supported OS Windows, Mac Windows, Mac Online Online Windows, Mac and Linux Windows, Mac
Input Formats All Tidal contents Any tracks Any tracks Any tracks Tidal and Google Play Music Tidal, Deezer, SoundCloud, YouTube, Qobuz
Output Quality Lossless Lossless Low Low Low Low
Conversion Speed 5X Real-time Medium Medium Medium Medium
Retain ID3 Tags × ×
Price $79.95 Lifetime License $34.95 Lifetime License Free Free Free Free

Part 7. Bottom Line

There is no doubt that it is necessary to download music from Tidal to MP3 for better Tidal Music entertainment. Just follow this article and you can convert Tidal to MP3 online and for free. In turn, you can play Tidal Music on MP3 players, smartphones, tablets, smart speakers, etc. offline. Moreover, without installing Tidal app, you can simply use any Tidal MP3 player to explore Tidal Music.

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