Best Christmas Audiobooks for Kids and Families in 2023

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Christmas is always an interesting time of the year. It has lots of festivities and an amazing atmosphere of love, gratitude, and thanksgiving. It is also a time when parents get to spend the most time with their kids. Spending time with kids can be quite challenging during Christmas. It is always a great idea to get your children engaged.

One of the best ways to engage your whole family is to listen to Christmas audiobooks together. Books, unlike music, tell interesting stories. It can provide you with clues to teach your children about Christmas. The problem for many parents is that there are so many Christmas carol audiobooks available for them to choose. To help you get the best out of your holiday celebrations, here are the best Christmas audiobooks for kids and family. We will list top 6 best Christmas audio books and show you how to download them for free for offline listening.

christmas audiobooks

#1. Tumtum and Nutmeg: A Christmas Adventure

a christmas adventure

This is one of the good Christmas audio books that you should listen to this Christmas with your kids. The audiobook is written by author Emily Beam and tells a beautiful story for the whole family. The book tells the story of Lucy and Arthur Mildew who live at the Rose Cottage.

Charismas is around the corner. It is already winter time but both Lucy and Arthur do not anticipate any this Christmas. Tuoumtum and Nutmet take the situation into their own hands. The resulting tale is an amazing adventure that will get you wanting more.

#2. The Spirit of Christmas

the spirit of christmas

This is an amazing Christmas story by Nancy Tillman and narrated by Jim Dale. It is a Christmas audiobook for kids. Like is the custom Christmas decorations are being done. The Christmas trees have been ordered. The bells jingle and the Children can't wait for the Christmas candy and of course, the Christmas gift.

Is this all that we want for Christmas? No. This Christmas carol audiobook explores this topic deeper. It brings the story of love and spending the time with those that we love is far more than any present in the world.

#3. A Shiloh Christmas

a shiloh christmas

This is a wonderful Christmas themed audiobook. It's authored by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor and read by Keith Nobbs. The audio book tells the story of a small troubled town that needs love more than anything else.

It's about a rescued beagle named Shiloh, and its master, a little boy called Marty Preston. They decide to save their town by finding love and wisdom for their small town. It greatly captures the Christmas story in a way that no other book has been able to do.

The story is full of suspense and some interesting twists and turns. It will keep you listening from end to end. It is also quite interesting for kids, which makes it perfect for the whole family.

#4. The True Gift: A Christmas Story

the true gift

This is a great Christmas audiobook story by Patricia MacLachlan and read by Aya Cash. Christmas is always a great time to give. For children, this is always time for them to receive that gift they have always been longing for throughout the whole year.

Two children Liam and Lily always travel to their grandfather's farm every Christmas. They spend their time enjoying the firm, visiting the library, or giving out gifts. But this year things promise to be different. The two kids will take a different path that promises to teach a different lesson about Christmas. The kids will learn about the true Christmas gift.

#5. A Gingerbread Christmas

a gingerbread christmas

This is one of the best kids audiobooks for Christmas to listen to this year. The audiobook is written by authors Eric Metaxas and Tim Raglin and read by Susan Saint James. This book is about the town of Gloomsbury.

Christmas has been counseled and all the children are heartbroken. To help the situation the princess and the Prince of Gingerbread team up to save Christmas. The classic story is so entertaining that you will love listening to it all through. It has some lovely music that adds to the beautiful narration.

#6. A Christmas Surprise: A Read-Aloud Bedtime Nativity Story for Children

a christmas surprise

This is a great Christmas story by Jennifer Carter. It's one of the best Christmas audiobooks for adults and kids. You can use to teach your children about Christmas. The book tells four stories from four creatures that witnessed the birth of Jesus Christ. These stories remind us what Christmas all about.

The story of the Donkey in the stable where baby Jesus was born. The story of shepherds who were on a hillside when baby Jesus was born. The story of a stargazing down from the sky on the small town of Bethlehem where Jesus was born. The story of the mother of Jesus.

More Tips: How to Listen to Best Christmas Audiobooks Offline Anywhere

No matter you have an iTunes or Audible account, you can find these Christmas holiday audiobooks on each of them. The only problem here is that you have to play Christmas audio books on selected device. This can be quite an inconvenience when having a large family or you are listening to a very long book.

So, it's better to download and convert the best Christmas audiobooks to common audio files. To achieve that, we can meet AudFree Audiobook Converter here. It has the ability to convert Christmas audiobooks from both Audible and iTunes to MP3, FLAC, etc. At the same time, audiobooks can be split into small segments by chapters. And then you can listen to free Christmas audiobooks and stories on any device without using an internet connection.

To do this, please download and install AudFree Audiobook Converter on your device - Windows or Mac computer. After that, you can follow the tutorial below to start to get Christmas audiobooks offline.

Step 1. Open AudFree Audiobook Converter and add Christmas audiobooks

Start the AudFree program and click on the 'add files' button on it to load your Christmas audiobooks for converting. You can add the audio files from iTunes, Audible or your local computer.

import christmas audiobooks

Step 2. Adjust output audio format

Click on the 'audio' icon and begin to reset output format for Christmas audio books according to your needs. You can change the bit rate, sample rate, reset the volume and more.

adjust audio format for christmas audiobooks

Step 3. Convert Christmas audiobooks to local files

Click the big 'Convert' button to start the process to get plain audiobooks for Christmas. Later, you can check the 'history' section in the AudFree program and view the local audiobooks on your computer. At last, you can listen to them offline on PC/Mac. Or, you can move them to your desired devices or player for offline listening.

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convert christmas audiobooks to plain audio files

Now, you can transfer and play these best Christmas audiobooks on any device through any player. Have a good time with your kids on Christmas eve.

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