Detialed Comparison: Apple Music vs Deezer

According to a recent ranking of best music streaming services, both Deezer and Apple Music made it to the top ten. Notably, Deezer Music became ranked at position four. Apple Music, on the other hand, scoped position 8.

While judging from the ranking makes it obvious that Deezer is better Apple Music services, it is essential to conduct an in-depth comparison of Deezer vs Apple Music. The aim is to understand which attributes the two software’s outdo each other. Since users are interested in sound quality, HiFi, music collection, and pricing, this will be the main focus during the comparison below.

deezer vs apple music

1. Sound Quality

There is no denying that Deezer has good sound quality. Apple Music as well offers an incredible sound quality. However, when it comes to Apple Music vs. Deezer sound quality, one company, outshines the other. Mainly, the paid plan audio quality of Deezer music is 320 kbps on MP3. And you can use some professional audio recording tools to download Deezer music as MP3, FLAC, WAV for offline playback.

On the other hand, the paid plan audio quality on Apple Music is 256 kbps. The ultimate conclusion is that where sound quality is the focus in Deezer vs. Apple Music, then, Deezer music carries the day. Essential to point out is that this does not mean that the sound quality offered by Apple Music is poor. The sound quality of Apple Music, as initially mentioned, is also great.

The only difference is that while compared to Deezer Music, the sound quality is not as great. Therefore, you can choose to have the Apple Music or Deezer music depending on which sound quality works best for you. Nonetheless, while the sound quality of the two become compared, it is Deezer music that offers the best sound quality, and loyal clients of this software can confirm.

The good news for Apple Music lovers is that if you’d like to get high-quality Apple Music streams, you can get help from AudFree Apple Music Converter, which can not only convert Apple Music to lossless FLAC, WAV but also MP3, M4A, etc. while increasing Apple Music bit rate to 320 kbps to offer a nice listening experience.

2. Pricing

Price is a major comparison before selecting anything. Well, the case is not any different in the Deezer vs. Apple Music analysis. Therefore, it is essential to evaluate the two with the central focus being the price. The beginning premium price of Deezer is $9.99. The beginning premium price for Apple Music, on the other hand, is $9.99. The next pricing for Deezer and Apple Music is $11.99 and $14. 99, which means that the Deezer is relatively affordable compared to the Apple Music.

However, there exists discounted offers for students in both of this software. In these discounted offers, the pricing is relatively cheaper for students in Apple Music. This hence means that as a student, the Apple Music works better than the Deezer music. Nonetheless, if money is not so much of an issue, you can consider either of the software.

It also worth mentioning is that since Spotify expands Spotify Premium free trial to 3 months, Apple Music also adds 1-month free trial based on the basic plan.

3. HiFi

In music software industry HiFi is one of the major factors that the clients like to consider. In most cases, clients would want music software that offers or supports music HiFi. If you are this kind of persons, then, the best software to settle for in 2019 is the Deezer software. Influencing this is the fact that Deezer music has music HiFi.

Unfortunately, not the same comments can become made concerning Apple Music. The reason is that this music application does not support music HiFi. However, one can still consider the software if they are not concerned with the music HiFi or do not see the impact of this feature. Whichever the case, Deezer is the best in regards to music HiFi as opposed to Apple Music in case you are stuck of deciding with the central focus being the music HiFi.

4. Music Collection

If you are a lover of music collection, you understand why music collection is a great factor of consideration while choosing the software. In case you are lost, do not worry. The music collection is typical, the number of songs that the respective software supports. While some software’s support a limited number of audios, others have unlimited support to songs.

About Deezer music, the software supports as many as 40 million audio tracks. Fortunately, there is no difference when it comes to Apple Music software. The reason is that just like Apple Music, just like the Deezer music, supports as many as 40 million songs. Therefore, the music collection Apple Music vs. Deezer 2019 is the same.

There is, however, a likelihood that either of the company may increase their music collection to increase their visibility in the industry. Should this occur, you can trust that you will be among the first persons to know. The only trick is to keep it hear so that you are not left out in case of any upgrades by either of these top music streaming software.

It is not only in music collection that Apple Music and Deezer compare. There are several other factors in which the software have shared characteristic. They include offline download and algorithmic radio. Yes, both the Deezer music and the Apple Music feature an algorithmic radio. Additionally, they both offer offline downloads. Therefore, there is no need to become concerned with either of the software that you end up selecting. The reason is that you will get to enjoy the downloads even when you are not online on both Deezer music and Apple Music.

In Conclusion

Apple brands, including their software’s, have for the longest time, remain unbeatable. In this Deezer vs. Apple Music comparison, things appear to take a different shift. The reason is that the Deezer is by far much out doing the Apple Music Application.

However, this is not a conclusion that you need to select the Deezer music and forgo the Apple Music. It becomes recommended that you select music streaming service that meets your demands. If the Apple Music works best for you, there is no harm in making it your music service of choice. If the Deezer music plays the trick for you, it is perfectly okay to select this software.

Therefore, the vital thing before opting for either of the services to understand your needs and which among the two serves your selected needs. In the absence of doing this, even the best, may work as the worst for you.

Jul 14, 2021 12:00 AM

Posted by James Blair to Apple Music Tips