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Increasing attention from Audible users has been paid to the difference between Audible Plus and Premium Plus recently. Many users hope to figure out the membership benefits of the two Audible subscription plans to return a verdict on which is better. If you are also seeking the answer, please look no further than this article. We will take you through a comprehensive comparison of Audible Plus vs Premium Plus from multiple aspects, like cost, benefits, compatibility, and the like. Or, you can also direct to Part 7 to check the summary table including all aspects. Let's get started now!

audible plus vs premium plus

Part 1. Audible Plus vs Premium Plus Overview

Audible provides its users with two main subscription plans: Audible Plus and Audible Premium Plus to add value to your listening experience.

What Is Audible Plus

Audible Plus is the regular subscription version offered by Audible that empowers you to access a selection of Audible Originals (exclusive audio titles produced by Audible), audiobooks, podcasts, and other audio content for a monthly fee. With Audible Plus, you will get unlimited access to stream or download Audible content as much as you want from the Audible Plus library, without having to purchase each title individually.

What Is Audible Premium Plus

Audible premium Plan serves as the one-credit-a-month plan with its members formerly known as Gold and Platinum members. It's an advanced version of Audible Plus, which requires a higher price per month with a larger library. In other words, with Audible Premium Plus, you can enjoy all membership benefits of the Plus plan, as well as additional features such as access to exclusive audiobooks, and credits.

Compared with Audible Plus, this plan entitles users to plus one credit monthly that can be used to redeem all titles from the Audible library without additional cost. What makes credits apart from monthly charges is the titles you redeemed with credits can be kept forever even if you cancel the Audible subscription. Moreover, the Premium Plus enables you to enjoy exclusive discounts and deals on audiobook purchases, which the Plus plan doesn't offer.

audible plus vs premium plus

Part 2. Audible Premium Plus Cost vs Plus Cost

When choosing from two plans, the price for both plans is the top priority. Audible Plus is priced at about $8 monthly while Premium Plus needs plus $7 per month. However, The upgraded premium version offers you a discount of 30% off on title and exclusive purchases. Here, we have listed Audible Plus and Premium Plus costs in the below chart for you to take a quick view.

Audible Plans Cost
Plus $7.95/month
Premium Plus (1 credit/mo) $14.95/month
Premium Plus (2 credits/mo) $22.95/month
Premium Plus Annual (12 credits/year) $149.50/year ($12.45 a month)
Premium Plus Annual (24 credits/year) $229.50/year ($19.10 a month)

✨Verdict: Audible Plus wins. There is a more detailed division of Audible Premium Plus. It includes Premium Plus with 2 credits, Premium Annual with 12 credits, and Annual with 24 credits. If you want to only stream audiobooks online or download titles for monthly offline playback for a short time, Audible Plus is a great shot for you. But, to enjoy more features and benefits in the long term, Audible Premium Plus Annual can meet your needs at a favorable price.

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Part 3. Audible Premium Plus Benefits vs Plus

There is no doubt that the membership benefits also play a significant role when you choose a plan. You can enjoy different membership benefits with different plans. Please look into this table to nail down which provides more benefits.

Audible Plans Benefit
Plus 1) Stream Audible Originals, audiobooks, sleep tracks, podcasts, and meditation programs
2) Unlimited access to Audible Plus Catalog including over 11000 titles
3) All to download audiobooks for offline playback temporarily
4) Offer new titles every week based on your listening tastes
5) With a 30-day free trial
Premium Plus (1 credit/mo) 1) Give 1 credit per month to redeem and purchase 1 title for free
2) Exclusive discounts and deals with 30% off on title sales
3) Keep all credits valid within 12 months
4) Preserve redeemed titles forever
5) All Audible Plus benefits
Premium Plus (2 credits/mo) 1) Give 2 credits per month to redeem and purchase 2 titles for free
2) Exclusive discounts and deals with 30% off on title sales
3) Keep all credits valid within 12 months
4) Preserve redeemed titles forever
5) All Audible Plus benefits
Premium Plus Annual (12 credits/year) 1) All Audible Premium Plus benefits
2) Give 12 credits a year to redeem titles for free
Premium Plus Annual (24 credits/year) 1) All Audible Premium Plus benefits
2) Give 24 credits a year to redeem titles for free

✨Verdict: Premium Plus wins. Since it provides more benefits and features. It gives its users credits that can redeem audiobooks and keep purchases forever without more cost.

Part 4. Audible Plus vs Premium Plus: Compatibility

Audible allows users to use and stream audiobooks or podcasts on only supported devices, be it Audible Plus or Premium Plus plan. There is no difference between Audible Premium Plus and Plus plans with the aspect of device compatibility. Please have a look at the following devices below to check whether your device is Audible-supported:

● iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod)
● Android devices (tablets and phones)
● Windows/Mac computers
● Windows phones
● Alexa devices
● Fire tablets
● Kindles
● SanDisk Clips
● Victor Reader Stream
● Bones Milestone 312

✨Verdict: Draws. Audible announced that both Kindle Touch and Kindle Keyboard are removed from the compatible lists with the advent of new Kindle products and advanced technology. Despite Audible subscriptions, all Audible users are limited to streaming Audible content on the above devices. But, don't fret! By drawing support from a third-party Audible audiobook downloader, it is possible to play Audible books on all devices and players forever.

Today, we would like to introduce a sought-after tool, namely AudFree Audio Converter (also called AudFree Auditior). This smart gadget serves to download and convert all Audible content as local files that you can preserve forever even though the Audible plans are expired. It supports uploading both Audible's AX and AAX files. This software will export them as unprotected MP3, FLAC, AAC, WAV, M4A, etc. You can also split those audiobooks into small-size files by chapters with AudFree Auditior.

Beyond that, AudFree Auditior adopts top-notch conversion technology to keep the lossless streaming quality and full metadata info of Audible books. Coupled with an inside editor, it endows you with the capability to customize the original ID tags to your likes. Most importantly, once the Audible content is converted, you can play those conversions on any device including Audible-incompatible devices and players at any time.

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Part 5. Audible Plus Catalog vs Premium Plus

The library sizes of both Audible Plus and Premium Plus should also be taken priority. The Audible Plus Catalog includes over 11000 titles including podcasts and more than 68000 hours of Audible content. However, Plus users cannot access the Member-only content from the whole Audible library. Both Audible Plus and Premium Plus members can enjoy all content from the Audible Plus Catalog, embracing Audible Originals, podcasts, audiobooks, etc.

audible plus catalog

Audible Premium Plus covers the Plus Catalog in its library but with more content. The Premium Plus members can get access to all 50,000 content from Audible including the Member-only content and exclusive curated podcasts. Furthermore, it provides newly released books and podcasts to its members.

What also makes it better is the credits it offers to Premium Plus subscribers. One credit can be used to exchange one audiobook regardless of the price and keep those books permanently without Audible subscriptions.

✨Verdict: Audible Premium Plus wins this round for its larger catalog.

Part 6. Audible Premium Plus Free Trial vs Plus

Both of the two Audible subscriptions entitle users to a 30-day free trial. But the Audible Premium Plus free trial endows you with more benefits and extensive connection with an Amazon Prime account for $0.

With the 30-day free trial, you can test all the features and benefits of Audible Plus and Audible Premium Plus respectively. Thus, within the same 30 days, you can experience all Audible library of 50000+ titles with the Audible Premium Plan, which Plus cannot. Most importantly, if you are an Amazon Prime member, you can get the 1-month Audible Premium Plus free trial with 2 credits per month at no extra cost. Thus, you are allowed to access free Audible audiobooks with Amazon Prime.

✨Verdict: Obviously, Audible Premium Plus wins.

Part 7. Comparison Table: Which Is Better

Here is a comparison table that covers all aspects of Audible Plus vs Premium Plus. Please check it to make a quick decision.

Audible Plans Plus Premium Plus
30-Day Free Trial
Cost $7.95/month $14.95/month with 1 credit ($15.95 for iOS app)
$22.95/month with 2 credits
Catalog Size Over 11000 titles 50000 titles including Member-only content
Exclusive Discount/Deals
Compatibile Devices 10 types of devices 10 types of devices
Unlimited Access to Plus Catalog
Access to All Audible Library
Preserve Titles Forever
Work with Amazon Prime

✨Verdict: Generally, Audible Premium Plus has an edge over the Plus plan. Since it boasts a larger catalog and other unique benefits, such as credits and the capability to keep titles offline forever. Yet, both of the two plans support their members to stream Audible books on compatible devices only, which is not convenient for some users.

Amid such as situation, please give a shot to AudFree Audible Book Converter. It is safe to use and convert all your Audible catalogs into your local drive on your computer for listening to Audible offline permanently without credits.

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