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Audible is the world's most famous audiobook service, offering a huge library of audio content for entertainment. With $14.95 per month, Audible Premium Plus subscribers receive many great benefits such as a monthly credit for any title in the Audible catalog, a 30% discount on credit card purchases, easy Audible return or exchange, etc.

If you purchase an Audible book using a credit by mistake, or you are unsatisfied with certain titles for any reason, you can return them within 365 days of the original purchase date. For those of you who are new to Audible, here we will show how to return Audible book for an exchange or refund, and more tips about Audible return policy will be included as well.

return audible book

Part 1. Audible Return Policy - Things You Should Know

Audible's return policy is designed to give you peace of mind when trying a random audiobook or different narrator. And there are a few things you need to know about returning a book on Audible:

1. Active Audible Premium Plus members can return books freely.

2. Non-members can only return 2 Audible books every 6 months.

3. You can only return Audible books within 365 days of purchase.

4. you will get a refund in the same way you purchased it.

5. You can return a book on Audible even if you have already listened to it.

6. In any case, if Audible suspects that this benefit is being abused, they reserve the right to limit the number of exchanges and refunds, or even to cancel this benefit.

Part 2. How to Return/Exchange Books on Audible Desktop

There can be many reasons why we want to return audiobook on Audible. For example, there is something wrong with the audio, or you don't like the book or the narrator. A great benefit of Audible Premium Plus is that it allows you to exchange Audible books that you are not happy with. Without further ado, let's find out how to exchange or return an audible book for refund on your computer.

Step 1. Visit the Audible desktop site in a web browser and log in to your account.

Step 2. Once logged in, click your name from the top menu and select Account Details.

audible account details desktop

Step 3. Go to Purchase History page from the left menu.

audible purchase history desktop

Step 4. Find the title you'd like to return and click the Exchange or Return button next to it.

find audible return book desktop

Step 5. When a window pops up, please select a reason for your return.

select reason for audible return desktop

Step 6. Click Return to complete the transaction, and your unwanted Audible book will be returned.

return audible book desktop

Part 3. How to Return Audible Book on Mobile

As for how to return a book on Audible on a mobile device, you can't return book in the Audible app. You need to go to the Audible website and perform similar steps as above.

Step 1. Open a web browser on your mobile devices and visit the Audible mobile site.

Step 2. Log in with your Audible account and tap Menu from the upper-left corner.

Step 3 Go to My Account and Purchase History.

audible purchase history mobile

Step 4. Find your title you wish to return in the library, select it and tap Return.

Step 5. Select return reason and then hit the Return button.

return audible book mobile

Note: You will be refunded with the same method of payment you used to purchase the title. If you purchased the title with a credit, then you will get your credit back immediately for your next Audible purchase. If the Audible book was purchased with a credit card, you'll return Audible book for credit and receive a refund in approximately 7 to 10 business days.

Part 4. Frequently Asked Questions of Audible Return

Q1: How Many Audible Books Can I Return?

There doesn't appear to be a hard number on how many returns you can make. As an Audible Premium Plus member, you can return audiobooks you are not completely satisfied with and choose another, but there will be limits on how many books you can return online. This limit varies based on the number of returns you've already made and the timing of your return.

Q2: Why Does It Say "Audible Not Eligible for Return"?

If you do not meet the Audible return policy mentioned in this article, you will see the message "Not eligible for return". Plus, if Amazon thinks you have abused the return policy, you will not be able to return books on Audible and your account may be suspended for a period of time.

Q3: What If I Can't Return Audible Audiobook?

To resolve this issue, you can still return your book by contacting Audible for help via phone, email or chat options.

Q4: Can I Return a Book on Audible I've Listened to in Full?

Audible has not specifically addressed on this issue. But the answer is yes, you can return audiobooks that you've listened to in full as some Audible members have requested a return successfully.

Q5: Can Non-members Return an Audible Book?

Non-members can only return books by contacting Audible Customer Service. Also, there is an Audible return limit of 2 books every 6 months.

Q6: What Refund Will I Receive When Returning Audible Book?

When you return a book, the refund will automatically be provided to the same payment method used for the purchase. By the way, if you receive credit as a refund, please use it within 12 months, otherwise it will expire. Also, the credit card refund process takes approximately 7 to 10 working days.

Q7: How Many Times Can I Exchange or Return Audible Book?

Although there are no clear rules on how many times you can return books, Audible may limit the number of exchanges. Audible can terminate return at any time when someone abuses the terms.

Bonus Time. How to Listen to Audible Books on All Devices

Being able to return Audible books is such a great benefit that encourages audiobook lovers to pick up a random audiobook. Besides the unspecific limits on how many returns you can make, Audible also implies some restrictions to the Audible audiobooks by encrypting them in AA and AAX formats. To put it simply, you can't currently listen to Audible books on all devices anytime and anywhere.

To solve this problem, we here recommend AudFree Audible Converter, which can help you encrypt and convert AA/AAX to MP3, FLAC, or other common audio formats at 30X or higher speed. All the metadata information will be kept during the converting process. In addition, a built-in splitting feature enables you to cut a large Audible book into small segments by chapters.

Now, let's see how to use AudFree Audible Converter to download your favorite Audible books to PC and Mac for offline playback on the desired device whenever you want.

Step 1. Launch the AudFree software and click the the first '+' button to select Audible books from the iTunes library to AudFree Auditior.

add audible audiobooks to audfree auditior

Step 2. Please click the 'Format' icon to define the output format for your Audible books. We suggest you set the output audio format as MP3 as this audio format can be recognized by all devices.

set audible book as mp3

Step 3. After all settings are saved, simply click the 'Convert' button at the bottom-right corner of the main interface and it will start converting at high speed. After that, you can locate the converted MP3 Audible books in the destination folder.

download audible books offline


After reading the above, you will see that returning a book on Audible is not difficult. Just follow the guide to return a book on Audible with confidence. May you and I enjoy reading our favorite Audible books.

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