Perform Tidal FLAC Download? It's Easy!

When it comes to high-quality music streaming, there is no doubt that Tidal is the leader in the music streaming industry. With a Tidal Premium subscription, users will have access to a larger number of tracks in FLAC (16bit / 44.1kHz), which offers CD-quality audio in its purest form.

Subscribers can download music for offline listening in the mobile app, but it is impossible to do the same with Tidal desktop app. Even worse, you may not play the Tidal FLAC downloads on other devices directly since they are encrypted. So, is there a way to convert Tidal to FLAC free of protection so that we can enjoy them offline on any device?

Fortunately, the answer is positive. Below is the recommendation of 3 Tidal to FLAC converters, which will fan you to download Tidal to FLAC with Tidal lossless quality. Read on to get the detailed how-to tutorial.

tidal to flac

Part 1. Lossless Tidal Converter to FLAC - AudFree Tidal Music Converter

The root cause of the inability to directly convert Tidal to FLAC is the digital right management technology applied on Tidal content. Even though you download Tidal music offline with paid subscription on mobiles, the downloads are readable by Tidal only. Therefore, we need a Tidal DRM removal tool to bypass all limitations.

AudFree Tidal Music Converter is the tool you'll need. It's a professional software well-designed for both Tidal Premium and HiFi subscribers to download FLAC music from Tidal losslessly without the Tidal app, and meanwhile remove copyright restriction on all Tidal downloads.

As an all-in-one Tidal music converter, this smart software can do more than Tidal FLAC music download. It's also capable of converting Tidal to other 5 formats including MP3, WAV, WMA, M4A, and M4B. While downloading and converting, AudFree Tidal Music Converter can also detect and keep all ID3 tags of the music such as title, genre, year, album cover, etc.

By adopting innovative technology, AudFree Tidal Music Converter runs at 5X fast speed to download from Tidal FLAC on Windows and Mac computers. With the assistance of this tool, you can play Tidal music on any media player, game consoles, smartphones, or Bluetooth speakers, outside the Tidal app.

AudFree Tidal Music Converter

audfree tidal to flac music converter
  • Losslessly remove copyright limits from Tidal music
  • Download and convert Tidal to FLAC, M4A, WAV, etc.
  • Keep original ID3 tags and 100% lossless audio quality
  • Work at 5X fast speed, support to edit other audio parameters

How to Download FLAC from Tidal - Step by Step

Please firstly download and install AudFree Tidal Music Converter on computer to get ready. And then refer to the following detailed tutorial to locally download Tidal music to FLAC for offline playing on all devices and players.

Step 1Launch AudFree Tidal Music Converter
log in to tidal account in audfree tidal converter
Once installed, open AudFree Tidal Music Converter. You'll be directly guided to the Tidal online website due to AudFree's inbuilt Tidal Web Player. Head to the "Log in" option and click it to access your Tidal account.
Step 2Set Tidal output format as FLAC
set flac as tidal output format
In this step, set output format. Go to Menu from the upper-right corner and select the "Preferences" > "Advanced" option. Here in this settings window, you need to choose FLAC as output format and customize other audio parameters according to your needs. You are suggested to select bit depth as 24 bit to keep original sound quality if you are a Tidal HiFi subscriber.
Step 3Load Tidal music to AudFree
load tidal music to audfree
AudFree Tidal Music Converter allows you to add your Tidal playlist or album to the waiting queue. Simply find the albums or playlists you want to download from Tidal, click on it to go for details. Then, click the "+" button to load the Tidal playlist or album to AudFree. In the to-be-converted list, you can choose any Tidal tracks to convert if there is no need to download the whole playlist.
Step 4Start FLAC lossless download from Tidal
convert tidal to lossless flac
The final step is to hit on the "Convert" button to launch the converting process. AudFree Tidal Music Converter will start to convert Tidal to FLAC format without touching the original sound quality. Once completed, you can hit the "Converted" icon to open the history list and locate all download FLAC Tidal files in the destination folder.

Video Demo: How to Download from Tidal to FLAC Losslessly

This video tutorial shows how to download Tidal FLAC files with high quality using the AudFree Tidal Music Converter.

Part 2. Free Tidal FLAC Download Software - Tidal-Media-Downloader

Tidal-Media-Downloader functions to be a Tidal downloader freeware. It's open-source and cross-platform, allowing you to download tracks, albums, playlists, and videos from Tidal website on Windows, Mac, Linux, and even Android. When working as a Tidal music downloader, it carries the ability to add metadata info to Tidal songs automatically and select track quality. Note, though, that you have to count on a Tidal HiFi subscription to set FLAC for Tidal music.

tidal media downloader download tidal to flac

To download Tidal to FLAC by virtue of Tidal-Media-Downloader, please download and install the tool. It has two versions, namely, Tidal-gui for Windows and Tidal-dl for all supported platforms. According to your condition, choose the proper version of Tidal-Media-Downloader. After installation, do the following.

For Tidal-gui: open it and sign in your account > copy & paste the link of Tidal music to the search box of Tidal-gui to download Tidal music to FLAC.

For Tidal-dl: run it and enter "1" to log into your account > type "2" and click "Enter" to configure FLAC as output format and HiFi as audio quality > copy Tidal music link to Tidal-dl to download FLAC from Tidal.

Part 3. Best Tidal to FLAC Ripper - AudFree Audio Capture

Apart from using the above 2 Tidal music downloaders to download FLAC music from Tidal, you can also apply a traditional ripping and recording way to rip FLAC from Tidal. Here, such a Tidal music ripper named AudFree Audio Recorder bears the brunt.

As a full-featured audio recording tool, AudFree Audio Capture can not only grab any audio from apps on your computer without loss of original quality, but also save recordings as FLAC, MP3, WAV, AAC, M4A, etc. With an inbuilt editor, it also gives its power to split recorded audio files and customize ID3 tags of music tracks.

The flexible output setter is another attraction of AudFree Audio Capture. It entitles you to adjust codec, channel, sample rate, bit depth, and even output preset for Tidal music in accordance with your needs. Using it to rip Tidal music to FLAC locally, you can rely on these steps.

audfree tidal to flac ripper

Step 1. To begin with, please install AudFree Audio Capture and Tidal app on desktop. Then, open AudFree software and choose "+" icon to add the Tidal app to the main screen of AudFree;

Step 2. Next, head to the format window with the help of an audio icon at the lower right corner. Here, select "FLAC" as output format and customize format parameters like codec, sample rate, etc.;

Step 3. Once set up, click "OK" to save your settings and leave for the main interface. Now, touch Tidal icon to open the capture window and the Tidal app. Play your favorite song and AudFree Audio Capture automatically starts ripping Tidal music to unprotected FLAC files;

Step 4. After recording, touch "Stop" to finish the process. If needed, touch the "Edit" button on Tidal recordings to trim unpleasant tracks and edit metadata info of Tidal music. Whereafter, save Tidal FLAC files to your local computer by use of the "Save" button.

Part 4. More Info: Tidal FLAC vs AAC vs MP3

FLAC is short for Free Lossless Audio Codec, which is similar to MP3 but in a lossless format. Tidal HiFi comes with FLAC format at 44.1 kHz/16 bit. Tidal FLAC streams are CD-quality lossless tracks, which are the improved audio tracks over MP3 and AAC files. If you'd like to enjoy Hi-res audio quality, Tidal offers a lot of tracks in MQA quality for HiFi subscribers as well, and you'll notice a 'Master' tag next to the song title if it's available.

AAC stands for Advanced Audio Coding, which is an audio coding standard for lossy digital audio compression. AAC is the successor of MP3 but with better sound quality when encoding the same bit rate. The 'high-quality' tracks offered by Tidal Premium stream in 320 kbps AAC format.

In short, no matter your Tidal tracks are encoded in FLAC or AAC format, you can apple the tool and method we introduce above to download and convert Tidal to FLAC effortlessly.

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