YouTube Music vs Tidal 2023: Complete Comparison

Tidal and YouTube Music floods you with interesting music tracks to entertain you when you are in need. Both the platforms carry millions of songs with high-end quality parameters. But which one is your selection?

Here, in this article, you will get insights into the different features of these two music streaming services. The pros and cons of Tidal vs YouTube Music provide you with a better understanding, which aids you with more useful information to select between Tidal and YouTube Music.

Read this article and pick one music platform to listen to your favorite playlists anytime without compromising the quality factors. Surf below to obtain exciting and reliable facts on it in detail.

tidal vs youtube music

Part 1. What Is Tidal vs What Is YouTube Music

Tidal offers you 80 million soundtracks with exclusive releases, interviews, and music videos to entertain the users. It aids in easy access to the music files and ensures uninterrupted streaming of playlists with high fidelity sound quality. The interface is easy to use and you can make the best out of this environment without any prior knowledge.

The YouTube Music database has more than 60 million songs to stream for valuable users. This platform runs a powerful analysis algorithm in the hidden mode to display the best suggestions list to the customers. It has equivalent filter options like Tidal to reach the desired playlists from the database.

Both the platforms entertain the users without regrets by providing uninterrupted services. These two streaming platforms organize and manage the song files in a structured format to aid quick access. The songs stored in this environment are available in the protected format for security purpose. It prevents anonymous downloads of the soundtracks from the entertaining platforms.

Part 2. YouTube Music vs Tidal Free Plan

The Tidal and YouTube Music Free plan provides limited access to its database and the quality of the soundtracks seems to be very low than the subscribed streaming. Only restricted songs are accessible using the free plan and you will encounter many advertisements while playing your favorite playlists. You will face limitations in device access in this free plan.

It's possible for you to get Tidal for free or get YouTube Music for free because both YouTube Music app vs Tidal offer a 30-day free trial for you to stream music. But to enjoy an uninterrupted soundtrack using these music streaming platforms, quickly subscribe to the relevant schemes on YouTube Music or Tidal to enhance the quality of listening. Choose the plans as per your needs and enroll into the same for expected outcomes.

Part 3. YouTube Music Premium vs Tidal HiFi

Take a quick look at the subscription plans of Tidal HiFi vs YouTube Music Premium.

Subscription Plans YouTube Music Tidal HiFi
Individual $9.99/month $9.99/month
Family $14.99/month $14.99/month
Student $4.99/month $4.99/month
Military and Community Heroes No $5.99/month

These are the pricing details of YouTube Music Premium and Tidal HiFi streaming. The Tidal app offers special consideration to the Military and community heroes by offering them the least cost.

Overall, Tidal HiFi and YouTube Music Premium both offer an affordable price. However, Tidal excels in the quality streaming of the audio content. If you opt for music quality factors, then go for a Tidal subscription rather than the YouTube Music one. Most of the users choose the Tidal app for occasions to address the gatherings. For better sound reach, the Tidal app excels and seems to be the right choice too.

Part 4. YouTube Music vs Tidal Quality

The Tidal app overruns the YouTube platform when compared to the sound quality factors. The Tidal HiFi premium subscription of Tidal offers the streaming of audio up to 1411kbps. It ensures lossless high-fidelity playing of the songs on any speakers efficiently. While the HiFi Plus plans can stream songs at Master quality in ultra-high-resolution audio.

The above quality factors lack with the YouTube Music app which is up to 256kbps in sound quality. It streams the songs at a reasonable sound quality. You can opt for the YouTube Music app if the quality criteria do not occupy your requirements list.

Part 5. YouTube Music vs Tidal Song Count & Music Discovery

YouTube Music and Tidal store large audio lists in their database to help you access them quickly. YouTube Music carries more video-based songs than the Tidal platform. The suggestion algorithm of YouTube Music is appreciable, and it quickly prepares a playlist from the users depending on the frequently accessed details. YouTube Music also displays the lyrics of the songs too. Both the platforms prepare the daily mixes according to the users' favorites and display them in their dashboards for quick access.

Part 6. YouTube Music vs Tidal Device Limitations

YouTube Music and Tidal stream the songs on all the gadgets but has limitations in their count. Tidal allows you to play songs on 5 devices in offline mode and one gadget in online mode. YouTube Music supports to play music on nearly 10 devices simultaneously hassle-free. Based on the subscribed schemes, the device limitations vary. You can choose the perfect plan according to your needs.

The feature to listen to Tidal music requires you're a premium user. Even though Tidal gives you the ability to use Tidal on 5 devices, you still can't be able to play them on other players that don't support Tidal. And the Tidal downloads are only available on its app. How can you break the shackles of it?

Here comes a third-party application like AudFree Tidal Music Converter. It is an efficient tool to stream the Tidal playlists offline. You can rely on it to bring the best out of this entertaining platform. AudFree Tidal Music Converter removes the protected format from Tidal songs, which lets you play them on any device flawlessly. It downloads and converts Tidal playlists at a faster rate without data loss. The downloaded soundtracks are available at the system local drive for quick access.

AudFree Tidal Music Converter

audfree tidal music converter
  • Converts and downloads the Tidal playlists at 5X times faster
  • This app helps in offline listening of the Tidal songs
  • Removes the protected format of playlist and converts it to a compatible file type
  • Manages downloaded playlists with ID3 tags for quick access
  • With a simple interface, you can work on it hassle-free

The stepwise instructions to download and convert the Tidal playlists with AudFree Tidal Music Converter.

Step 1Install AudFree Tidal Music Converter
install audfree tidal music converter
Go to its official website and download the correct version of the tool based on your system OS. Then, install the program and launch the app. Register the program to access all the features of this tool by entering the respective credentials.
Step 2Customize the conversion attributes for Tidal HiFi
choose the desired parameters for tidal music
Click the Preferences icon and personalize the output settings like output file type, bit rate, sample rate and conversion speed. You can save the changes by tapping the OK button.
Step 3Import Tidal HiFi songs to AudFree
upload tidal hifi playlists to audfree
Next, go to the Tidal Web Player and search the playlists you want to download. Then add the playlists from Tidal by hitting the + Music icon. You now will insert the desired playlists into the working space of the AudFree Tidal Music Converter program.
Step 4Start the Tidal music download conversion
convert and export tidal music on your computer
Finally, press the Convert button to start the conversion and download Tidal songs to PC system drive. You must wait until the process completes and play the songs from the History menu in AudFree Tidal Music Converter.
It is an efficient method of accessing the Tidal songs effortlessly. Use this user-friendly application and connect with your favorite Tidal soundtracks hassle-free.

Part 7. Conclusion

Thus, you had an enlightening journey about the Tidal vs YouTube Music quality, subscription plans, and more. The above-discussed facts are reliable and you can choose the right streaming platform according to your requirements. Tidal tops the list in quality factors and YouTube Music brings out your favorites quickly through the suggestion algorithm.

The two apps have their pros and cons. Select the ones that ensure you uninterrupted services. You can stay connected with this article to resolve your dilemma while choosing the streaming programs between Tidal and YouTube Music.

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