How to Add Apple Music to iMovie? Solved!

Q: I have subscribed an Apple Music paid plan to download songs for iMovie with Apple Music so that I can use Apple Music as the background music for my new movie project creating in iMovie video editing software. But I couldn't figure out how to add Apple Music to iMovie that I have downloaded to my computer already. Is there any simple tutorial to take me away from this awkward situation?

An internationally recognized hottest music streaming service being compatible with almost all Apple devices, Apple Music is regarded as the entrance to music entertainment for Apple fans to discover and explore exclusive music and playlists. There is no doubt that you can find lots of pleasure and charming soundtracks as the source of videos' background music.

Can you import Apple Music to iMovie for editing? The official answer could be disappointed you. But where there is a will, there is a way. I have already found an effective solution to make Apple Music available for iMovie. Just share my successful experience with you here.

use apple music on imovie

Part 1. Why We Can't Import Apple Music to iMovie

Before we get started to put a song on iMovie from Apple Music, it's necessary to acknowledge the reasons why you can't do it. In short, Apple doesn't allow users to add Apple Music songs to iMovie. It's because Apple Music is a streaming service, which is copyrighted tracks that are not for use as in importing into iMovie project.

When it comes to adding music to iMovie, you will be required to purchase the target music from iTunes, since iTunes music streams purchased after 2009 are unprotected by DRM technology and can be imported into an iMovie project for editing without hassle. However, when you have lots of Apple Music you need to purchase from iTunes store, obviously, it's a big expense compared to the subscription fee of $9.9 per month.

Part 2. How to Use Apple Music on iMovie - Best Way

From what we mentioned above, if you are planning to upload Apple Music to iMovie, the way you should do is to remove DRM from Apple Music and then we can use Apple Music as local music in iMovie.

After compared to more than 10 professional Apple Music DRM removal tools, the winner could be AudFree Apple Music Converter, which is designed to get rid of DRM technology from Apple Music, iTunes audiobooks as well as Audible books with 100% lossless audio quality preserved. Besides, this all-in-one smart software can convert Apple Music to iMovie compatible audio files directly, like MP3, M4A, etc.

AudFree Apple Music Converter

audfree apple music converter
  • Remove DRM from iTunes, Apple Music playlists, tracks, etc.
  • Convert Apple Music to iMovie supported formats, like MP3
  • Transfer iTunes, Apple Music to iMovie, Shortcut, and so on
  • Work well with Apple Music, audiobooks, Audible files and more
Step 1Load DRM Apple Music files to AudFree
upload  apple music
There are two ways to add Apple Music that you'd like to use in iMovie to AudFree Apple Music Converter. The first way is to click the first 'Add Files' button, all downloaded Apple Music tracks will show up in the iTunes library of AudFree's. And then you can directly choose favorite Apple Music songs for uploading. The other way is to drag and drop protected songs from your computer to AudFree's main interface directly.
Step 2Set output format as iMovie supported one
set output format for imovie
There are six options for your choice. You just need to click the 'audio' icon to launch the setting window and then you will see all options and you can choose the iMovie compatible files as the target output format. In this window, you can also start to change other output audio parameters, like bit rate, sample rate, audio channel, codec, etc. to customize output quality.
Step 3Convert DRM Apple Music for iMovie
convert apple music for imovie
When all settings are ready, please simply press the 'Convert' button at the right corner of the main window, AudFree Apple Music Converter will unlock Apple Music DRM lock and convert added music streams to target audio files that can be recognized by iMovie. The more Apple Music tracks are added, the longer the conversion time is.
Step 4Import converted Apple Music to iMovie
add apple music to imovie
Please open iMovie and the video project on your Mac computer. Now, you can click the 'Import' icon to locate Apple Music folder (You can know the target folder by clicking the 'Converted' button in AudFree software) and start to add Apple Music to iMovie. Once added, please drag this audio track into the timeline, adjust position and cut or delete unwanted audio clips. After that, you can still edit your movie project as you like.

Part 3. How to Add Apple Music to iMovie on iPhone

As a matter of fact, there are three ways for you to add soundtracks as background music for iMovie project, respectively Soundtracks and theme music, iTunes, and Imported. In general, iMovie has its built-in music collection that can adjust automatically to fit the length of your video project. But, you can also to use music stored on your device, like converted Apple Music in iMovie. Here we will give the detailed instruction for your reference.

Add a Soundtrack or theme music to iMovie

Step 1. With the project open, please hit on the 'Add Media' button to select 'Audio' > 'Soundtracks' icon.

Step 2. Just select the favorite music and tap the 'Add Audio' button to add them to your video project.

Add converted Apple Music to iMovie on iOS

Step 1. The first step is the same as the above way by clicking the 'Add Media' > 'Audio' button.

Step 2. Now, you can start to locate the converted Apple Music track synced to your device from your computer.

Step 3. Tap 'My Music' button to listen to it previously or click the 'Add Audio' icon to add it to your video in iMovie.

Before doing this, please make sure you have synced unprotected Apple Music files to your iTunes store. Besides, you can also upload Apple Music files to iCloud Drive and use them in iMovie from iCloud Drive. Which way to choose depends on your real situation.

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