How to Download Songs from Soundcloud to Apple Music

By James Blair Updated on 2021-07-14 / Update for Apple Music Tips

Apple Music and SoundCloud, which one do you prefer? Many people think that Apple Music has a well-recognized brand that almost everyone knows the Apple company. In the meanwhile, SoundCloud gets more supports from the artists. Many artists would rather start their music careers from it.

Anyway, both of the two music sites have their unique advantages and you can select them all according to your needs. If you have been Soundcloud fan and now would like to try Apple Music, or you have used Apple Music for many years and now want to attempt SoundCloud Music, this article is what you required before starting the new trial.

In the following paragraphs, you will find 2 useful methods on how to interchange music between these two sites: transfer Apple Music to SoundCloud and download SoundCloud to Apple Music. Just pick the one that you demand.

soundcloud to apple music

Part 1. How to Move Apple Music to SoundCloud

In order to import Apple Music to SoundCloud, you have to clear the song protection in Apple Music tracks first. Here you need an additional tool named AudFree Apple Music Converter. Now let's see how to use this Apple Music to SoundCloud converter.

AudFree Apple Music Converter

audfree apple music converter
  • Losslessly download Apple Music songs
  • Convert Apple Music to MP3, WAV, AAC, etc.
  • Stay 100% original quality and other metadata
  • Work with Apple Music tracks, audiobook, etc.

Step 1Load Apple Music songs to AudFree
add downloaded apple music to audfree
Choose the correct version from the above link. Download and install AudFree Apple Music Converter on the desktop. Before launching the AudFree, please open the Apple Music app singly and download your desired Apple audios to the Apple Music Library. Now you can open AudFree, the Apple Music app will relaunch automatically. On AudFree's interface, please click the first icon titled "Load Library". In the window, choose 'Apple Music' from the left panel and then select the tracks. After that, tap the 'Add' to put them into AudFree.
Step 2Reset output settings for SoundCloud
reset output settings for soundcloud
After loaded all the songs to AudFree, hit the "Format" icon from the bottom right to reset the output format and other parameters. Here I suggest choosing MP3, 128 kbps, and 48000 Hz as the sound settings, which is better compatible with SoundCloud. Save your changes then turn back to the main page. There is a magic stick icon beside the track, which is used to edit the volume, speed, and pitch. And the edit icon is applied to rewrite the ID3 tags.
Step 3Convert Apple Music tracks for SoundCloud
download apple music for soundcloud
Once you have reset the output parameters, you can start the conversion at any time. Just press the "Convert" bar on the bottom right. The conversion will end automatically and you will see the tips on the "History" icon. Check it to navigate to the local audio folder.
Step 4Upload Apple Music to SoundCloud
Now you can sync the converted Apple Music files to SoundCloud. Launch SoundCloud and open the upload option. Hit 'Choose file to upload' or drag and drop the Apple file from the local folder to the SoundCloud's screen. After that, SoundCloud will start to upload your favorite Apple Music tracks automatically.

Part 2. How to Move Songs from SoundCloud to Apple Music

SoundCloud only supports to download some of the tracks from it. To get all your loved songs downloaded from SoundCloud, you need a SoundCloud to Apple Music converter. Please download AudFree Audio Capture as the assistance.

AudFree Audio Capture

audfree audio capture
  • Losslessly record and download SoundCloud music
  • Capture SoundCloud audios on both Mac and Windows
  • Convert SoundCloud music to MP3, AAC, WAV, etc.
  • Grab multiple songs and divide them independently

Step 1Launch AudFree Audio Capture to open SoundCloud
launch audfree to record soundcloud
After launching AudFree, tap the 'Select/Add an App' section to add SoundCloud or other music apps and browsers from your computer to it.
Step 2Customize SoundCloud audio quality for Apple Music
set output format for apple music
On the main window of AudFree, click the "Format" icon on the bottom. You can choose the audio format as MP3 for SoundCloud and then choose the quality. Then hit on the 'settings' icon on each quality option and the format settings window will show up. Now you can reset the preferences of SoundCloud audios. Just change the sample rate to 48000 Hz, and bit rate to 320 kbps. These sound settings are the best for Apple Music.
Step 3Start to capture and download SoundCloud songs
record soundcloud music for apple music
Click on the SoundCloud app option on AudFree and click 'Start' to the interface of SoundCloud. Then find the track that you would like to sync to Apple Music and start to play it. AudFree will begin running at the same time. The current playing songs will show on AudFree. When the song is ready to end, please click the "Stop" button on AudFree to stop the real-time recording. You can find the recorded music by clicking the "History" option on the left side.
Step 4Upload SoundCloud files to Apple Music
save spotify music as mp3
Open Apple Music or iTunes on your computer. Now you can upload the downloaded SoundCloud tracks to your Apple Music library. Just directly drag and drop it or click menu bar > Files > Add to Library.
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