Top 11 Spotify Recorder - Mac, Windows, Android, iOS, Free

Spotify has been the world's largest and most popular streaming music service with over 433 million monthly active users. Users have both free and premium levels of access to its music library. However, Spotify free users have to endure the distraction of ads and do not have the option to download music offline. In this case, listening to Spotify Music offline without ads has become a pressing need for free users.

When it comes to getting local Spotify Music files, Spotify recorder is definitely one of the unmissable tools that make it possible. Today, we will present the 11 best Spotify recording software on the market for Mac, Windows, Android, iOS, Linux as well as free. Whichever Spotify recorder you choose, it will help you record Spotify Music to MP3 with ease.

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Part 1. Best Spotify Recorder Mac/Windows

#1. AudFree Spotify Music Converter

Speaking of the best Spotify Music recorder for Windows and Mac, AudFree Spotify Music Converter is the answer. It is not only a professional Spotify audio recorder, but also a full-featured Spotify converter and downloader.

It is different from the free Spotify recording tools commonly found online that use real-time recording technology. This particular Spotify recorder features innovative downloading technology and has the ability to download Spotify Music for free at 5X faster speed. In addition, it's able to record podcasts, albums, playlists from Spotify losslessly.

Whether you are using a Spotify free or Premium account, this excellent Spotify podcast recorder will work well for you. It's designed to record and convert Spotify to MP3, FLAC, WAV, AAC, M4A and M4B files with high quality retention. With it, you can get Spotify records smoothly and enjoy ad-free Spotify Music offline on all devices.

audfree spotify music converter

How to Record from Spotify Mac/Windows

Step 1. Launch this Spotify recorder Windows/Mac, then drag and drop the Spotify song you want to record from the Spotify app to the main interface of the program.

Step 2. Click on the menu icon at the top right and select Preferences > Convert to open the settings window. It enables you to adjust the output format, audio quality, conversion speed, bit rate, sample rate and more.

Step 3. Click the "Convert" button to start recording Spotify Music at 5X speed. After that, you can get all your Spotify recordings on your computer locally.


* Download any content from Spotify losslessly at 5X faster speed

* Convert and save Spotify records as MP3, FLAC, AAC, etc.

* Detect and keep all metadata of Spotify Music in music files

* Classify output Spotify tracks by artist or album automatically


* Cost $14.95 for the full version

* Record 1 minute of each Spotify Music, podcast, playlist for a free trial version

#2. AudFree Audio Capture

Here we will introduce you to another Spotify audio recorder from AudFree Software. It is named AudFree Audio Capture and works in a different way to the first tool recommended above. But both do a great job of recording music from Spotify.

As the name suggests, AudFree Audio Capture is an excellent music recording app. However, it is far from being a Spotify audio recording software. For it also works on other streaming music services, online radio, in-game sound, background music in videos and much more.

In addition to capturing Spotify audio, this Spotify ripper can trim and cut large Spotify tracks into smaller audio clips. And it supports 6 plain output formats including MP3, FLAC, WAV, M4A, M4B and AAC.

spotify recorder for mac and windows

How to Record Spotify Mac/Windows via AudFree Audio Capture

Step 1. Open AudFree Audio Capture on your PC and press the large '+' button to add the Spotify application to it.

Step 2. Click on the 'Spotify' icon to open the Spotify app and play the Spotify audio. The tool will then start to record music from Spotify in real time.

Step 3. When the recording is finished, click "Stop" > "Save" to get your Spotify Music recordings on your computer.


* Record any sound playing on the computer

* Support multi-track recording simultaneously

* Built-in editor to trim, split, or merge Spotify audio files


* Not free

* Need some time to record audio from Spotify on Mac and Windows

Part 2. Spotify Recorder Linux - Audacity

If you're looking for a free Spotify recorder for Linux, then Audacity is your choice. It is not only available for Linux, but also for Mac and Windows operating systems. It’s actually a free, professional and open source audio editing and recording software.

Audacity Spotify recorder for free allows you to record live audio via a microphone or mixer, or digitize recordings from other media. On top of that, you can record Spotify with Audacity from your computer's internal speakers. The highlight feature of this tool is that it is also a Linux Spotify ripper.

audacity spotify recorder linux

How Does Audacity Spotify Recorder for Linux Work

Step 1. Launch Audacity Spotify Music recorder and click on the 'Edit' button from the top left toolbar. Hit on the 'Preferences' > 'Audio Host Box' > 'Windows WASAPI' button.

Step 2. Select 'Transport' > 'Transport Options' > 'Software Playthrough' to turn off Software Playthrough when recording computer playback. Alternatively, you can do this by tapping the 'Recording' tab under 'Audacity Preferences'.

Step 3. Press the red 'Record' button in Audacity. After that, play the Spotify Music you want to record and it will automatically record a song from Spotify. When the recording is complete, simply click the 'Stop' icon to save the Spotify records to your computer.


* Record any sound playing on the computer

* Record songs from Spotify, microphone or other audio sources

* Best Spotify recorder for Linux, Mac and Windows


* The UI is a bit complicated for most users

* Real-time recording can be time-consuming

Part 3. Spotify Web Recorder

#1. CodePlex Spotify Recorder

CodePlex Spotify Recorder is a free and open source Spotify web recorder. However, its implementation is completely different from that of an online audio recorder. It has a built-in Spotify web player that allows users to record music from the Spotify web player as MP3 files.

Furthermore, all Spotify recording files can be saved to your hard drive offline. This software was developed primarily to play Spotify Music on MP3 players and car stereos. Unfortunately, CodePlex Spotify audio recorder will be shut down in the near future.

codeplex spotify recorder


* Record music from Spotify web player


* It will be not available soon

* The conversion process is unstable

#2. AllToMP3

AllToMP3 is a music recorder for downloading songs from Spotify, SoundCloud and YouTube to MP3. Whether your computer is Windows, Mac or Linux, you can use this free Spotify web recorder. With a simple and easy to use interface, you can easily record and extract Spotify Music to MP3 in full retention with the ID3 tag.

alltomp3 spotify web recorder


* Completely free and easy to use

* Support Windows, Mac and Linux systems

* Record audio from Spotify, SoundCloud and YouTube


* Unstable real-time conversion

* Loss of output audio quality

* Slow conversion speed

Part 4. Free Spotify Recorder

#1. Apowersoft Audio Recorder

Apowersoft Free Online Audio Recorder is a free tool to record high quality audio from your computer's sound card and microphone. Songs from streaming music sites, radio stations, in-game sound, voice chats and more can be recorded nicely online.

It doesn't require you to download an additional app to your computer to record from Spotify. With a clean and secure website, you are able to record Spotify Music at 256kpbs with ID3 tags retained, such as album cover, title, artist. Thanks to this free Spotify Music recorder, you can save Spotify songs as MP3, WMA, AAC, FLAC, WAV, M4A and OGG.

apowersoft spotify recorder free

How to Run Apowersoft Spotify Recorder Free

Step 1. Navigate to the official Apowersoft website and click on "Start Recording" in the middle. You can then select an audio source, such as a computer sound card.

Step 2. Find the Spotify Music you like and play it. At the same time, hit on the red 'Start' button.

Step 3. You can control other audio recording actions by pressing the 'Pause' and 'Stop' buttons. Afterwards, all Spotify songs are recorded and saved in the output directory.


* Easy to use and no fees required

* ID3 tags can be retained in recorded audio


* Audio quality loss during the recording process

* Unstable and heavily dependent on internet connection

#2. Free Sound Recorder

When talking about a free Spotify recording software, Free Sound Recorder must also be taken into consideration. It ranks among the best sound recorders of the last 10 years. With the development of it, this free Spotify recorder now supports both Windows and Mac OS. It is designed to capture songs through computer sound cards, such as streaming services and online sessions.

This Spotify audio recorder can record Spotify to MP3, WMA, WAV or OGG files in high quality. Additionally, it is an excellent free digital audio editor for free. It allows you to customize your audio recordings with editing features such as cut, copy, paste, crop, delete, and cool audio effects such as echo, fade in/fade out, Amplify, chorus and more.

free sound recorder for spotify


* Support various editing functions and audio effects

* Record Spotify Music and other audio sources


* Support 4 output formats only: MP3, WMA, WAV and OGG

* No built-in ID3 tag editor

#3. Dojotech Spotify Recorder

Although Dojotech Spotify Recorder is a bit out of date, we still put it on this list. Because it's a free Spotify ripper and works well on Windows XP and lower. As one of the best free Spotify recording software, the operating process is very simple.

It will work automatically when Spotify is playing and will save all tracks as MP3. Furthermore, it can tag the resultant files very well and also allows you to customize ID3 tags. Many other additional options are also available, such as you can change the bit rate, recording folder, recording device, normalize the volume and so forth.

To avoid recording errors, make sure that the sound on your PC is not muted. Also, the volume should be loud enough so that it can be heard when recording from Spotify.

dojotech spotify recorder


* Easy-to-use and total recorder for Spotify

* Record Spotify to MP3 free on Windows XP and lower


* Don't support the latest Windows operating systems

* There is no Mac or Linux version

#4. Spytify Audio Recorder

Spytify is a Spotify recorder for Windows. It is actually a free and open source desktop program that records Spotify audio and skips Spotify ads. It automatically splits the songs into separate tracks and records them to MP3 with ID3 tags. This way, Spytify records in the same quality as Spotify's output so you can enjoy high quality Spotify recordings.

spytify free spotify recorder


* It is free to use

* No Spotify ads are recorded during the recording process

* Retain the ID3 tags of all recorded songs


* Only support Windows operating systems

* Works with Spotify streaming music service only

* Record only, no download function

Part 5. Spotify Recorder Android/iOS

#1. Syncios Audio Recorder

Out of the need to record Spotify on your mobile device, here is also a Spotify recorder for Android to satisfy you. That's Syncios Audio Recorder, an ideal tool for recording sound from Spotify, radio or any music player app on Android. With it, you can easily download Spotify Music to the Android phone.

Please note that notification sounds from Android, as well as ringtones or sounds collected by the integrated microphone itself will not be recorded by this recorder. What you need to do is to launch the app, play Spotify Music and click on the "Record" icon. Afterwards, the Spotify Music beats will be recorded in the local folder on your Android device.

syncios spotify recorder android


* It is free to use

* Spotify recorder for Android

* Clean and efficient design, very easy to use


* Slow conversion speed

#2. GarageBand Spotify Recorder

GarageBand is a full-featured music application developed and marketed by Apple. On the one hand, it has a range of great features for creating musical projects, such as creating songs, beats and instruments. On the other hand, GarageBand also offers users the ability to record music from Spotify and any other sound source. It is quite easy to get started for users who want to get Spotify recordings on the iOS device.

garageband spotify recorder ios


* All-in-one music recording and composition tool

* Record audio from Spotify and any other audio source


* Supports iOS devices only

Part 6. FAQs about Spotify Recorder to Record from Spotify

Q1: Why We Need a Spotify Recorder?

Firstly, the limitations of Spotify free users are more obvious, such as ads, no offline playback etc. Also, even as a Spotify Premium user, you cannot use Spotify songs on many devices such as iPods, MP3 players etc. due to format restrictions.

Therefore, if you get yourself a Spotify recorder, downloading and recording Spotify Music to common formats such as MP3 is a piece of cake. Then you can play Spotify Music offline without Premium on all devices as you wish.

Q2: What Factors to Consider while Choosing a Spotify Recorder?

1. Output Spotify Music Quality. Sound quality is the primary consideration when listening to music. In this case, the output music quality supported by a Spotify recorder is the first factor you need to take into consideration.

2. Cost of Spotify Audio Reorder. There are some free Spotify recording software that can record music from Spotify. However, they may work erratically and can crash unexpectedly. Therefore, a cheaper but professional Spotify recorder is an ideal replacement.

3. Conversion Speed. Many traditional Spotify Music recorders run at 1X speed in real time, which will waste your time and effort. So, when you choose the best Spotify recorder, please check the highest conversion speed it supports to save your time.

4. Supported Output Format. More supported output audio formats and more compatible devices to play Spotify Music recordings.

Q3: How Can I Record Spotify for Free?

This article introduces several free Spotify recorders, such as Apowersoft, Free Sound Recorder and Spytify. Choose the right one and you will be able to record from Spotify without any cost.

Q4: How to Record High Quality Audio on Spotify?

To avoid loss of sound quality during recording, you are better off using AudFree Spotify Music Downloader to record Spotify Music. As it maintains the lossless quality of Spotify audio and retains the full ID3 tag and metadata information.

Part 7. Which Is the Best Spotify Recorder

Before giving a final conclusion, let's check out the complete comparison of the top 11 Spotify recorders in this table below:

AudFree Spotify Music Converter AudFree Audio Capture Audacity CodePlex AllToMP3 Apowersoft Free Sound Recorder Dojotech Spytify Syncios GarageBand
Price $14.95/Month $34.95/Lifetime Free Free Free Free Free Free Free Free Free
Compatible OS Mac, Windows Mac, Windows Mac, Windows, Linux Windows Windows, Mac, Linux Mac, Windows Mac, Windows Windows Windows Android iOS
Supported Input Format Spotify playlists, podcasts, audiobooks Any sound Any sound Spotify songs, playlist, albums Spotify, SoundCloud, YouTube and Deezer Any music Any tracks Spotify tracks Spotify tracks Spotify playlists, songs, albums Any music
Supported Output Format MP3, FLAC, AAC, WAV, M4A, M4B MP3, FLAC, AAC, WAV, M4A, M4B WAV, AIFF, OGG, FLAC and MP3 MP3 MP3 MP3, WMA, AAC, FLAC, WAV, M4A, OGG MP3 MP3 MP3 MP3 AAC, MP3, AIFF, or WAVE
Audio Channel Yes Yes No No No No No No No No No
Bit Rate 8-320kbps 8-320kbp No No No No No No No No No
Sample Rate 8000-48000Hz 8000-48000Hz No No No No No No No No No
Conversion Speed 5X 1X 1X 1X 1X 1X 1X 1X 1X 1X 1X
Customize Output Quality Yes Yes No No No No No No No Yes No
Cut / Merge Function No Yes Yes No No Yes No No No Yes Yes

There is no doubt that AudFree Spotify Music Converter stands out from the competition. It is probably your best choice for recording Spotify Music on Mac and Windows. It specializes in downloading and recording Spotify Music with 100% original quality at 5X speed. With more user-friendly options, it can make your Spotify listening experience even more enjoyable.

No matter which Spotify recorder you choose, you can listen to Spotify Music offline without ads on any device or media player. If you have any other suggestions for the best Spotify recorders, please don't hesitate to share them with us in the comments section.

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