How to Download Music on Tidal without Premium on All Devices

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Tidal is one of the best music streaming services platforms, providing a wonderful listening experience with its two music quality choices: Tidal HiFi (lossless CD quality) and Tidal HiFi Plus (Master quality). However, it gets you stuck in a dilemma that exists in many popular streaming music platforms. That is, Tidal users can't indeed download Tidal music for playing on else players and devices, even the Tidal subscribers.

In fact, the downloaded Tidal tracks are stored as temporary cache files and will disappear from the Tidal music library once you cancel the Tidal HiFi/HiFi Plus plans. So, It is necessary to download your favorite songs as permanent local files and keep them forever although you are not a premium member anymore.

Apparently, the best solution for this problem is to remove DRM protection from Tidal music tracks and convert the streams to a common-use format. So that you can save high-quality audio on your computer forever. And in this article, we will introduce an easy-to-use and powerful tool for you. If you are fond of this topic, just read on to find the solution.

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download tidal music without premium

Part 1. How Much Is a Tidal Subscription

Tidal offers music lovers three plans: Tidal Free, Tidal HiFi, and Tidal HiFi Plus. Among those, Tidal Free users can only enjoy low quality with 160 kbps without a download feature. But with Tidal HiFi and HiFi Plus plans, you are allowed to access high-fidelity quality audio and spatial audio such as Tidal Dolby Atmos and 360 Reality Audio. To enjoy such immersive sounds, you need to pay for Tidal as follows:

Subscriptions Tidal HiFi Tidal HiFi Plus
Individual Plan HiFi: $9.99/month HiFi Plus: $19.99/month
Student Plan Student HiFi: $4.99/month Student HiFi Plus: $9.99/month
Family Plan Family HiFi: $14.99/month Family HiFi Plus: $29.99/month
Other Plans Military & First Responder HiFi: $5.99/month Military & First Responder HiFi Plus: $11.99/month

The HiFi Plus plan is a little bit costly. And dismayingly, Tidal is increasing its HiFi plan's price to $10.99 on August 1st. Furthermore, only the Tidal mobile app provides a downloading feature while the app on desktop does not.

So, many Tidal users are seeking a way to get Tidal downloads and enjoy high-quality music with a free Tidal account. If you are in the same dilemma, please read on. We have prepared 4 channels to get what you want.

Part 2. Download Music from Tidal without Premium via Converter

There are many methods to take off the protection of Tidal streams when you search for it on the internet. However, most of the tools use the way of recording Tidal music, which is hardly possible to get converted tracks with original quality.

Here, we highly recommend AudFree Tidal Music Converter for you, which is specialized in converting Tidal music tracks to universal formats such as MP3, WAV, FLAC, WAV, AAC, M4A, and M4B, and more importantly, preserving them in 100% original quality and keeping ID3 tags.

By adopting advanced music converting technology, it runs at a 5X faster speed during the process of downloading Tidal songs. With the help of this intelligent software, you can play Tidal streams on any player and device without any hassle.

AudFree Tidal Music Converter

audfree tidal music converter
  • Losslessly bypass DRM from Tidal tracks and playlists
  • Download and convert Tidal to MP3, FLAC, WAV, etc.
  • Preserve 100% original quality and ID3 tags
  • Work at 5X faster speed, customize audio quality and parameters

AudFree Tidal Music Converter is available to both Mac and Windows operating systems. You can choose the right one and install it with a free version. The free mode offers 1-minute conversions for each Tidal track. It is better for you to upgrade to the full mode to download Tidal tracks without any limitations. Here is a detailed guidance for using this tool:

Step 1Stream music from Tidal and load to AudFree Tidable
import tidal streams to audfree tidable
Install AudFree Tidal Music Converter on your computer. Launch it, and the Tidal app will be opened automatically at the same time. To load Tidal files, please select the music you want to download from Tidal and copy the link of Tidal stream or playlist. After that, please turn to the interface of AudFree software and paste the link you have just copied to the search box. Simply click on the '+' button, and a few seconds later, those songs are added to the tool. Or, drag and drop streams or playlists from Tidal to the gadget directly.
Step 2Customize Tidal output format and define other parameters
customize tidal output format
You can set the output format as whatever you need. On a Mac computer, you need to check the "AudFree Tidal Music Converter" bar from the menu bar. On the Windows computer, you have to click on the "three horizontal lines" icon of the AudFree page and next choose the "Preferences" > "Convert" option. When the setting windows show up, you are allowed to set the output format as any common format and define Tidal music quality by changing the bit rate, audio codec, sample rate, etc. To enjoy lossless high-fidelity quality, you'd better opt to convert Tidal music to FLAC or WAV. But for playing on more devices, please take priority to get Tidal to MP3 files.
Step 3Download and convert Tidal songs for offline playing
download and convert tidal songs as local files
When all the steps above are completed, just simply click on the conspicuous "Convert" icon in the lower right corner. Then the program will start to download Tidal MQA music locally and convert encrypted Tidal tracks with 100% lossless quality. The conversion time lies in the number of playlists you have loaded before. After conversion, please don't forget to check your converted songs in the destination folder on your computer. Afterward, you can listen to the local Tidal music on any device and player.
Well done! Here you can locate offline Tidal tracks by clicking on the "history" > "search" button to navigate to the transferred music folder. Tidal songs will be encoded in the audio format you have chosen instead of the original protected one. So now you can prepare to sync the converted Tidal music to your music players and devices, such as iPod Shuffle, Sony Walkman, and others for offline playing without premium. You can also get Tidal tracks to a USB flash drive for backup or playback in your car.

Part 3. Download Tidal Music for Free via Tidal Free Download APK

Many music listeners choose to install a Tidal Mod APK from a reliable source on their desktop or mobile. It is a modified version of the official Tidal music app that allows you to enjoy the premium features of Tidal. Without paying any buck, you can listen to Tidal HiFi or Master songs online or offline with no country limitations.

tidal hifi apk

Here is a tutorial to get a Tidal APK for downloading Tidal:

Step 1. Click here to navigate to the page of a Tidal premium APK.

Step 2. You may be required to enable the "Unknown Sources" option first.

Step 3. Tap on the top "Download" button to install the APK app for Tidal

Step 4. Store the file in the local folder of your device.

Step 5. Open the file and double-click the Tidal file for installation.

Step 6. Wait a minute, you can open the Tidal APK app on your device and download songs from it.

Note: The mod APK is not completely secure. So, please care more about your personal information while using it.

Part 4. Download Tidal HiFi/HiFi Plus for Free via Tidal BINs

Have you heard of Tidal BINs before? It is the abbreviation of "bank identification number", displaying as a set of 4-6 digitals. By using BINs of Tidal, you can put them to a professional BIN generator to create virtual credit numbers, which can be used to get Tidal HiFi or HiFi Plus accounts for free.

bin tidal telegram

If you want to get a Tidal HiFi account for downloading without any charge, please refer to the below instruction:

Step 1. On a browser, search for a reliable BIN for Tidal music.

Step 2. Type the Bin number to a credit card generator on the browser and check if those credit cards live from a Bin checker.

Step 3. Copy the 6-digital number and paste it to the login page to apply for the Tidal HiFi account. Then you can download songs from Tidal without paying for the premium plans.

Note: Tidal BINs are companied by the risk of leaking your information such as your name or email address.

Part 5. Get Tidal Free Downloads via Telegram Bot

Besides Tidal HiFi Bins, if you have Telegram installed on your device, you can use the Tidal bot on Telegram to search Tidal without AN account and get local Tdial music without premium. Here is how to do that.

tidal downloader android

Step 1. From the Telegram app on your device, find and add a bot that can download Tidal tracks.

Step 2. Send the message "/start" to activate it.

Step 3. Send the link to Tidal songs to the bot. Then you will receive the audio with a download option.

Note: Not all Tidal tracks can be found in the Tidal Telegram Bot.

Part 6. FAQs about Tidal Free Download

Q1: Can I use Tidal without a subscription?

Yes! Through the above 4 methods, you can listen to Tidal music for offline listening or stream Tidal music online directly without paying for the subscriptions.

Q2: Is Tidal App Free?

It is not a completely free app. But it provides a free plan for its users. However, we recommend you use the above tools, especially the AudFree Tidal Music Converter. Because this safe and reliable Tidal downloader has the ability to download and convert all types of audio from Tidal to a wide range of formats. This way, you can play Tidal music on all devices online or offline.

Part 7. Verdict

Without paying the subscription fee of Tidal HiFi or HiFi Plus, you can play Tidal songs in high audio quality even lossless quality by using the four Tidal removing payment methods. Moreover, you can even listen to Tidal tracks without Tidal installment. Choose a way you like and start your downloading and listening offline experience.

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