How to Get and Listen to Amazon Music on Chromebooks 2024

By Roger Kelly Updated on 2023-05-01 / Update for Amazon Music Tips

Have you been exposed to Amazon Music on Chromebook? Chromebook, established in 2011, is an affordable computer priced at $100-$300 and runs Chrome OS with cloud storage and excellent built-in layers of security. It supports using Android apps, including the Amazon Music Android app, just like on your mobile for both work and entertainment. Amazon Music has integrated with Chromebook before, so you can stream all genres of Amazon Music tracks on a Chromebook.

But how to install and play Amazon Music on a Chromebook? Don't worry! This post will give you everything you wonder including the troubleshooting to fix Amazon Music not working on Chromebooks issue. Please never miss it!

amazon music chromebook

Part 1. Best Way for Amazon Music Chromebook Integration Offline Forever hot tip

Amazon Music provides an official way to stream and download Amazon HD and Ultra HD Music as caches on the Amazon Music app for Chromebooks by subscribing to Amazon Music Prime and Unlimited. However, once you get Amazon Music subscriptions canceled or expired, you cannot access Amazon Prime and Unlimited Music and the downloaded Amazon Music cache files will disappear. That's quite upsetting, right?

Fortunately, considering this case, we have prepared the best way for offline Amazon Music Chromebook integration, even with Amazon Music Free. You only need help from a third-party tool to download Amazon Music on Chromebooks as local files in Chromebook-enabled formats.

We would like to introduce a powerful and one-stop converter: AudFree Amazon Music Converter. This Amazon Prime and Unlimited Music Downloader can losslessly download and convert all types of Amazon Music tracks locally to MP3, WAV, M4A, ACC, and other usual formats that are supported by Chromebooks. Even with Amazon Music Free, it gives you an all-access experience to download Amazon Music on Chromebooks and other devices whenever you like with full ID3 tags.

AudFree Amazon Music Downloader

audfree amazon music downloader
  • Losslessly download Amazon Prime and Unlimited Music to PC
  • Convert Amazon Music to multiple audio formats for Chromebook
  • Get Amazon Music songs offlinw without subscriptions to Amazon Music
  • Keep the full ID3 tag of Amazon Music for better management

How to Download Amazon Music for Chromebooks with AudFree Amable

It is worth mentioning that this application is compatible with Windows and MacOS, so you need to download Amazon Music onto PC or Mac at first and then transfer the local Amazon Music to Chromebooks later. Before converting, please install the AudFree Amazon Music Converter app on a PC or Mac. Installing this software for private use is 100% secure and legal. Now you can look into the user guide below:

Step 1Add Amazon Music Tracks to AudFree Amable
import amazon music songs to audfree software
Double-click the AudFree Amable app to open it and the Amazon Music app will launch automatically at the same time. Then copy the URL links of songs or playlists from Amazon Music, paste them to the Search box of the converter, and next touch on the '+' tab in the top right corner to add those music files. Alternatively, directly drag and drop the playlist from the left panel of the Amazon Music app or the single song to the interface of the tool.
Step 2Define Output Settings for Chromebook Amazon Music Combination
set amazon music output settings for chromebook
Tap on the upper-right 'three lines' icon of AudFree Amazon Music Converter and select 'Preferences' to open the setting menu. Then click 'Convert' where you can set Amazon Music output audio settings as Chromebook-supported formats such as lossless AAC, MP3, etc. Likewise, it is also feasible to customize the sample rate, bit depth/rate, audio channels, and other parameters for truly original streaming according to this table:
Output Format Other Parameters
MP3 320 Kbps/48000 Hz
AAC 320 Kbps/96000 Hz
M4A 320 Kbps/96000 Hz
WAV 32 bit/192000 Hz
Step 3Start to Convert Amazon Music for Chromebooks
convert amazon music for chromebook
Touch on the 'Convert' button and wait a while. The selected Amazon Music will be converted and saved locally. Tap on 'Converted' > 'Search' to locate and find the Amazon Music downloads in the folder after converting. You can step to sync the local Amazon HD/Ultra HD Music to the Chrome OS Chromebooks or other Amazon Music MP3 players now.
Step 4Sync and Play Amazon Music on Chromebooks
play amazon music on chromebook via usb
Some people ask that "Can I move my music from Amazon to Chromebook?". The answer is yes. Insert a USB into your computer to copy the downloaded Amazon HD Music files and then connect the USB to your Chromebook next. Then paste the Amazon Music download for Chromebooks. Now, you can get ready to stream Amazon HD Music on Chromebooks without restrictions.

Part 2. Install Amazon Music App for Chromebook with Google Play Store

Apart from playing music from Amazon Music Player for Chromebooks, it is easy to get an Amazon Music Android app on Chromebooks directly since Amazon Music works with Chromebooks. There is an official way to play music on Chromebook with the Amazon Music app. But before that, please update your Chromebook to the latest Chrome OS. Please read on!

Step 1. Go to 'Settings' on Chromebooks and look at the 'Google Play Store' option. Switch on 'Install apps and games from Google Play on your Chromebook' to launch Google Play Store on Chromebooks.

Step 2. Log in to your Chrome account on Google Play Store and search 'Amazon Music'.

Step 3. Hit the 'Install' button and the Amazon Music app will be installed on Chromebook automatically. You can find it in the Launcher.

download amazon music app for chromebook play store

Note: If you fail to find Amazon Music from Play Store, it is also feasible to install the Amazon Music app from Chrome Browser by searching 'Amazon Music' in the search box.

Part 3. Use Amazon Music on Chromebook with Amazon Subscriptions

After downloading the Amazon Music app for Chromebooks, it's time to figure out how to use it. The premise is that you have subscribed to Amazon Music Prime or Amazon Music Unlimited. Now, let's get started!

Play Amazon Music Offline on Chromebook with Amazon Music App

To enjoy Amazon Music offline, you need to download Amazon Music files to Chromebooks. Here is the tutorial for you:

Step 1. Launch the Amazon Music Android app on Chromebooks and sign into your Amazon Music Prime or Unlimited account.

Step 2. Choose your favorite Amazon Music songs, albums, or playlists.

Step 3. Hit the 'Download' button for Amazon Music download for Chromebook for offline playback.

amazon music download for chromebook offline

Play Amazon Music Online on Chromebook with Rollapp

Provided that you want to stream Amazon Music online with a Wi-Fi network, it can be achieved if you use Rollapp, a platform to run apps on Chromebooks. Just visit the Rollapp website on your Chromebook. Then find out Amazon Music from it and play music online.

play amazon music on a chromebook online with rollapp

Part 4. Fix Amazon Music Not Working on Chromebook

"Why doesn't Amazon Music not work on my Chromebook?" A majority of Amazon Music Chrome users find that Amazon Music won't play on Chromebook and receive an Amazon Music error message "Operating System Not Supported". But they have no ideas why and how to fix it.

In fact, the main reason behind this issue comes from the setting of Amazon Music for Chromebooks. To fix the problem, you can act to enable protected content Amazon Unlimited Music from Settings according to the following instructions:

Step 1. Tap the 'Lock' icon in front of the URL from the address bar and then click on 'Site settings'.

site settings on chrome browser

Step 2. At the bottom, select 'allow' to enable 'protected content identifiers'.

enable protected content indentifiers to fix amazon music issues

Step 3. Then visit Amazon Music again and reload it.

Note: You can also use AudFree Amazon Music Converter. Without needing to adjust such settings, you can resolve almost all Amazon Music not working issues.

Part 5. Summary

In this post, we have taken you through almost everything about Amazon Music and Chromebook. You are certain to make a further understanding of playing Amazon Music online and offline. Most importantly, we show you the best way to play Amazon Music on Chromebooks offline forever even if you use Amazon Music Free. And besides Chromebooks, it allows you to get Amazon Music on multiple devices and players. So, try it now!

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