How to Use Amazon Music as Ringtone

Amazon Music is an incredible entertaining platform comprised of the latest hit songs in many languages. The well-organized environment gives you a surplus opportunity to identify your favorite tracks in no time. If you want to set Amazon Music as ringtone for your phone, then scroll down this page to discover exciting facts on it.

The Premium subscription holders of Amazon Music are eligible to download the desired songs on any device easily. For non-premium subscription, users need to grab the right tool to assist in the Amazon Music download process on their smartphones.

In this article, you will get glimpses about both the scenarios for premium and non-premium account holders in Amazon Music. It is high time to get ready for the informative trip on Amazon Music soundtracks as ringtones on your device. Have a fun and enlightening journey with this article and use the insights about this topic in detail.

set amazon music as phone ringtone

Part 1. How to Set Amazon Music as Ringtone with Premium

If you have a premium subscription to Amazon Music, then the overall process becomes a simple one. You can easily download the perfect tracks into your gadget and set the ringtone from the local drive-in in no time. Here are the steps to surf to get a better idea of its procedure.

Step 1: Download the Amazon Music app on your device and sign in to your Amazon Music premium account by entering the correct credentials on the perfect fields;

Step 2: Go to the "My Music" tab displayed at the bottom of the screen and choose your favorite track;

Step 3: Hit the three vertical dots beside the song title and select the "Download" option from the pop-up window;

Step 4: The selected song will start to download and the procedure completes within a fraction of a second;

Step 5: Now, based on your phone model, you can use Amazon Music as ringtone for your smartphone.

Part 2. How to Use Amazon Music for Ringtone without Premium

If you are a non-premium subscriber in the Amazon Music platform, then you must look for a unique tool to carry out the process. For this, AudFree Amazon Music Downloader is worth a shot. It is a sophisticated program to work with both Amazon Music Free and Amazon Music Premium. You can use it to perform desired activities on Amazon Music without any issues.

Based on your requirements, you not only convert Amazon Music to MP3, M4A, M4B, FLAC, AAC, Lossless, or WAV at 5X faster speed, but also keep them to your local system forever for offline use without limits. It is a simple tool yet an effective one and easy to handle flawlessly. You can make use of it to make Amazon Music ringtone for your phone swiftly even with free account. Surf the vital functionalities of the AudFree Amazon Music Converter tool below.

AudFree Amazon Music Converter

audfree amazon music converter for ringtone
  • Save Amazon Music tracks as phone ringtone without premium
  • Maintain original sound quality and ID3 tags in the process
  • Customize Amazon Music output format and parameters
  • 5X faster speed to download music from Amazon to MP3, M4A, etc
Step 1Install AudFree and sign in Amazon
open audfree and sign in amazon
Visit the download page of AudFree Amazon Music Converter and download the correct version of this tool. You can witness Windows and Mac versions for download. Choose the perfect one that matches your operating system. Download and install it successfully by following the wizard instructions. Open the AudFree tool and log in with Amazon Music by tapping the "Sign In" option available at its home screen. The Amazon Music interface discloses simultaneously along with this tool.
Step 2Register with AudFree Amazon software
register audfree amazon music converter
Next, go to "Menu" tab on the top right with the shape with three horizonal lines and choose "Register" to access the full feature of the AudFree Amazon Music Converter by entering the registration code and licensed Email. You will get these credentials at the time of purchase of the AudFree subscription plan that suits your needs.
Step 3Set output attributes for ringtone
adjust output settings for phone ringtone
After that, press the "Preferences" icon from the drop-down list of "Menu" option, and then choose "Advanced" to modify the conversion attributes like output file format, bit rate, sample rate, channel and output storage path as per your requirements. You can set the output file format like MP3 (for Android) or M4A (for iPhone) to overcome compatibility issues when you try to set Amazon Music as a ringtone on your smartphones.
Step 4Add Aamzon Music playlist to AudFree
copy amazon music to audfree for phone ringtone
Search your favorite playlist or album from Amazon Music library. Next, open the certain Amazon Music playlist or album. You will find the grey "+" icon is lightened to be orange. Click the orange "+" icon to upload your selected Amazon Music playlist to AudFree. When the playlist is added, all Amazon Music tracks in this playlist are listed. You can uncheck the default "Select All" option and choose your desired songs for conversion.
Step 5Play Amazon Music in Car via USB
convert amazon music for phone ringtone
Lastly, touch the "Convert" button to enable the conversion process. Wait AudFree Amazon Music Converter to finish downloading all your added Aamzon Music songs to common format on your local system. Then, click the "History" icon available in the middle of the screen carrying a red dot. In this section, use a search icon to directly find downloaded Amazon Music files.
Step 6Set Amazon Music for phone ringtone
Now, it is time to set your favorite one from the local Amazon Music tracks as a phone ringtone. On Android, connect phone to USB and drag downloaded Amazon Music track from computer to your device. Next, open "Settings" on your phone and head to "Sound" to set the Amazon Music as ringtone.

On iPhone, please do the following to make Amazon Music ringtone.

1. Run iTunes and transfer Amazon Music to iTunes library from computer;

2. Then, right-click the Amazon Music track that you would like to set as ringtone and choose "Get Info";

3. In the pop-up window, choose "Options" to set the Amazon Music ringtone duration (no more than 30 seconds);

4. Pitch on the Amazon Music song and navigate to "File" > "Convert" > "Convert AAC Version" to automatically create a 30-second Amazon Music track;

5. Right-click the new 30-second Amazon songs and press "Show in Windows Explorer" (on Windows) or "Show in Finder" (on Mac);

6. Whereafter, the Amazon Music track shows as an .m4a file. Tap on it to rename the file extension of .m4a to .m4r;

7. Next, it is important to delete the newly created Amazon Music song from iTunes;

8. Open Windows Explorer or Finder to locate the .m4r files and double-click to move it to iTunes' Tone library;

9. Use a lightning USB to connect your iPhone to computer. When iTunes detects the iPhone, go to "Tones" section and hit on "Sync All Tones" > "Sync" to sync your created Amazon Music ringtone to iPhone;

10. Finally, start "Settings" app on iPhone > "Sounds & Haptics" > "Ringtone" to set the new Amazon Music song as ringtone.

Part 3. Bottom Line

Thus, this article had given you glimpses on how to create Amazon Music ringtone for your phone. You can change the ringtones with the latest arrivals and feel the goodness of being update and trendy amidst your friends. Amazon Music helps you follow up on the music trends and choose the best ringtone from the immense collections of songs on Amazon Music.

AudFree Amazon Music Converter assists you to download the songs from Amazon Music to your local drive successfully. Enjoy hassle-free access to Amazon Music files using this tool. Connect with this article to discover new horizons at the entertaining platform Amazon Music.

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