How to Download HiFi Music from Tidal in 2023

It should be known to all Tidal fans that Tidal has no free subscription plan. Every Tidal user can't enjoy Tidal without its premium plan or HiFi plan. Even, Tidal download is not allowed on the desktop, although you already pay for a subscription.

So, you can not succeed with the task of Tidal HiFi download to computer unless you draw support from a professional Tidal downloader software. Here, in this article, we not only introduce the best one Tidal music downloader to get Tidal HiFi for any offline purpose but also list steps of downloading HiFi music from Tidal on mobiles.

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Part 1. How to Download HiFi Music from Tidal on Mobiles

Mobile users of Tidal are fortunate, as Tidal officially allows downloading any HiFi songs to listen offline without using cellular data on mobile phones, as long as you have subscribed to Tidal HiFi plan. There was one caveat: only Tidal albums or playlists can be downloaded for offline playback on mobiles, no download option for individual Tidal tracks. Below is how to do it.

Guide to Download Tidal HiFi Music on Mobile Phones

Step 1. Open Tidal app on your mobile phone. Browse or search Tidal album that you want to download;

Step 2. Open the album and enable the "Download" button to add all songs on the album to download queue;

download tidal album on mobiles

Step 3. Alternatively, locate the "My Collection" option and then to "Playlists";

Step 4. Select the playlist previously created that collects HiFi music that you plan to download;

Step 5. Swipe to toggle on the "Download" button and the Tidal playlist will join the download queue to wait for download.

download tidal playlist on mobiles

Step 6. Once downloaded, open "My Collection" > "Downloaded" to listen to the downloaded content without network connection.

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Part 2. How to Perform Tidal HiFi Download on Desktop

Access to download from Tidal is exclusively granted to mobile users with paid subscription. Those who work with Tidal on PC don't have that privilege to download Tidal for offline listening even if they pay for premium or HiFi plan. However what is lucky, AudFree Tidal Music Downloader comes out to fix the not downloading from Tidal issue. With it, Tidal music download including Tidal HiFi download is now possible for desktop users.

Positioned as an intelligent music converter and downloader for Tidal, AudFree features the high-speed and loss-free conversion technology, with which you can convert Tidal HiFi tracks or download Tidal MQA songs to MP3, AAC, FLAC, etc. and save to local system with 100% high fidelity sound quality.

AudFree gives you a clean operation interface. Just with a few clicks, the HiFi music you like to download from Tidal will be stored onto hard drive with the metadata kept. From there, you are empowered to enjoy Tidal HiFi offline on other players and devices.

AudFree Tidal Music Downloader

audfree tidal hifi music downloader
  • Get music from Tidal HiFi at 5X conversion speed
  • Download Tidal HiFi music with lossless CD quality
  • Remain original metadata info and ID3 tags of Tidal HiFi
  • Flexibly archive downloaded Tidal HiFi by album or artist

Guide to Download Music from Tidal HiFi with AudFree

Next come step-by-step instructions on how to download Tidal HiFi music to computer with AudFree Tidal Music Converter. Just make sure your HiFi subscription is not expired. And then, operate as follows.

Step 1Upload desired Tidal HiFi music
add tidal hifi music to audfree
Before everything, it is necessary to download and install the proper version of AudFree Tidal Music Converter on your computer. Double-click to run AudFree and Tidal app on system will luanch automatically. Then, explore the Tidal music library to find favorite HiFi songs. Next, click the target Tidal HiFi track and locate the "Show options" icon with the shape of three dots. From the pull-down menu, go to "Share" > "Copy Track Link" as well as paste it on the search field of AudFree and tap "Add Files" to load up the Tidal HiFi music.
Step 2Set output format for Tidal HiFi
customize tidal output format

Wait until your Tidal HiFi songs are loaded up. Proceed to the "Menu" option at the top right and select the "Preferences" tab. On the next screen, head to "Convert". After specifying an output format for Tidal HiFi music, do customize channal, sample rate, and bit rate, etc. based on your own requirements. Once set up, don't forget to touch "OK" to save changes.

Step 3Download HiFi music from Tidal
download tidal hifi music

As soon as you confirm and save the output settings by "OK", you are also brought back to the main interface. Now is time to press the lower-right "Convert" button to let AudFree start downloading Tidal HiFi songs onto computer for offline playback anywhere on any device. When the conversion is completed, please hit on the icon marked with red number for quick access to the converted Tidal HiFi content.

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