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Software engineers are doing great in the industry. Influencing, this is the presence of various live streaming music software in the market. Currently, a lot of users, especially the new users, are torn between deciding to choose between Amazon Music or Tidal.

If you are among these users, there is no need to worry because this article has got your back. It does not review either of the music software independently but gives you a comparison of the two applications concerning the competing factors in the market. Based on your needs, you can trust that after this comparison of Tidal vs Amazon Music, you will have known which of the two applications works for you.

The major comparison factors between Amazon Music and Tidal include price, music library, music quality, free trial, discounts, etc.

tidal vs amazon music


For one, none of the software's is entirely free. Both have a premium payment option. While it comes to the general monthly fee, the Amazon Music premium goes for $9.99. This is the least pricing and can increase based on one's preferences and finances.

On the other hand, the Tidal subscriptions are two tiers, Tidal Premium and Tidal HiFi, for $9.99 or 19.99. The price is also bound to increase depending on the plan that you consider. Concerning the price factor, then, the Amazon Music appears to be the best. However, if the price is not a major aspect of consideration, you can freely choose to opt for Tidal music.

Music Library and Catalog

Another important comparison factor of Amazon Music and Tidal is the music library. Here, the Amazon Music appears to be on the winning note. The reason is that it has a larger music library compared to Tidal music. As a result, if you are addicted to audios, it is recommended that you settle for the software with a larger music library. Amazon Music also offers a larger music catalog, unlike the Tidal music software. However, if you are comfortable with a smaller music library and catalogue, then, the Tidal music will perfectly work for you.


Along with Music library and price, Hi-Fi is the third important factor in Amazon Music Unlimited vs Tidal comparison. If you were wondering, well Hifi is the reproduction of audio with high fidelity.

Concerning the Tidal HiFi vs. Amazon Music, the Tidal HiFi carries the day. Influencing this is the fact that Amazon Music does not have HiFi and the Tidal music has a Hifi plan, offers CD-quality music. It ranks among the best with regards to HiFi. Therefore, if you are looking for a streaming music service with a HiFi plan, I guess you know which among the two to settle for easily.

Free Trial

In this digital world, one of the common things that you will notice with applications and software is their providence of free trials. The reason for the existence of these free trials is to ascertain whether whatever you read in the review section or what you heard from your friends is true before installing the software.

When it comes to the Tidal music, the software does not only support one free trial but a free trial for up to 30 days to get Tidal for free, which is perfect if you don't trust first-time trials alone.

Concerning the Amazon Music, the software also offers free trials. However, this is not available for all the users but the prime users. Therefore, you have to become a premium subscriber of the service before you can enjoy the free trial offered by this software. While this might sound like a turn off to some of the people, it does not qualify Amazon Music as relatively bad software. The reason is that some people are comfortable with paying the premiums before enjoying the trials and some are not even bothered with the existence of the trials as they may never use them.


The Tidal is indeed pretty much expensive while compared to the Amazon Music. However, you will love the amazing discounts that this software offers. Concerning students, for instance, there is an up to 50% discount. If this is not great, I don't know what else is great about being a digital music student. Nonetheless, in case you are fine without discounts, why not settle for the affordable Amazon Music application and it suits your desired demands?

Sound Quality

Irrespective of the differences highlighted during the Amazon Music vs Tidal comparison, there are several shared characteristics between these two software that one cannot overlook.

The first common characteristics between the two are sound quality. Loyal consumers of Tidal admit to various shortcomings of the software but have equally praised the sound quality the application produces. The case is similar when it comes to Amazon Music. Therefore, the Amazon Music vs Tidal sound quality reveals that they both have production of good quality music.

Offline Download

The other common factor between these two applications is the offline download option. There is no doubt that both the Tidal and the Amazon live streaming music application have these great features. The only difference is in the time limit of audios one can listen while offline. Nonetheless, the fact that both offer their users with an offline download and listen to option is a factor that features in as a shared characteristic amongst the two. Thus, you can easily download your favorite music and other content and listen to while offline on both platforms.

But when the plan expired no matter for Tidal or Amazon Music users, all offline playlists will disappear for a while. Fortunately, there are some ways to keep Tidal music forever and get Amazon Music forever. If you are using Tidal subscription, you can get help from AudFree Tidal Music Downloader , which endows you the ability to download and convert Tidal music as local files instead of cache files so that you can listen to them permanently.

As for Amazon Music, you can refer to this source page to capture and convert Amazon Prime Music to MP3. After that, offline Amazon Music MP3 file are saved on your computer locally and you can transfer and play them on all devices as you like.

In Conclusion

Based on the Tidal vs. Amazon Music comparison featured above, it is not proper to state that Amazon is the best or Tidal is the worst. The reason is that different persons have different preferences.

With regards to money, for instance, some users are going for a relatively cheaper streamer; hence, Amazon Music would work for them. Others are going for the other factors such as best and not better sound quality, or the music library.

Therefore, it is essential that you first know your needs before deciding on which application between Amazon Music and Tidal you want to consider. Doing so will help you to enjoy an awesome experience with the software that you have chosen. Best of luck making your choice based on your preferences!

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