How to Play Offline Spotify on iPhone X/XS Max/XR

By Charles Davis Updated on 2021-07-13 / Update for Spotify Tips

Can you take music from Spotify and put it on your iPhone for listening? Obviously, it's an easy task for all Spotify users, no matter for free or paid users to play Spotify songs since Spotify app is available for almost all iOS phones, including iPhone X, XS Mac, XR, etc.

However, you will discover that there are many limitations for free Spotify subscribers. For example, they can only listen to songs, playlists and albums in Shuffle play mode on iPhone with lower audio quality and need to make their devices connecting internet network all time.

How to play music from Spotify on iPhone without restriction? Here, we will introduce an effective way for you to download and transfer Spotify songs offline from computer to iPhone for playback without problem.

play spotify offline on iphone free

Part 1. Best Spotify Music Downloader to Download Spotify Music for Free

When it comes to the issue that how to get music from computer to Spotify on iPhone, the first thing you need to do is to download favorite Spotify music tracks offline on your computer. As a matter of fact, downloading music from Spotify on computer is the same as on iPhone, you'll be required to upgrade to Spotify Premium account.

Fortunately, there is a professional ultimate Spotify solution, called AudFree Spotify Music Downloader, which is well-designed for free and premium users to download Spotify files and store downloaded music in the local folder on your computer as common local audio files. Besides, it can convert Spotify playlists to MP3, FLAC, WAV, AAC, M4A and M4B with zero quality loss at 5X faster speed. So that you can store Spotify songs on iPhone forever.

AudFree Spotify Music Downloader

audfree spotify music downloader
  • Remove DRM lock from Spotify songs/playlists/albums
  • Download Spotify music, songs for both free and premium users
  • Convert Spotify playlists to MP3, FLAC, WAV, M4A, etc.
  • Work at 5X faster speed, edit music quality and parameters

Part 2. How to Download and Put Spotify Music on iPhone

The following tutorial is to guide you on how to download Spotify tracks and how to add downloaded Spotify music to iPhone with the assistance of AudFree Spotify Music Downloader.

Step 1Add Spotify music and playlists
add spotify music for downloading
There are two ways for users to add Spotify songs to AudFree software. You can directly drag and drop music from Spotify to the conversion window of AudFree. If there are lots of Spotify tracks, you can copy and paste the Spotify URL directly to the search box and click the 'Add Files' button to load Spotify files.
Step 2Customize output format and parameters
set output format
Please enter to the top menu and select the 'Preference' > 'Convert' option to open the setting window, in which you can set output format as MP3, FLAC, WAV and other audio format. As you are a free user on Spotify, you'd better to customize the bit rate as 320 kbps and sample rate as 414,000 Hz so that you can get Spotify files with higher audio quality.
Step 3Download and convert Spotify playlists offline
download spotify music offline for iphone
When all customization finished, just simply press the 'Convert' button at the bottom-right corner of the main interference and then you will see the real-time conversion process in the converting window. Just wait for a while and you can locate all downloaded Spotify files on destination folder by clicking the 'file' icon.
Step 4Play downloaded music on Spotify on iPhone
With the help of AudFree Spotify Music Downloader, now, you can freely transfer Spotify music, songs to iPhone for playing offline for both free and paid music lovers. To put converted audio tracks to iPhone, there are three ways you can choose to make it possible.
Way 1. You can use Spotify as the transfer to transfer your common Spotify songs to iPhone as Spotify app supports adding local files. After you have added local files to Spotify, and then you can play offline local Spotify music via iPhone Spotify app.
Way 2. iTunes is also the bridge to transfer music files. Just transfer Spotify music to iTunes library, you can connect your iPhone X/XS Max/XR to iTunes and click the device icon to get on the device info page. And then please hit on the 'Music' > 'Entire music library' or 'Selected playlists' > 'Apply' > 'Sync' options to sync your converted Spotify files to iPhone.
Way 3. Please connect your iPhone to the computer and then find the target folder covered Spotify music and then drag and drop music files to iPhone folder to put Spotify music on iPhone. After that, you can play Spotify songs on your iOS device.

Part 3. How to Download Music from Spotify Premium on iPhone

If you have subscribed Spotify Premium and think it's affordable, there is still a complete tutorial to guide you on how to listen to offline Spotify on iPhone with your paying account. Without using any extra software and device, you can directly play Spotify songs on iPhone X/XS as below.

play spotify offline on iphone

Step 1. Install and open Spotify music app on your mobile phone and then login your Spotify Premium account.

Step 2. You can start to find the favorite playlist or album. If you like to download some songs, you need to create a new playlist firstly as Spotify doesn't support downloading individual songs.

Step 3. There is a 'Download' button in each playlist, please tap the switch to move it to the 'On' option to start downloading process. When all songs are downloaded, you can see them under 'Downloaded Songs' section.

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