Deezer vs Spotify: Detailed Comparison

Music streaming services such as Spotify and Deezer have completely altered how we access and listen to music these days. Personally, I no longer buy physical music CDs because it is easier to access any song that you want online.

The problem for many people is that there are many music streaming services that offer almost the same services that it's impossible to choose one over the other. if you are starting out, it is always important to consider the top music streaming services.

Spotify and Deezer are some of the best music streaming services you should consider. To make the right decision here is a comparison of Spotify vs Deezer.

deezer vs spotify

Music Libraries

The number of songs on a music streaming service is one of the most important factors to consider when you want to subscribe to a given service.

Spotify prides itself with having in excess of 30 million tracks in its library. These songs are available in 58 countries for your enjoyment.

available in 58 countries for your enjoyment. Deezer, on the other hand, has over 40 million tracks in its library. The songs are accessible in over 180 countries.

If you travel a lot and love to sample local tunes whenever you travel, then you will love Deezer because it has more local songs than any other music streaming services. However, if you don't travel a lot then there is not much difference in the tracks you access on both Spotify and Deezer.

Audio Quality

The next important parameter to consider is the Deezer vs Spotify sound quality comparison. The standard Spotify steam songs is at 160kbps while the lowest tier for Deezer stream is at 128kbps.

The Deezer vs Spotify bitrate for the premium subscribers is 320kbps for both the music-streaming services. Deezer goes a step further by providing subscribers with the hi-definition CD-quality at 1,411kbps. This gives Deezer subscribers an upper hand especially when one wants CD-quality songs.

Listen Offline

When subscribing to a music streaming service, you want one that will let you listen to your favorite songs while offline.

Spotify allows premium subscribers to download up to 3,333 tracks for a 30-day period. This allows you a chance to listen to many of your favorite songs while offline. Also, you can download Spotify songs for free to your computer with a professional third-party tool.

Deezer, on the other hand, allows subscribers to download a limitless number of songs. However, for mobile users the maximum number of songs per playlist that you download is 1000 songs. But you can have longer playlists if you are using a personal computer. Deezer thus offers subscribers a chance to listen to more songs while offline than Spotify. Without a Deezer subscription, 'Deezer Free Music Download' is a recommended way to get offline Deezer playlists.

User Interface

The design of a music streaming service is one of the most important things to consider. To enjoy a music streaming service, it is important that the design is easy to use so that you can easily navigate and easily find great songs to listen to every time you feel like.

Deezer so far has some of the best user interfaces in the market. It has a simple design for both the web version and the mobile version, which makes it easy to navigate the app and play your favorite songs.

Spotify has a user interface that is quite complex when compared to Deezer, but is quite usable and this why the platforms have millions of active subscribers each year.

Music Discover

Another great factor to consider when comparing Spotify vs Deezer is the music discovery feature. With millions of songs on each platform, it will be impossible to listen to all the songs in one's lifetime. However, it makes it easy for listeners if there is a music discovery feature to help you discover new and amazing songs from time to time.

Deezer has a cool feature named "Hear This" that helps you discover fresh tunes that you haven't listened to in ages. This feature tracks your music taste and recommends new tracks and albums by your favorite artists. It also makes recommendations based on your music streaming habits and those of individuals who have the same music taste as you.

Spotify, on the other hand, has the 'Discover Weekly' feature, which creates an awesome playlist with 30 songs that the systems thinks you have never listened to but falls within your music taste. The playlists are personalized for each individual user making sure that each individual user has a unique playlist that is perfect for their individual music taste.

How to Transfer Spotify Music to Deezer

If you were a Spotify subscriber but now want to migrate to Deezer, you can still move your favorite songs and playlists to Deezer Music with you. To transfer your favorite songs from Spotify all you need is to download the songs and convert Spotify tracks to MP3 then upload them to your Deezer account.

To do this more effectively you will need a powerful Spotify to Deezer converter. The best program is the AudFree Windows Spotify Music Converter, which will download and convert Spotify music to MP3 format so that you can upload them on your Deezer account.

First, launch this application on your computer and then log into your Spotify account. Find and select each song or playlist you want to convert to MP3 for uploading on Deezer and add the songs and playlists on the program. Open the format window and select MP3 as the format to convert your songs to. Now click convert to start the conversion. Once your songs have been converted to MP3 format, log into your premium Deezer account and upload the songs to the account.

spotify and deezer

Also, you can read on this helpful page: Best Ways to Transfer Spotify Playlist to Deezer to find other three solutions on Spotify to Deezer.

Conclusion and Suggestion

Deezer and Spotify are the two leading music-streaming services for a number of reasons. They all have a high number of songs in their libraries, they offer high-quality audio streaming, they make it easy for users to discover new songs, and they offer large number songs for users to listen to offline. You can have a quick glance at the detailed comparison on Deezer and Spotify 2019.

Deezer Music Spotify Music
Support Free Plan Yes Yes
Month Subscription Fee $9.99 for individual, $14.99 for 6 family users $9.99 for individual, $14.99 for 6 family members
Free Features ad-supported, online listening, no scrubbing ad-supported, shuffle play, online playback
Free Trial 30 days 3 months
Music Library 53 million tracks 35 million songs
Audio Quality 320 kbps MP3 quality for Premium 320 kbps Vorbis Ogg quality for Premium
Paid Features offline listening, ad-free, scrubbing higher quality, offline mode, ad-free unlimted skips

The final choice between Deezer vs Spotify, therefore, should a personal choice. This is because although the two services have their strength and weaknesses, they are so close that personal preference may do the trick.

For example, if you want a service where you can listen to many songs for free then Spotify wins, however, if you want to listen to an unlimited number of songs offline then you should consider Deezer.

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